Front loading washers????

Anyone have a front loading washing machine?? I need feedback.

I'm in the market for a new washing machine and have been hearing good and bad things about front loaders, mostly from people who don't have one themselves. I don't trust the male salespeople to have a clue, and they always want to talk up the items they're selling.

Questions....I know that the front loaders use less water. Part of me is pleased with the idea of conserving water, and the other part of me wonders if a person can get their clothes clean in less water. It makes me nervous. Do they do a good job of cleaning your clothes?

Next....Someone told me if I like to use bleach in the washer load I would have a problem. The front loaders I've looked at all seem to have a bleach dispenser. I got to wondering though about using bleach with less water. Anyone had a problem with that?

Finally....if you've had a front loader would you get one again?

[Note from Lynn: You may want to check out Troubleshooting and Repairing Major Appliances, as well as our article, Know Your Tools: The Washer and Dryer.]

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It's a Kitchen Aid. No problem with bleach at all, clothes do come out clean in less water, and I LOVE having the automatic softener dispenser. I can't say enough good about mine, I got them at the end of January and haven't been behind on laundry sense. :)

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get the pedastal that makes them taller, most of them also come with a drawer inside the pedastal, great for storing laundry powder and the like.

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Some of them use a different kind of laundry powder, or maybe it's that they use less-- I forget. Just make sure to check the manual on that if you get one.

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top loaders need more suds t get the stuff clean, but you can really mess up the mechanism of afront loader if you don't use low suds powder or liquid. The only one I can get here is Persil, but that's because Singapore is still in the dark ages and thinks that top loaders are great (except my MIL who uses a wooden board and a large stick!).

front loaders are gentler on clothes by a long way than top loaders. Top loaders leave all your clothes in a messy tangle when it comes time to pull them out. Front loaders don't. So unless you enjoy replacing clothes every few years I'd heartily recommend a front loader - I'm shocked that north America hasn't understood this yet, but then I look at some of your cars and it makes more sense! ;)

never had any problems with bleach either.

the only drawback I know of is that with toploaders you can fling stuff in that you've forgotten even 10mins after you put the machine on. For people like me that's a useful feature, but it siltl didn't make up for living with a top loader for a few years and I was obscenely happy to get a front loader once we moved into our own place.

I'm not sure I'd dare claim, like Jamie Lea, that it will help you stay caught up on your laundry. I recommend instead a husband and SIL who will throw a load in when they catch it flowing across the floor. I think the novelty is what's keeping Jamie Lea caught up for now - long may it last! :grin:


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owned a White Westinghouse front loader for appox 18 yrs. no problems except I had to replace a small pump 2 times & that was not too pricey. When I replaced the washer, the only front loaders were Maytag NeptuneI=NOTHING but JUNK. Have to deal with the mold & meldew smell the whole time I'v had it. Was told to wash the washer out. Had a recall & rubber seal replaced with hard plastic that still is mold covered & you can not leave the door open b/c the light inside would stay on all the time & burn out sooner. At 4 yrs old the computer board that works the controls went out.I replaced that for almost $400 thinking the washer would last a few more years. Now the washer sounds like a jet taking off when in the spin cycle. Called repairman, needs new bearings, was told to junk the machine. Repairman said this is the worst washer & stay away from Neptune II. Now Maytag has the Epic. Sorry, but no Maytags for me. BTW, the settlement for the class action lawsuit agaist Maytag netted me a $100 coupon good for a Maytag toploader. The coupon went in the trash - same place this washer is going.

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It helps me alot to hear from women who have actually used one. I'm going to have a good look at them again.

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All I can say re: the previous poster's story is...Wow. Doesn't sound like the washer is at fault here, since she doesn't seem clear on the fact that less water doesn't = less clean clothing. I cannot imagine clothes that smell "rancid" being the fault of the washer.

Anyhoo. My first experience with a front-loader was when I lived in England for 3 years, & was flat-out amazed at how wonderfully my clothes came out: so much cleaner than with a top-loader, with less pilling & damage, and so much drier. And the machine was QUIET. After returning to the states, I really missed that little machine, despite the high quality Amana top-loader I purchased.

Last year I bought a condo that came with a 7-yr old Kenmore front-loader & was thrilled. Even this econo version was better than any top-loader I've used. Zero detergent residue, and clothes always came out cleaner due to the longer soaking in more concentrated low-suds detergent in less water. After a year, I did experience the ball-bearing problem that so many Kenmore users have discussed (jet taking off sound, but I replaced it before the oil streaks occurred). Still 7 yrs of use was reasonable. I just replaced it with a GE front-loader (Kenmore & Frigidaire have the same model under their brand name also). It too is working beautifully.

I've noticed there is always some amount of water standing in the rubber seal of all the brands, though the new GE ahs the least, as there are several drain holes built right in. And I have ALWAYS left the door slightly ajar on each brand of front-loader. I noticed that *everyone* in Britain did this, & that no one had any problems with mold or any midlew smell because of it. And no one slavishly wiped down the rubber seal. The Euro models are definitely longer-lasting & more reliable, & if I'd had more than $600 to spend, & a larger space to place it in, I would have gone with LG or Amana. But I am very pleased with the GE, especially at that price. I'd never own a top-loader if I could have a front-loader instead.

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I am surprised no one has so far mentioned the Miele machines. My mother had one, and so do I. They simply are the best front loaders there are. Granted, they're smaller than most, and more expensive (I think I paid 1.7K) but they don't even have a dispenser for bleach - because you simply don't need it.
Mine doesn't smell and I have had it for 2 years. I keep the door open when it's off. It heats its own water, so you only hook up the cold water to it. You should google reviews on them and you will find many who agree with me.

I don't understand the need for bleach everyone mentions. I have never in my life used it successfully, and never at all in a front loader.

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it's the washer, it washes clothes for me! :lol: Of course it's the novelty, but they are good machines.
I use Tide HE (high efficiency) it's about a dollar more than my old detergent.

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she loves it!

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I just purchased a Maytag frontloader Epic washer. I really like it, but it 'walks'. Moves a foot or more. The company checked to make sure it was level and then gave me a brand new one. However, this one is doing the same thing. Has this been a problem? I'm thinking of purchasing a different brand. Linda

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Have the Kenmore HE3 for the past 4 yrs.
Have had the following problem, leaves clothes dingy
doesn't completly get the soap out. The rubber band gasket? around the
front door has mildew/mold spots that I can't get out.
Have also noticed mildew smell on clothes.

I've tried cleaning with Cascade. I do use bleach sometimes on white
clothes. I usually use white vinegar in the softner dispenser.
I also use powder color bleach.

I do try & leave the door ajar in between uses.

I would really do my homework before buying another front loader.
make sure the rubber band is secure to the machine.

Use a brand like the ones the use in Europe who has been making them much longer
than the US.

I love saving the environment but hate having to wash the clothes twice. So I'm not really saving water.

I probably wouldn't buy another front loader. They are making top loaders that are more

I like the additional load capacity of the front loader but I'm paying a big price for it.

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Front loader=best!

