From House to Home First Week of August

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Mike Morley via Wikimedia Commons
Right at Home Daily

This week's tips:

  • Transform a room into a magical place that makes you feel like you're outside looking up at the sky: Paint the room a pretty sky blue and paste gold astrological signs on the ceiling.
  • Consider building a tree house in the backyard for children or grandchildren. There are kits available, or you can design one yourself with a little help from experts at your favorite home shopping store.
  • During warm weather months, place a large empty basket in your fireplace and fill it with dried flowers. In winter, lay your fireplace with dry logs and newspaper, so that all you'll need to do is light it.
  • Change bedding from wintry comforter covers to lightweight cotton blankets and quilts. Put fresh cotton sheets on your bed to sleep more comfortably during hot summer nights.
  • Since the front of your home is a focal point in summer, spruce it up by changing your front door to a more interesting and aesthetic one -- etched glass or a heavily carved one. Or, try a simple coat of paint, or adding a big brass knocker.

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