"The 24-Hour Pharmacist"

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by Lynn Siprelle

My former cardiologist once said rather condescendingly--in front of me no less--to a resident on her cardiac rotation: "Lynn doesn't think much of Western medicine." (He then went on to recommend risky bariatric surgery when I weigh 240 pounds--down 40 from my top weight--and he himself is nearly as overweight as I am.)

Let me rephrase that, doc: I don't think much of Western-trained doctors, because I have gotten terrific health care from nurses and, bless them, pharmacists. Doctors, not so much.

The 24-Hour PharmacistAll of that is in preface to my take on the new book, "The 24-Hour Pharmacist," by Suzy Cohen.

Short version:
It's going on my medical reference shelf.

Long version:
If you are interested in the safe and researched use of supplements, you absolutely have to get this book. If you have chronic health problems your doctor doesn't want to or doesn't know how to address (snoring, exhaustion, insomnia), you have to get this book. Especially if you want to avoid drugs for common health problems, ironically, you should get this book.

Suzy Cohen goes through the most common troubles we suffer as humans, from snoring to hormones, and goes through the non-drug alternatives, including supplements. Her chapter on fatigue alone is worth the cost of the book. I know a good deal about supplementation and nutrition, and Cohen is on top of it. And if you're on a number of drugs, as I am, she goes over drug/supplement interactions as well--invaluable and life-saving information.

"Thinking outside the pill," as Cohen puts it, is essential these days. Drugs are not as thoroughly researched as they should be, and so many doctors are prescription-happy. More than ever before we are in charge of our own health, and "The 24-Hour Pharmacist" is a great tool for your home health medical bag.

*What that means is, I got a free copy of the book and a $20 Amazon gift certificate for reviewing it, in full disclosure.

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