I'm on a finishing kick! i just wove in the thousands of ends (or so they seemed) of a pair of gloves for Jo. And for me: Just in time to sit in a drafty room for several hours, here is a moebius scarf, knit in mistake rib of my own handspun yarn:

Here's the original yarn. I inherited a friend's stash and there were a lot of little bits and bobs of fiber; I took a bunch of my own bits and bobs and threw it all on the drum carder. Then I spun it into a super bulky yarn, totally not my usual:

The batt contained mohair locks, silk, soy silk, and a while bunch of different wool tail ends of dyed rovings, undyed top, and fleece. There are a dozen different blues,purples, greens, whites, blacks and a little bit of rose.

This was a really fast, fun project. The spinning went lightning quick, the knitting too. It would've been finished a lot sooner if I'd just sat down and grafted the darn thing, but I couldn't figure out how to graft mixed knit and purl. I finally found a good mnemonic: same off, opposite on. You work each stitch twice, the first time in the opposite way the stitch was worked--purlwise for knit, knitwise for purl--and then work knit for knit, purl for purl the second time when you take the stitch off the needle. I'll never forget again!

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I made three batches of pickled cukes this summer. Two of them did not survive the week they were packed into the fridge; LouLou the pickle fiend made short work of them. The last batch? I still have some left. I think Lou ate her fill of pickles and then some.

Above is the last batch, in the crock. I don't put dill in mine; I prefer garlicky to dilly. Below, this is how I weight them--plastic ziplocks filled with brine:

It's been so long since I've been able to do much preserving that I forgot to put a plate underneath the bags, but it worked anyway.

I'm not done pickling, but with the advent of the rainy season I won't have access to pickling cukes. I'll look to pickle other stuff, notably cabbage. Lou and I are the pickle fiends, but three of the four of us--Jo is the hold out--love sauerkraut.

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It had to happen some time. Josie (who's just turned 16 if you can believe it) is in college. She's been accepted into a scholarship program at the local community college that allows kids to earn their high school diplomas (not GEDs) and earn college credits at the same time.

It's a little traumatic for her; she's never been in "real" school a day in her life, and the testing process was completely alien. But the program has a lot of academic coaching, including a class on how to take tests. (Yes, this is why we homeschooled. :P )

So here, finally, is her first day of school photo, age 16, wearing a polar bear hat, as one does. She's the only homeschooler in the group and is already in this first week known as "Josie, that homeschooled kid in the bear hat." Today, the bear is wearing goggles.

Geez, I love that kid.

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