From House to Home Last Week of October

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Sanjay Acharya via Wikimedia Commons
Cozy in for the Winter
This week's tips:

  • Light up a powder room with tiny votive candles around the sink ledge or on a nearby table. Place some potpourri in a small dish or julep cup to keep the room fresh smelling.
  • Don't bring an old broom to a new house. Buy a new one to start fresh. After you use it to clean, change the furniture arrangment in your new living room and rearrange the accessories on your coffee tables.
  • Decorate a guest bathroom in a lighthouse theme. Replace traditional towel racks with solid brass ship anchors that can be installed on L-brackets, which will then hang away from the wall to serve as towel hooks.
  • Wash (or hire someone to wash) all the windows in your house because most homeowners do so only when they move in and before they move out.
  • Don't be afraid to mix different textures--like a stone floor in a kitchen with a smooth honed granite or marble countertop. But keep something in common, such as the color or pattern.

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