I may actually get grapes this year. Apparently I got them last year, but the blackberries were so thick I didn't know they were there, until I discovered their dessicated skeletons this spring.

I have counted fourteen clusters on the vines. Most are on the Zinfandel vine I planted, not in expectation of making wine but because that's my dad's favorite varietal, and mine, too. It tickled me.

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I am a news junkie. Perhaps it comes of my former career as a journalist, but it's probably the other way round. I've always had an interest in news. I like to know what's going on, especially in politics and science.

But I also have anxiety. Anxiety and news do not always get along well.

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You may note it looks a little different around here.

I had to upgrade the software TNH runs on, and so had to change the look. I decided to go with something a little more contemporary. Some of the old pages are still a little funky, but I'm working to get them all up to date. Bear with me. Smile

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