I am not knitting these days. Or spinning. I am Embroidering All the Things.

I don't know why I am Embroidering All the Things, but I am obsessed with it. I have been embroidering mandalas, to wit:

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This is Josie. The former 18-month-old. Remember when the site started and she was that little? Yeah, I barely can, either.

Josie turns 17 in September. This weekend, our homeschool community held its prom, and here she is, all dolled up. She went with a big group of friends, as homeschoolers are wont to do rather than go in pairs.

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Our current favorite video is "Ten Bullets." It's a training film for Tom Sachs' industrial arts/video/coolness studio in NYC, and it's rather inspired us. JJ has taken to "knolling" his desk during conference calls, and I've knolled my own desk and my bedside table. And the kitchen. And maybe a couple of other spaces. We'll see how long it lasts. It is January, after all.

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