From House to Home Second Week of June

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KateMonkey on flickr
Right at Home Daily

  • Hand paint the cement or wood floor of a screened-in porch to look like a faux rug with diamond-shaped pattern and a squiggly border in favorite colors. Get young family members involved and ask them to splatter the paint like Jackson Pollack once did.
  • Buy fresh herbs and plant them outside. Liven up your meals by adding fresh herbs from your own garden.
  • Organize a special Father's Day (June 17) and invite dads who might be forgotten (whose children have grown and moved away, whose spouses have died, or who may be divorced). Make the food simple such as bratwurst, corn on the cob, and blueberry pie.
  • For a window, a patio deck, a room divider or free standing partition, try a Japanese screen. They come in a range of materials, prices and sizes.

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