5 Frugal Finds That Can Change Your Life

Simple, Vital and Inexpensive
by Kathy Woodard

Whether we are trying to balance a family and a career, or living in this economy as a single woman, we are all trying our best to better our lives while saving money. Three of the most important areas of our lives we have the power to change are our health, our money, and our relationships. And it doesn't have to cost a lot of money to make a difference. Here are 5 great frugal finds under $10 that can change your life, for the better!

  1. Pill box- Let's face it, we all keep reading about the health benefits of vitamins and supplements, but who has the time to remember to take them? And if you have prescription meds to take on top of that, it can be impossible to keep it all straight. You can pick up a pill box that will hold an entire week of pills for both morning and evening at the dollar shop. That's right, for $1 you can make a commitment to your health that may add years of healthy living to your life! Seems like an awfully small price to pay for such a huge reward.
  2. Vitamins -So now that you have your pill box, are you still popping your kid's chewables because you figure, "at least it's something?" Enough ladies, we are queens at making sure everyone else's health is taken care of, and neglecting our own. For less than $10 a bottle, you can get quality vitamins designed for a woman--get that part, I'll say it again--designed for a woman. A woman's needs are different from anyone else's. Ask your pharmacist or natural health food expert for recommendations based on your age. And take them! Research shows that taking a daily multivitamin can add years to your life. Isn't that worth $10?
  3. Sunscreen - I know we are sticking hard and heavy with the health topic here, but without your health, what do you have? Sunscreen can protect you from deadly cancers, as well as protect your skin from premature aging. What other product can make you feel good and look good with such life altering effects? Again, less than $10...
  4. Pad of paper- OK, we finally got to the money part of this life overhaul. Most women know that the easiest way to save money, (and therefore keep more of it in the bank) is on groceries. No, that doesn't mean you have to eat rice and beans for the rest of your life.

    Buy a pad of paper, the kind that has a magnetic strip to stick to the refrigerator. Once a week, start a new page, and draw a line down the middle. On the left side, write out a menu plan for dinner that week. On the right, make a grocery list from that menu. With few exceptions, stick to it. You'll save 30% or more on groceries. Pretty easy, right? And now your bank account is fatter, your stress levels are down, and you have some extra cash to do something good with. The average family spends $6000 a year on groceries. 30% of that is $1800. I can think of a lot I can do with $1800. Think of it; over 5 years that's $9000. I can taste those mai-tais on white sand beaches now.

  5. Relationship book- One of the best investments you can make is in your relationships, and I don't just mean your romantic ones. Our relationships with others, from our spouses to our children to the guy in the next cubicle, go a long way towards affecting our level of happiness, for better or worse. Spending money on a good self help book guiding you on your relationship journey could mean the difference between a happy life and an unhappy existence, for you and the ones you love.

    Take the time to find a book your personal values resonate with; just because it's in print doesn't mean it's for you. And once you do find a great book, re-read it a couple of times a year to remind yourself of the changes you want to make. Then make them! Relationships take work to be successful, and this is a small, frugal investment that can make the difference and add years to your life and life to your years!

Small, simple, frugal finds that can change your life. When you get down to it, all of these things are worth their weight in gold, so pull out that ten spot and change your life!

Kathy Woodard is an author, columnist, and editor of Women on the Net. For hundreds of free budget online business ideas for women visit her at http://www.women-on-the-net.com.

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