All the reasons already listed are true for me too:

Much kinder to your clothes (no qualms about tossing in a bra or a few sweaters) I was really surprised at the difference.
Less water
Less energy
Often can hold more!

I want to add that I have always just used regular detergent, bleach, fabric softener, etc. and never had any problem. I've never used a special product for front-loaders. I've used regular clorox chlorine bleach and oxygen-based bleaches (oxy-clean, clorox 2, etc.). When I do use the chlorine bleach (which is unusual), I usually do the extra rinse option to make sure it is thoroughly rinsed out.

Ours is a Kenmore, basic model. (It has a delicate cycle, heavy cycle, normal and fast spin speeds, extra rinse option, and separate dispensers for detergent, bleach, and fabric softener.)

I would always opt for front-loader if I had the choice!

"If you jump off the boat, you only rock it once"

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My dad had uses one for years at the fire station for their gear and when it came time for them to replace their washer at home he really pushed for the front loader. Mother loves it for all the above mentioned reasons and I have not heard her say one thing she doesn't like. They have had it for about 2 yrs. She uses all the regular bleach, detergent, fabric softern stuff!


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Initially bought a front loader 3 yrs ago...Kenmore HE because we loved how big the load size is...and price was pretty decent, after Thanksgiving sale...loved it then, still love it... washes clean! I use HE detergent and oxyclean... Haven't had too many issues with it as the others on here seem too... Only problem I had is my "little" underwear and some thinner socks got stuck in the draining pipe and clog it. Machine was still under warranty, no damages to the drum... so just make sure after every load to check under the rubber ring to see if any of your smaller items creeped in...and the pedestal is the best!! Gives it height so you don't need to bend over too much and extra space for your fabric softeners and stuff... wash time is longer, but drying time is fast and super hot!! Love the sanitary cycle! Have mine on pergo floors, no walking or vibrating, pretty quiet behind closed doors... I would definitely recommend the Kenmore front loader based on my personal experience... I have sinced moved into a smaller space and am looking into the Duet Sport... any comments on this brand? Or any brand that carries a smaller sized machine? I love my Kenmore, but it's just too big for my space now... thanks! Cheers!! :)

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of brand. We bought a pair of Asko's in 1998 and they were awful! We ended up replacing them about two years ago with the Kenmore He3t and I absolutely adore them! The capacity is huge (we are a family of 6, trust me!), I can fit all of my king bedding in it at once. I can even wash my down comforters in it because of all the space. I have mine stacked, which I prefer.

Remember, also, that they spin better, so your clothes are dryer going into the dryer than they are with a conventional machine. The wool cycle is *amazingly* gentle, I wash a lot of stuff at home that I would normally have to take to the cleaners just because of the gentleness issue. Oh, and I use bleach once in a great while, and have no problems. I have a bleach dispenser in mine, so I'm pretty sure it's OK!

I would absolutely buy them again, without hesitation. In fact, I have a little "thing" for the burnt orange He4t's :-)


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Just pulled apart my Whirlpool Ultimate Care II (8 years old) because I thought the motor coupling had broken (wouldn't spin properly) but I discovered it was just the timer that needs replacing. Always have musty\moldy smelling towels and couldn't figure out what it was from. When I got the washer apart, guess what...8 inches of slimy black\green mold all along the top of the inside plastic drum (where the metal drum sits in that you can't see unless you pull it apart). Basically moldy where the water level never touches. Also very moldy underneath the top plastic rim that sits on it. Moral, leave the door open when not in use, top or front load unless you want mold problems. It's common sense really...constant moisture and heat, no airflow to dry it out, you get mold. Couldn't believe it when I saw it though.

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In mine, the lint trap filled and clogged more easily than in a top-loader, so I really did have to clean it after each load. Not a huge deal, just have to remember; the manual will say where it is.

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Have an LG Front Load washer whose drain hose split open two times within almost a year of purchase. Sales person at Home Depot says that the drain hose should last a lifetime. Whose lifetime, I ask. A termite?

I love this front load washer. Have not had any other problems with it.

Anyone else have their LG drain hose split open on them?

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I also just received the bad "bearing shell failing" news which will cost $600+ to repair. My Kenmore front loading washer is 7 years old and I still prefer a front loading washer although the repairman suggested that this could be a common problem with front loaders. I have had top loading washers before that lasted a lot longer than this. Also, I have been a long time fan of Kenmore so was very disappointed to see this happen. So I am in search of another front loading model. Other than Kenmore and Maytag, does anyone have a front loader that they would recommend, preferrably one that has at least a 3 year track record, possibly a European model? The repairman suggested that maybe European models would be more stable in that they have had this technology in service longer than in the US. And yes, I definitely will get a service contract next time.

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the Staber is very very nice. Not cheap, but here in the good ole US of A.

Otherwise, most of the washers are made in Mexico or made overseas of cheap parts. Expect them to die. if you look up the Samurai repairman, he will tell you all about washing machines.

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...when the darn machines can retrieve stray socks from under the pillows and the bloomers from the bottom of the closet behind the hampers! :wink:

Love nurtures, develops, cares for,
Shelters, comforts, and makes a home for us.

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I've had a neptune front loader for about 9 years now and I love it. Washes bigger loads with less water and detergent. It does sound like a jet trying to take off at times, but you get used to it. I would absolutely buy another front load wahser again! The only thing I would do different is purchase the extra base it can sit on to make it set higher.

Come on over and visit awhile :)

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I love the front load kenmore washer as for smells mold when we bought it we were told to leave the door open after washing was done we have not had a problem clothes are very clean and fresh.
We also bleach the whites with one third cup clorox.

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Hope ~ I hope you are enjoying your front load washer! We have had a Kenmore front load washer for 5 years and I have loved it until recently. It appears to have a defect in it and my clothes are coming out with black/brown streaks. We have an idea of what is going on but it is too expensive to fix so I am going out today to look for another one. I am very disappointed. But, I am hoping that if we go for another front loader (yes --this is how much I like it!) that we will not have this problem again. I guess by the end of today I will have a better idea if we will go back to a top loader or go with a front load washer again. BTW I used bleach frequently and never had a problem except one time when I put it in the softener dispenser instead! Live and learn.

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LG front load washing machines are NASTY, NASTY, NASTY. So much of my laundry has been ruined by mold and mildew that comes from the machine. ALL of my towels had to be replaced because the smell WILL NOT come out of towels. I've even noticed that some clothing does not get clean. Please beware!!! I've only had this machine for one year. LG will not do anything, but offer suggestions of things for us to do to try and fix the problem that doesn't work. After spending well over two grand, I shouldn't have to do anything. I shouldn't be dealing with this type of problem at all. There are several class-action lawsuits pending. Again, beware!

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My GE front load washer has shredded clothing since it was purchased. Has anyone else had this problem? What, if any, was the fix for it?

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I have had a Kenmore HE3 for 5 years now. At first I loved it, but now am so frustrated with them I want to buy top loaders again. I did have the mold problem, but fixed that with the Affresh Tablets and bleaching out washer. But now I've noticed all my clothes are getting pilling on them. ALL of them! I don't dry most of my clothes, turn them inside out, use the right amount of soap. I don't know what the problem is. I think my washer isn't using enough water, but have had 2 technicians out who say the water level is fine. So $250 later and still have the same problem. It's SO irritating....all of our clothes are looking worn now.

