From House to Home Fourth Week of July

Right at Home Daily

This week's tips:

  • Be sure your property is sufficiently lit at night so you can use your outdoors for nighttime dining, chats, cocktails, etc. Place bulbs discreetly along the sides of the house, along walkways, and sometimes in trees to diffuse the light.
  • Buy enough Citronella candles, lanterns and other aids to discourage bugs from visiting when you dine outside.
  • Think about adding a front porch or verandah to your home. It adds an attractive look and can become a gathering spot for your neighborhood, like the old-fashioned stoops where city dwellers used to gather.
  • Strong sunlight can cause furnishings to fade fast. Check your rooms when the sun is the strongest to be sure windows are sufficiently shaded, either with curtains, shutters or simple blackout shades.
  • Take a walk or drive in your area and look at other people's yards to see what they did to dress up their exterior. You might find a new idea for a mailbox, front door, fencing, plantings, or even grass and trees.

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