From House to Home Second Week of August

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RLHyde on flickr
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This week's tips:

  • Tired of hardwood floors? The new trend today is bamboo. It can be dyed a color or kept a natural hue which gives a beach-like feel to your home. But buyer beware: cheap bamboo flooring can buckle and delaminate.
  • If you love tea, start collecting tea items that will enhance your tea-drinking experience when the weather turns a bit cooler. There are tea strainers in various shapes, all sorts of teapots, cups, and trays to make the ritual of sipping tea more fun.
  • If you're often outside digging in the garden, trimming bushes or cleaning up, consider installing an outdoor shower on a rear deck or patio to wash off the mud and grit before going inside.
  • Window boxes add charm to the outside of your home, especially during fall when other plants are dying. Before potting your new window box, make sure you use the right soil. Ask your garden store expert about the best plants to live and thrive in a window
  • Paint the underside of a piece of large furniture such as a table or desk and create a Michelangelo look-alike. It will be your own private work of art.

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