Personally...I would never buy a top loader again. I just think that you need the extra water to get clothes clean.

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I'm considering buying a top loader too.

I have a front loader. It does not hold as much as my top loader did, even though I bought both "extra large capacity models" for each type of washer. The front loader does not hold nearly the same amount as my old top loader did. So I am now doing about 50% more loads of clothes per week. I am having to half the size of my towel loads and my jeans loads. So instead of washing every other day, I am washing clothes every day.

With my top loader, the wash cycles were shorter, and I could soak clothes for really dirty items. I can not do that with the front loader. The wash cycles are longer on the front loader. It used to take me 45 minutes to wash a load of jeans in the top loader. Now it takes me 65 minutes to wash that same load in the front loader. Not only that, but really dirty clothes can't be soaked, so I have to wash those clothes twice--which is 2 hours and 10 minutes.

Periodically the clothes come out smelling like mildew, so I have to go in and sanitize the washing tub and gasket. I never had to do that with my top loader. So the front loader is more work to maintain.

The only advantage that I've seen to the front loader is that it is gentler on my more delicate clothes. However, since we do more jeans and towels than anything else, I wish I'd stuck with the top loader machine.

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I've have a new LG front loader for two weeks. Although it is fun to watch, most of my clothes, with any dirt on them at all, look worse AFTER they wash for one hour and 44 minutes!!!!! I am exchanging mine for a top loader! I need clean clothes!!!

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her previous one lasted 20yrs and I think the current one's probably going on 15yrs and looks good. I could be a washing machine adrift though because I was away for 10yrs. Our current one is... Servis and it came with the house, so I would guess it's probably about 3yrs old and going fine, though I too had a ball bearing problem recently... the one my daughter left in her jeans' pocket when she put the jeans in the wash!!! The washing machine and the daughter both survived the incident.

Ariston ones seem to be pretty good. I don't know which of these you can get in the US of course, or where they're made. A good repair man is worth his weight in gold though!

Good luck with your hunt. I learned to hate toploaders in Singapore, and they are hell on clothes. Front loaders are the norm in the UK, and have been for over 30yrs I think.


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OK, now I am mad.

I am furious and it is over something as stupid as a washing machine! Yes, you heard me, a WASHING MACHINE!!!!

New government regulations for new water efficiency washing machines has my family’s clothing smelling like a stinking, rancid, moldy basement! This is absolutely absurd! I have been told to change laundry detergent, run hot bleach water through my washer and, get this; my washing machine is 1 year old and my clothes smell filthy!!! The mold and mildew from these nasty machines have wreaked havoc through skin rashes and allergies in my children!

I paid $1,000.000 for this da*ned washing machine and THIS is what is being sold to the public under the disguise of efficiency!!?? I have been on the phone with GE about this problem. I have, over the past 3 months, with a technician on the phone, been instructed to do the following:

#Make sure I use high efficiency detergent and fabric softener. THAT will fix my problem.
*Cleaned the lint trap (..that is stupidly behind a metal access plate that you have to use a screwdriver to remove screws to get to it EVERY TIME) and THAT will fix my problem.
*Cleaned the water hoses; THAT will fix my problem.
*Cleaned the gasket around the door. THAT will fix my problem
*Cleaned the tub with bleach water. THAT will fix my problem.
*REMOVED the hoses and cleaned the pump. THAT will fix my problem.
*Take the pump out entirely and clean all inlet, outlets and hoses. THAT will fix my problem.

NONE of this fixed my problem of filthy, wet, stinking, rancid clothing that has endangered my family's health! I even washed my children's clothing out by hand in the bathtub and put them in the washer just to rinse and spin and they STILL smelled horrific.

Finally, at the end of my rope, I returned to the appliance store from which I purchased this machine and they have told me that they cannot accept a return. They will not accept a return and I have to deal directly with GE. I HAVE dealt with GE up until the final straw when I they told me I needed a new pump, but so sorry, your warranty JUST expired 3 days ago!!!

Furthermore, my pump was fine. I did NOT need a new pump and have now been told that I cannot return the new, unused pump that cost me another $183.00. I have now been told that this is a problem with ALL front loading washing machines and I should do the following:

*First, run a full complete wash cycle on hottest setting containing Bleach – * Note: wash cycle takes 1 hour and 20 minutes
*Next, run a full wash cycle on hottest setting using high efficiency laundry detergent for another 1 hour and 20 minutes
*Next, run a full wash cycle on hottest setting using Cascade automatic dish washing detergent for an ADDITIONAL 1 hour and 20 minutes
*Next, using Bleach water, wipe down entire interior of washing machine
*Next, using clean white cloth, wipe entire interior of washing machine dry including gasket
*Next, leave door ajar to air out machine

*Finally, I have now been informed that I cannot use fabric softener in the machine even though there is a fabric softener dispenser right in the machine because the new front loading machines cannot handle fabric softener!!

Furthermore, I was told that this is new technology and since it is so new, no one really knew these kinds of problems were going to manifest themselves and I just need to try to work with these problems because it is not the manufacturers fault but the GOVERNMENT’S fault! Sorry.

Are you kidding me??

Now I have a $1000.00 piece of junk that the appliance companies are pawning off on unsuspecting consumers and hiding their horrible designs by blaming the government.

So, now this is what I want!

I want the legislature to force manufacturers to properly inform the public of these problems and those who did NOT inform consumers of these issues, COMPENSATE their customers for the $$$$$ it has cost us and the misery and frustration caused by THEIR neglect by NOT informing the consumers of these issues. I want this to be retroactive BACK to at least the year 2005. Furthermore, I want compensated for the cost of buying a top loading washing machine in an effort to keep our families away from the mold and mildew and filthy mess this has caused! Finally, I want manufacturers to own up to the fact that they disregarded the health and safety of consumers in their efforts to profit as much as possible while touting efficiency.

This is outrageous and we need to speak out and make sure our voices are heard!

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I'm saving up for a new W/D set. The front loaders are calling to me - mostly because they can wash more clothes per load. Not only do I have 3 kids, but my autistic son can go through several outfits a day due to his compulsion to change clothing when it becomes the least bit wet or soiled by anything - even drops of water! Anyhow...

I've heard good and bad things about front loaders. I will check Consumer Reports ratings before deciding upon brand. One thing I have not seen addressed here is lost items such as socks.

Do you have to put small items into a zipper washer bag before washing them in a front loader? Are lost items a problem?

Is the lint trap on most models easy to access?

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I absolutely love my fornt loader! However, the rear bearing has gone out. I have had the washer for six years. Not long at all. the tech that came out to fix it said that six years was about how long the washers last. The part to repair the washer cost $164.99 not including labor. I love how clean my clothes get and can't recall a mildew problem. I even washed my wedding dress in it and lost only three beads off of it. Tennis look like new after washing them. Love machine but unhappy about short life span of major part needed to function.

