Me on Family Finance at!

I was interviewed on! As it happens, I LOVE Mint, and not because they interviewed me. It predates the interview by at least two years. It's by far my favorite money management tool. An excerpt:

So what do you think are the characteristics of The New Homemaker?
New Homemaking is about making choices, not just going along. The path is: go to school, get a job, get married, have kids, go back to work. A lot of people don't stop and think anywhere along that path about whether that's what they really want to do, or whether they're just following expectations. A New Homemaker thinks through whether both partners working outside the home is really the best for their family, takes being at home seriously and expects others to take it seriously as well. We are home not because society tells us we should be, or because religion tells us we should be, but because this is what's best for our particular families. This is not for everyone, and it's much, much harder now than it was when I started the site just 15 years ago.

Read the whole interview over on, and check out the whole site. It has seriously made my household accounts (and taxes) easier to manage.

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