Cut Your Grocery Bills!

Commonsense 'Smart Shopper' tips that work
by Gregory Thomas

Are you interested in saving money off your grocery bills? Sure, who isn't. It doesn't take hours of coupon clipping and running to five different stores to see immediate results. All you need are a few "Smart Shopper" tips to start saving hundreds off your grocery bills!

One thing however: You must make a few changes in the manner you shop for groceries. If you are willing to do so, and follow these shopping tips, you will definitely start saving money!

Remember, the ability to save money off of anything, comes from your desire to want to save money! If you really don't want to change some habits, then by all means stop reading this and save yourself the time!

Make a list, check it twice

Take the time to list EXACTLY what you need! Before you go to the supermarket, make a list of everything you need to buy. This really helps cut down on impulse buying. You know, the kind of buying we do when we pass by the candy aisle, and throw a couple bars in our basket!

Now when you are shopping, tell yourself "Just get what's on the LIST!" Period. End of story. No impulse buying! Would you believe that impulse buying accounts for 20%-50% of our total grocery bill!

If you add up all these unnecessary items you buy every month, you'd be saving quite a handful! When you have a list to go by, you don't get distracted by all those "goodies" you see, and just concentrate on getting what's ON THE LIST!

Eat something!

Another money-saving idea: Go shopping for your groceries on a FULL stomach! Sound funny? Well it's a proven fact! When we shop for our food on a full stomach, we are far less likely to purchase items we don't need or want.

When we're "full," we do not get those cravings when walking by the cookie shelf or ice cream aisle. Try it the next time you go to the supermarket. Compare the receipts from your previous grocery trip. You'll see a difference!

More is less

When you're able to buy a larger quantity at discounted prices--JUMP ON IT! Get in the habit of utilizing all the wonderful kitchen storage facilities that we all have. Our cupboards and freezers were made for a purpose, so put them to use.

Get yourself some good freezer containers of various sizes and develop a system. You'll find that you can buy meat and poultry in larger quantities for much cheaper than usual. Why not divide the bigger portion up into smaller quantities, and store them in your tightly sealed containers and freeze until needed? You can do the same with bread, cereal, cheeses, lunch meat, and practically anything else! Use your imagination!

Start saving now

Use these valuable tips and you will start saving money immediately! If you are only able to take one idea from this article, you will save money every month. Take the time to reflect on your style of shopping. You might find that you spend a little too much on unnecessary items.

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