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From what I've read above, my Kenmore has the failed bearing problem, because my 5-year-old Kenmore front loader is squirting streams of grease all over the otherwise clean load of clothes. The mildew was a problem too, though not so bad when we left the door open between loads. To have a problem that will cost $600 to fix in a (what I consider) new machine is ridiculous. I will never buy a Kenmore front-loader again. There should be a recall on a product with such a costly potential problem.

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I thought I was going crazy when I would sometimes smell a faint moldy odor on my t-shirts! I always leave the door open and wipe down the seal/door after using my front-loader but I think the other people in my household don't--I think I'll have to put up a sign or something. My problem however is that I took my clothes out of the washer and they were coated in a terrible brownish-gray residue. It was all over the inside of the washer and around the seal/door. To top it off, a brand new shirt came out shredded (and streaked with residue). I was out of town for 3 weeks and this was my first load of laundry. Needless to say, I was quite angry. I never had a problem before until now. I tried to clean the washer but this stuff seems to be everywhere. Has anyone else experienced this? What is this stuff? How do I get rid of it?

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I came to Canada 20 years ago. Before that in Hong Kong (was a British colony), front loaders were the norm there. There are versions with a horizontal rotating drum but opens at the top with a trap door on the drum to save space. I guess we still classify those as front loaders as they don't use any agitators.

Everybody seems excited about front loaders here but they are not new inventions. We'd gone through 4 or 5 of front loaders in Hong Kong since my childhood, the first one was about 40 years ago.

Top loaders are gentler in washing but they take hours to finish a load. They weren't that big 20 years ago. If we needed a second load, we had to wait for hours.

The common problem with our front loaders was that they leaked over time as the rubber aged out. I cannot recall what exactly caused their final death. It probably was a dead motor or bearing in addition to a leaking tub or door. Repair was expansive then, usually you would go for a new one when the problems added up.

Most people live in high-rises with concrete walls and floors in Hong Kong, washer falling through the floor was not an issue. Water leak was annoying but it would not make too much a mess like here in North America.

When we moved to Canada, we are really impressed by the speed of the North American top loading washers. It was the norm here then. Instead of hours the top loaders only took minutes to finish a load. They are simple to use. We can add stuff anytime we want. They have less bells and whistles even when compared to the ones we had in Hong Kong long ago, but they just work. We don't have anything to complain about.

There were little choice either then.

Today front loaders tend to take over the high end market in North America while top loaders are still available. I won't say one is
overwhelmingly better than the other.

When you still have a choice, choose whatever you like. You don't have to follow the trend.

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I do have a Duet Whirlpool front load washer and I'm disappointed about my whites not getting as white as they used to with a top loader. My husband works outside all day and his t-shirts and socks about as dirty as you can imagine. They used to come clean and white in my top loader. I used 2 cups of bleach for each load of whites and let the load soak for 15 minutes. With the front loader, I am held to using only about 1/2 cup of bleach per load. Results are that my whites are now a nice dingy white. I would not by another front loader and would love to trade back to a top loader. I've even washed the load for an hour and 20 minutes (the sanitary wash) and nothing seems to change. I wish someone could give me some tips on how to get the whites to come out white again. White dish towels are another disappointment!! Now they are grungy.

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I have a 3.5 cu ft kenmore, it is a piece of trash. I have had the machine 2 years and it has been repaired 3 times. The first time with the first 2 weeks. the second time a 7 months, the third time 1.5 years and now it is down again. this time sears wants 400.00 to fix it.
I had a GE it lasted 13 years, maybe 2 repairs, which I did my self.


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I LOVED my old front loader but, without fail, when it started a spin cycle it would send me (or anyone else in the area) running for another part of the house. It was as if it was trying to escape. Now I have a laundry room that is in the basement with a concrete slab. This is the recommended place for a front loader, so I just bought another as my top loader got caught in the recent flooding. My new front loader will be delivered on Monday. Note: They recommend HE detergent but regular detergent is fine but use MUCH less. My old front loader used 1 TBS of regular detergent and that is where I plan to start with my new washer which is a bit larger than my old one.

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I have a front loader (Kenmore) - we've had it almost 4 years - LOVE IT! Before our move this past Aug. we had it serviced, and the guy found out our drum was cracked. Luckily it was still under warrenty, so that $500 part didn't cost us, BUT, what caused it was a small (baby sized) wash cloth that got caught in the drum area (under the rubberized rim, and eventually between the moving drum and the stablized drum). I didn't notice any change b/c our W/D are out in the garage... I turn it on and go inside. He said is should've been making a strange noise. My clothes seemed clean, so I didn't have any complaints. Anyway, his suggestion was to put small items like washclothes and small underwear in a mesh bag to keep that from happening (and always check the rim after a wash of mixed small/large items). I don't always remember to do that and sometimes miss an item (I found a sponge under the rim a few weeks ago), but it's worth the extra time to do that and not spend the $500 next time - it won't be under warrenty much longer.

I enjoy doing laundry... I almost don't even have to think about it... now if it only cooked dinner, it'd be perfect!

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After we went through 2 hand-me-down sets, hubby said we could have a brand-new set. I'm a nursing assistant, and work in home health. The 3 families I've worked for all have had front-loaders. I liked theirs so much, I begged for one. Hubby finally said yes.

We shopped around. We ended up getting a GE Adora set that had been returned after one week because of a defect. They had fixed it, and were selling it at a discount. We took them home, set them up.... ran the first load.... and it peed all over my floor!

Turns out, when the guys fixed the problem, they didn't re-install the drum correctly and it didn't seal properly. But, the store replaced our machine with a new one.

I abhor, dislike, hate, dread... (catch the idea?) cleaning. Washing clothes? Just as horrid.... until now.Now, I FIND things to wash! I wash the bedding and the bath mats weekly or 2ce a week. I fold clothes fresh from the dryer... I love them. *insert hearts floating around my head* And, after 4 months, the honeymoon isn't over.

You CAN stop the wash cycle to put more in, and they also have delay features so you don't run the washer the same time as the dishwasher. Also, bleach is no problem. Our clothes look wonderful. Plus, the wrinkle release cycle...
It does take longer to wash (but it takes less time to dry), however you can fit more in per load, so in my mind that balances out.

Now if only I can find things that make the rest of the housekeeping as easy...

RIBS's picture

AVOID ANY Whirlpool products if you can, this brand now includes Maytag, Kennmore and a number of other companies it has bought up and put under their umbrella. I have a front loader from Whirlpool, and honestly, until the "fins" (the rudders that move the clothes around) broke off, I had no issues. I had always wanted a front loader, after years of dragging and schlepping laundry to the laundry mat, I looked forward to a day I would own a front loader of my own. What a shame I spent my savings on one that the company doesn't stand behind. Until that fateful day though, I saved money on water, yes, your clothes get cleaner with a front loader, mainly because it gets turned in the wash so much, even though its using less water, its getting agitated more and therefore, beating the stains and dirt out. It is gentler as the agitating is the clothes being turned in on themselves. Of course once the "fins" came off mine, it was all kinds of holes being torn into the clothes from the sharp metal clips that ONCE held the "fins". Also the spin cycle is stronger, and therefore throws off all that now dirty water out of the clothes and the rinse cycle is more effective at removing the leftover grime. Even with the problems I have had with the Whirlpool product and their company, I would buy another front end loader, just not from them or any of their affiliates. Things to look for? A bleach dispenser, fins that are part of the stainless steel tub (yes, you want stainless steel) or fins that are not priced so ridiculous that it is cheaper to get a new machine (check the prices BEFORE you have to repurchase, as these are NOT covered on your warranty). Consider one that has a good repair history, a good brand history and call the customer service reps BEFORE you need them. You'd be surprised how many are as useless as tits on a bull, but I assure you, I speak from experience, learn from my mistakes if you can. Tell them you bought one from your friend, sister, etc. Then give then some common problem and one not so common problem and see how helpful they are. Hopefully, you will not EVER need their services on a well chosen product, but wouldn't it stink to find out how incompetent they are when you are in a laundry crisis mode and they are jerking you around? Before purchasing an extended warranty on parts that are not likely to EVER need replacing, check their actual warranty, your extended warranty will only extend those parts, MAYBE. Read and learn! Look for settings you are most likely to use, like heavy clean cycles for dirty jeans, towels and the like. A delicate if you have them, cotton cycles, or permanent press. If you don't use them you are still paying for them and its just more things that can go wrong. More is not always better. Look for a decent capacity for your needs. Over loading really should not be done if at all possible, as you only get X amount of water to wash and rinse, not more, because if you put 5 extra lbs of laundry in you won't necessarily be getting extra water to wash them in. Consider too, do you have room to leave the door of your washer open AFTER each cycle? Is it safe for you to do so? No cats or kiddies that will or can climb in? It could have tragic consequences if you have youngsters and curious kitties if leaving the door open to keep down on those pesky musty smells. Personally, the only thing that ever stunk in my washing machine was the dirty laundry going into it. But I always leave the door slightly open to air it out. Also, one other thing to keep in mind, the flooring in your laundry room may need reinforcing, as on the spin cycles, that puppy will give your house a shake. I converted an old back porch, so we had the flooring reinforced just because I was wanting to make that part of the house and wanted it beefed up anyways (thank goodness, because when we saw it in action, I knew that the previous flooring wouldn't have held). So make sure you have sufficient support to hold the laundry area in check when it hits liftoff speed. You are encouraged to use the HE laundry soaps and they do a good job of helping you get clothes cleaner. But if you had to fall back on something, you COULD use regular brands of detergent, just not nearly as much. Less is more here! Also, using the ULTRAS of ANY laundry detergent, gives you less sudsing, which is a real problem for most front loaders. I would encourage you to use the HE types. If I had the means, I would have gotten a front loader that was a commercial brand (the type I actually used at the laundry mat). But alas, none were available at that time in a range I could afford. I read up on the Staber, and even the Haier, but concluded, after reading some reviews, that I would be better off with what I got. Hmmmmmmmmmm.......I guess I coulda been wrong on that point! Ha carefully, read ACTUAL reviews of brands you are considering, even Consumer Reports won't save you on this one, read what actual consumers have to say about the ones they have ACTUALLY been using and then decide if you can live with what they say, if they are a crank, or what. I wish I would have, but this time, I learned (you only have to show me once!) what to do and am doing my homework, like you, and looking very carefully. Hopefully I will do better with my next front end loader, I have learned some valuable and costly lessons, that hopefully will aid me in not making this mistake again. And yes, I would buy another front end loader, the clean is worth it, and the fact that you are reducing your footprint on the earth by saving water (something I also have to pay less for with lower consumption) and using less soap, and so on, makes it worth it too in the long run. Good luck to you, I hope you find a nice machine, that works well for you and gives you many years of good service. Happy washing!

HealthyMind's picture

I only use a front loading washer when I go to the laundromat to wash my big ol' blankets. The washer I have at home would break if put my big comforter in there! Check sears on Black Friday.

danette's picture

An update on my GE frontloader...Sears repair told me they never had this problem before. I ended up buying the service contract because although the parts were warranted for a year (purchased Feb. 08), I would have to pay $50.00 each time they came out. As soon as I bought the contract, they magically discovered the rubber gasket in the door was warped. Works great now, but I'm out the money I paid for the sevice contract. You better believe I'll call for a repair man to come out for any little problem to utilize the contract.

Guest's picture

After I broke my wrist about 5 years ago, my husband had to pick up the slack with housework (laundry being one of them)and saw how much laundry actually had to be done. He couldn't believe how much water we used. It was then that my older,less efficient washer left us to be replaced with a large front loader (Sears-Kenmore Elite HE3) I LOVE IT and still do. I can put at least twice the amount and use so much less water. Another bonus is less detergent. And as far as bleach- I wouldn't touch the stuff with a ten foot pole. I use natural cleaners (Shaklee) and it does a superior job. Another option for a bleach alternative is using peroxide in the bleach dispensor. ( Hanging your whites in the sun is also another alternative for getting your whites really white.) Yes, it does clean well in less water, it is much gentler on the clothes and is practically dry when I take it out because it spins out most of the water. (much less time in the dryer is more hydro savings) We have 5 children ranging in ages from 12-18. Lots of laundry here at our home. If I have a choice, I will never go back to a top loader. I hope this helps!! Kim

Shaun's picture

Regarding the specific about lost clothing -- this is not something we've ever experienced. We've had our front loader for about 5.5 years. I don't use any special bags.

We treat our Kenmore just like a regular old washer -- regular detergent, even fabric softener and bleach. Our washer's dispenser holds the bleach and softener until later in the cycle, but the soap goes straight in with the clothes.


DC's picture

Considering switching from a top load to a front load....looking at GE washer Energy Star A #WBVH6240HWW and GE Dryer #DBVH512EFWW. Any suggestions/comments? Everthing sounds good but afraid of the mold issue!

Red's picture

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up about a problem we've had with our front loader. We use a HE detergent at the proper amount and have discovered that it still leaves residue on our clothes that have caused severe ugly skin rashes. We are now trying a hypo-allergenic detergent and using less detergent per load. We are also using the rinse twice option. Hopefully this will work. It took several months for this problem to surface and it's taken a couple of weeks to finally realize what it was. I hope this info saves other folks the misery we've been through!

Guest's picture

I have a front load Kenmore. It is a nightmare!!!!. Pump constantly plugs (drain), inlet waterhose always shreds to pieces resulting in a flood in my laundry room. I have had Sears come out numerous times, I actually know how to fix all problems with this stupid washer myself now.

Jason's picture

I am very disapointed in my Fridgadaire front load washer. It worked great for a couple of years, then it started freezing up. I would have to jar it to make it advance. It did this for a while and then it would try to fill up and drain at the same time. If you did not catch it in time it would run you water bill up. Finally the POS died. The motor just stopped working. Last night I went to lowes to get a new washer. I got the old trust worthy Top loader, the kind that last for years. While I was there I talked to a couple who had bought a front loader a few years ago and it also had died at around five years and it was a diffrent brand from what I had. The life span on these is just not long enough. I will never buy another front load washer.

Raymond's picture

ive read a few comments in here from other woman inrefrence to not trusting another males advice on a front loader and laundry. well i fell that i need to state for the record that not only am i a male but a GAY MALE @ that and i have always wanted a front loader. well the time has came as my 6 yr old maytag top load washer died on me. so i just recenly purchessed a front loading LG TROMM steam washer. there were four big selling points i was looking for to make this purchess. 1. reliability 2.drum light 3. largest size avail. for a home machine 4.Revolutions per min. the LG TROMM seemed to furnish all my requirements and then some. now after reading all the reviews on front loaders and useing the maytag neptune @ work as i am emplyed in the health care feild i came across 2 concerns for use of a front loader in my home. 1st being a musty mold smell and 2nd being the stability of the washer during the spin speeds. my LG TROMM spins @ 1200 RPM and had the sales woman ensure me that i would not have a danceing front loader in my wash room. she recomended that if i am that concerned over an unstable front loader during spin that i purchess a 5 x 5 rubber anti fatigue mat to lay on the floor and then have the home depot delivery guys install the washer on the mat. it was explained that the rubber the may is made out of will secure the mad to the floor with the weight of the washer and if the floor or washer wants to bounce during a spin cycle that the rubber mat will cushin and maintain placement of front loader to the floor. makes sence to me so before leaveing HD i bought the rubber mat for $21 bucks and sits in my laundry room waiting for the delivery of the washer. 2nd concern i had was the repeated complaints of front loaders smelling like MOLD after a while. Well i was told that a fix to this is to buy a box of casscade powder dishwasher deturgent. add the powder to the inside of the front loaders drum them close the door then add bleach to the try dispencer and then set the front loader on the longest and hottest wash setting. i was told for an extra hot and added touch to go to the hot water tank and turn the temp tial all the way to high or hot. and let the washer run its course. i was told to do this a coupple times a month and to ALWAYS keep the DOOR to the front loader washer open to alow air cirulation thoughtout the washer and the mold problem would not be an issue. i will only use HE = high efficiency laundry deturgent if my HE front loader washer. i hope my thoughts and opnions help other on their decision weather or not to purcchess a front or top loader washing machine. im all about saveing on my water and electric bills but i cant compromise cleaning abilitys.

Maryland203's picture

Thanks for the recommendation, I just watched how managers would tell associates to mislead customers, and that's just not right. If you're going to spend your money, you should get the best thing for your buck. The last thing I wanted to add was to avoid any Maytag product if possible. Maytag went bankrupt several months back. Sections of their corporation were sold, I know Hoover owns the vacuums and Whirlpool owns some portion. However, this could lead to possible problems if there is ever a problem and you need assistance with a warranty. I've had customers tell me their horror stories of spending $1,500 on a washer and dryer set, and have problems after a couple of months getting the issue resolved. They went bankrupt because of their "Neptune" washers. I just forgot to add that because that information is not on the site.

Caroline Vandiver's picture

I purchased the Frigidaire Affinity in November of 2006. Purchased from Lowe's and bought the extended warranty from Lowe's. 13 months later I have a washer that will not work! Up until then, I loved my front load washer. I am having a hard time getting good service from the warranty and can't seem to get very far sending my complaints to Frigidaire, Lowes, and the warranty service center. No one seems to want to get my machine fixed. I really should have took the advice from our local appliance dealer and just purchased a regular washer without all the bells and whistles!

Guest's picture

Don't waste money on the Duet Steam washer or Steam dryer. The steam in the washer is supposed to remove stains, and in the dryer it's supposed to remove set-in wrinkles. I just bought this washer/dryer combo, and quite honestly have not seen any stains removed in the washer. The dryer does a good job, but I really don't think it removes any wrinkles that my old dryer wouldn't have. Save yourself $500 and go with the Whirlpool Duet if you need a front-loader. Oh, and I read the post about buying the pedestals... don't do that if you like to have a little workstation on top of your machines. I thought I wouldn't need that space since the washer *shouldn't* require pre-treating... wrong!

Guest's picture


I'm considering an LG washer with a 4.2 cu capacity, which is HUGE. I mostly wash small loads, 1 or 2 shirts. Will a large capacity washer clean small loads effectively? I've ready that maybe it won't.

Hope's picture

I ordered my washer and dryer yesterday, and I'm very excited about doing laundry now. Really I am :P .

I went for the LG washer and dryer, and got the 13 inch pedestals for them. They are stackable, but I wanted them side by side. I *can* add items after the machine has started. It seemed most of the machines I looked at had that feature, so maybe now that the're becoming so popular it will be standard. The washing/drying capacity is huge, so I'm eager to see how it does with the king size comforter.

Delivery is April 12th...I can't wait :grin: .

Thanx to all of you for your words of wisdom.

salsaemma's picture

My machines are under the additional GE warranty for a full refund if not satisfied (I have a WBVH624)for front load machines that apparently Consumer Reports claim they are not recommended). So, I am considering sending them back and getting a refund. If I do what machines would you recommend? I'm concerned I might have problems with another make. I've been looking at the Whirlpool Duet to replace the GE.

My main complaints are: that the white on the dryer and washer are different whites and in my laundry room one looks white and the other an off-white cream. GE reports the machines are made in different countries and one type of paint absorbs color and the other reflects. So, it looks a bit odd,
and I also notice that the fast spin speed cycle sometimes does not spin the clothes properly and I end up with soaking wet clothes.

Is it worth the hassle to return these machines? and go for the Whirlpool Duet. They are a few hundred bucks more.

cjsmom44's picture

I have had a front loader for about 3 years now. I do love it but you do have to be careful especially about bleach. When I add it to my dispenser you can see it dribble down the front of the glass window and of course your clothes are already in there. I have spotted clothing before. If you use bleach (from my experience) use it strictly with your whites only. I have also had trouble with putting too many sheets in the washer at once. One time my sheets got caught up in the rim of the washer drum and was rather chewed up. My husband had to cut one of my sheets up for rags because it had torn so badly. I have not had trouble since, because it was probably my fault for putting too many in at once. But the plus side is that I can fit more clothes in a load and I love the way it spins things so dry, more so than a top loader and my clothes are cleaner. I would buy it again, due to the quality of the washing the washer gives compared to my top loader & energy and water savings.

Guest's picture

Front loaders do seem to get your clothes cleaner with less water. It's the way that it washes the clothes that matters. Top loaders/normal washers agitate your clothes and sometimes cause additional wear and tear. Front loaders spin the clothes to the top of the cyclinder thing and then drops the clothes in the water below. It dislodges the dirt by having it hit into the water. I think it works better because my clothes that had holes in the them from an old style washer seem to be sustaining themselves. Also, just make sure you get high efficiency (HE) front loader specific washers. It is a less soapy type soap, but it washers the clothes still. If you use the old stuff in a new washer, it will wear upon the machine itself. You can use bleach in it light normal. I haven't had any problems with that at all. I hope that helps you.

todd's picture

thing worked great for two years then the problems started the part that turns the drum is made out of a white metal instead of stainless as the drum is made out of. lucky for me that part was warranted only cost me 145 for labor well 2.5 years later same problem this time they wouldnt warrantee that part no extended warrantee and 650.00 to fix a 5 year old washer I am single and used this washer 2 times a week!! I paid 660.00 originaly Sears makes junk anymore these people were a nightmare to deal with I will never buy anything from sears again!!!!!!!!! am washing my cloths at the neighbors for now going through the paper looking for a used top loader SEARS SUCKS I CANNOT EXPRESS THAT ENOUGH feel free to emial me if you have had a similar problem with your front loader

Carolyn 47's picture

I am on my second front loading washer. Had a Fridgidaire in my old house for almost 10 years and LOVED it. I moved 18 mos ago and because of a special deal I was able to get, I bought GE for the new house. While I wish I had stayed with Fridgidaire and paid retail I would never go back to a top loader.

Front loading do use less electricity and water, but because the clothes are cleaned by the tumbling effect they are not just effective but much more gentle to your clothes.

Also without the space taken up by the agitator, there is more space for clothes.

You do need to note that you can't open the machine up mid cycle for that last towel you forgot to add to the load and you do need to leave the door open to let the machine dry out but otherwise its business as usual. They all seem to have the bleach, fabric softener and detergent drawer so no worries there.

Jump in, you will not be unhappy!

Guest's picture

I have had this thing since 12/05 out of necessity as the space in my condo was too low to fully open up the top door of my reliable GR top loader, (sort of a low closet type area.)
2 1/2 yrs. later I still haven't figured out where to put what, as far as bleach, etc as it also depends on if the things you are putting in it are liquid or powder. They all go in different holes, and your suppose to "move" something back or forward in the area depending on the type of stuff your washing with. So I just dump all the stuff in wherever and hope for the best. If I use bleach I always mix it in a jar full of water first, then dump it in, whatever hole.
All I want to do is "wash", I don't need a million settings and buttons which this thing has. BUT once you figure it out, you can lock your preferred settings in. These I never change.
No where in the million page booklet does it say anything about a lint trap. So I guess there isn't one? It sais once a year do an empty load with bleach. That's it.
I have it set on "short wash". I can't imagine the regular wash setting, you'd be waiting a week for one load to finish , the "short" is just about an hour. This I just hate. And I hate the fact you see absolutely NO water in it during the wash. But the clothes seem clean. Also you can't add things once the wash is started. All in all , honestly I'd trade this back for a regular top loader in a second. I hate it. With drying it's almost 4 hrs for 2 loads of wash.

Guest's picture

PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT buy a front load washer. I have a very expensive Kenmore front loader - 4 years old. It reaks of mildew and NOTHING gets rid of it, not bleach, not the new tablets, not washing the boot with bleach. All laundry gets imbedded with mildew smell especially the towels. I am getting rid of this machine and going back to a plain old top load with agitator. I am trying to research where there are class action suits against Kenmore for the front loader. This is the hidden dirty secret problem in this industry.

diana kelly's picture

away in winter heat in can I drain lines to prevent damage to my samsung front loader..could I put anti freeze in É (the type used in water lines of vacant homes)

Happy in NJ's picture

I have had a front loading washer for 3 years now.. I love it. Not only has it been a great savings in cost of running the washer,but it gets the clothing so much dryer during a spin that it takes less time in the dryer. I use bleach in mine. It has a dispenser for it. Never had any spotting problems. My towels are twice the fluff they were in a top loading washer. I remember stacking them next to the one that had been done in my old washer. I am sold.. I will never have a top loader again.
Oh.. they also take a bigger load.

Lil T's picture

The salesperson we bought our wash machine from told us to wipe down the front gasket and window when done add a little powder to the gasket to absorb extra moisture and to keep the door adjar a little to keep fresh air circulating. Thus far no smells and clothes are still coming out smelling wonderful.

jennye's picture

Well, I think there is enough evidence that I will never get a front loading washer. However, I can't put down Kenmore. I've had my top loader for 12 years with not a single problem (well, one. But it's my fault. I took the filter out of the line and sand from our well got into the shut off valve. It doesn't always shut off now and every now and then if I'm not paying attention it overflows into my laundry room. BUT, that's my fault). My dryer I have had for 13 years and again, not a single problem. And take it a step further, a kenmore fridge broke after 19 years (went ahead and bought a new one since it would take too long to get a repairman way out here in the middle of nowhere). My 15 year old dishwasher was still running but the inside looked horrible thanks to my very minerally and hard well water, we bought a new one when we remodeled the kitchen. And while we were at it, we went ahead and replaced the 12 year old Kenmore over the range microwave and the lord only knows how old cooktop so we could get everything new in stainless. My Kenmore carpet cleaner is the greatest thing in the world.

sorry, I just can't say much bad about Kenmore. I just know I won't get a frontloading washer from anyone.


LindaM's picture

I have a duet washer and dryer. The washer smelled like mold. Got so bad that it made my whole house smell. Complained to Whirpool on numerous occasions. About the 100th time I called, I got a rep that told me they will come replace it. I was estatic. I love my new one. It has a bleach cycle to clean it and it has not smelled like mold. However, what I do notice is that although I can wash large loads, I cannot dry large loads. I finally convinced myself to wash smaller loads and they dry much better. I use a brush to clean the lint trap on occasion to remove any buildup and that seems to help. However, should either die, I would not replace them with a front load, but unfortunately, I think that is the way the industry is heading.

Guest's picture

I personally prefer the Whirpool Duet. I am an appliance service tech of 18 yrs. I have even written an E book about front load washers for the consumer. If interested go to If not thats fine. The Whirlpool Duet has proved to be a very well designed machine with very little problems. Out of all the mid class machines, they perform the best with the least repairs. Bleach has not been a problem with these machines, but the lack of high efficiency detergent use has. Make sure to USE HE DETERGENT!!!!!!!

Georgia Droppelman's picture

I bought a front loading in April. I have problems with vibrations from the 1000 rpm spin cycle vibrating my whole house. The dealer has done nothing to answer the problem. I love the clean clothes and big volume the washer takes but I have to brace the downstairs for the spin cycle. I am looking to sell mine and look for something I can put on the second floor. Georgia

Becky's picture

It got my clothes equally clean. They use less water but it didn't make any difference. Whenever I am able to get a front loader again, I will. It's one of my fantasies.

I didn't use bleach though, so I couldn't tell you about that.

Audrey's picture

I also purchased an Affinity in August of 2006. I'm on my second one after the first one leaked and wouldn't spin a balanced load. Now the second one, although not leaking, still will not spin a balanced load. I spend more time in the laundromat and have a brand new washer sitting idol. I hate front loaders and will never have one again. I'm waiting for a repair person to come fix the problem. Don't have much faith in that. As soon as I have the money, I'm buying a top loader.

Lana's picture

Before getting a new washer check your dryer. The streaks on clothes problem appears to be commong with dryers. My Kenmore dryer is leaving brownish streaks and I checked online. Apparently this is happening a lot and is caused by some problem with the clothing getting caught in the drum and scorching.

Guest's picture

You may want to check and see if the streaks are coming from the seal around the door. Some brands like GE have suffered from bad reviews because of a problem with items that get pressed/stuck against the front seal and stained.

Sparrow's picture

We've got a Kenmore front-loader, too, and I love it. (Especially the sanitary cycle that kills all our dust mites!) I'd be curious to know what's gone wrong with yours, if you know.

Guest's picture

I bought a Maytag Neptune frone loader and while it doews clean well there are many many issues that make me feek I owuld not buy another front loader of any brand.

I use HE detergent I leave the door open all night after a wash and have not had real problems with mildew but I knew from the beginning this had to be done.
My problems are that front loaders have so many repair issues that the average person cannot afford!
The electronic boards in all tend to pose problems as do the bearings, seals and other issues.
I have found the cost of repairs very high--so much so that any more breakdowns and I am buying a top loader as it will be cheaper. I had some of my issues under warranty BUT that is out now- even then some I had to pay for, one board failure was not in warranty and it cost 200.00 to fix. I have had a new control panel to replace a failed one- New Motor(burnout) new motor controller board.Maytag covered one board(main control & motor) under warranty but I had to pay for motor controller board.
From reading comments all over the web the control faiures of various types are fairly common in all front loaders reguardless of brand.
When this one goes again I will probably get a top loader simply beacuse in the rush to get products out they do not last well and ESPECIALLY for the price paid!

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Jocibear's picture

Hi I am looking to replacing my maytag neptune frontload with an other front load type washer. My trouble is I have laminate flooring in my laundry room and have issues with the vibration and shaking in final spin cycle. What type of flooring do you have? and have you heard of this trouble with laminate flooring?


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rolf moeckel's picture

Purchased an LG front load washer from Home Depot in April 06 I WILL NEVER PURCHASE ANOTHER ONE.
We have had a bad problem with our laundry smelling like mold.
Contacted the service company and was told that mold issues are not covered as they are classifeid it as corrosion.
I dont know where they found the definition of corrosion, but they were miss-informed.

Look on Consumer affairs website there are many complaints.

Maryland203's picture

I used to work at Home Depot in the appliance area. There are some things you all should know about front loaders. They aren't the BEST washers and dryers. They were designed to be more gentle on clothes (which it is) and also to save energy and water (which they do well). BUT, they take a lot longer, in some cases two times the amount of time to do one load, and also, once you start the doors look, so you can't add anything. Most importantly however... THEY CAN ONLY GO ON SOLID GROUND. You CAN put them on a second level or so, but they will weaken your floor over time. One couple here in MD actually had theirs go through the floor! I have created a website that tels all about every appliance and how to properly shop for them, Please visit! Http:// I'll just be repeating what's on the site here and at least you can read up on any other appliances you need. Hope this helps! If any of you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me!

jamestownNY's picture

it sounds like you have a defect in your machine. if you paid the extra $$$$$ to return if there is an issue i would return it no questions asked. i just purchessed an LG TROMM front loader from home depot. the biggest selling point for me what the fact that the TROMM steam washer had a drum light in the bin. good luck!

Lydia T's picture

I just bought a duet (9200) and am wondering if the lack of HE detergent is a problem if you abuse it--ie, use too much--or just a problem period.


sorryibought's picture

I purchased a kenmore he4t front loader and i hate it. they have a mildew problem electrical problems and many more problems. These machines MUST be cleaned monthly you MUST PURCHASE AFRESH TABLETS (3 tablets for $9) and use monthly and use bleach in EVERY LOAD to REDUCE the mildew smell from the washer and your cloths, this however does not get rid of the smell. According to sears service techs these machines have a life span of 8-9 years. There are many class action law suits starting against sears and whirpool because of the many problems there are with these machines. If you are allergic to mold do not purchase a front loading washer.

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I know that you are happy with your buy now and I wish I would have known what you know when I bought my front load washer. I think you really have to stay on top of the maintance on these washers but, come on who has hours to clean a washer. I am a very buzy mom with a full time job and a husband who works 70 hour a week I don't have any time to spare. I have the mold problem and I have just about had it. I am going to go shopping for a new washer. I do not recomend this washer to anyone and if you have kids don't even think about it. We know that mold is bad we don't want it in our house why would we want it on our clothes. My mom has a front load washer also she is the one that got me to buy one. She had hers about two years more than me and I sarted to have the mold problem before her, I admit it it was because I would leave my clothes in the washer in longer than her. I didn't leave them over night or anything I would start a load before I went to work then come home from work and put it in the drier.....big mistake. After a year I noticed the problem. I hope that you don't have the mold problem but I really think that it is going to happen its just a matter of time no matter how much extra time you spend on trying to keep it mold free. My mom is what you would call a clean freak and its happened to her. It took longer for her washer to get the mold problem but she got it. Our tempory fix was to wash the washer with vineger. I am going to try these other things that these other women have suggested but I can't see it working. There are only tempory fixes on these washers. It takes hours to keep it clean and its not a once a year fix you have to do its a couple of times a months and stay on top of it because the mold can get to your washer before you even know it. Be aware very aware its just not a good buy.

Guest's picture

my 6 year old kenmore washer has the same problem (rear bearing shell failing), and i was told lobor would be $210 becuase it's a 2 person job and the parts would be $550 (also i had to spend $115 to diagnose the problem) so at nearly $900 i'm not willing to fix-since i know i didn't pay $900 for it in the first place. i would fix it, for the $165 you were quoted (i'm guessing the labor would also be cheaper), was that by a sears repair professional? i am very disappointed that my 6 year old kenmore washer costs more to fix than i originally paid, or more than i can just buy a new one for!

Guest's picture

My husband insisted on buying the new front-loader machines by LG even though we had perfectly good top loaders. Well, after two years of use I HATE the front loader. It does NOT clean even lightly soiled clothes. However, I don't think that it can all be blamed on the machine. I do not think the detergent technology has caught up with the high efficiency washer technology. The HE detergent just does not work as well, especially the bleach. I found this out when I was hand washing. I used the HE bleach to get a yellow stain out of a white sweatshirt. I couldn't figure out why it was not coming out. When I realized that I was using the HE bleach, I went and got the regular bleach. It came right out. I have also found that the HE powder detergents do a better job of cleaning than the liquids.

That at being said, I still prefer a washer with more water. I am looking for an older model, traditional front loader minus the HE.

guest's picture

I too have a kenmore front loader, and about two years ago, three months after the warranty ran out so did the rear barrings, I also got a quote for about $500.00 + to have it fixed. Called Sears for the part and it was only $149.00. But they didn't have any in stock and had to back order(6 to 8 weeks) with a family of five couldn't wait that long. They had a drumm kit that was 2 1/2 hours drive away but refused to ship it to me because ther service guy wasn't getting the work. So with some time about 8 hours I took the thing apart, took the back part of the outside drumm to a machenist, and had the bearrings replaced. It was a friend so he only charged for the bearrings not the labour $50.00 once he had the bearrings 2 days to order and receive them it might have taken an hour or so to change them.and then it took another 8 hours or so to put it back together. Now I am no meens a repair person, Just a mom who wants it done fast and inexpensive. with three busy teens who has time to wait for parts. The washer Left black streeks an my clothes but was still working the same.
As for the person with mold smell, you should leave the door open, wipe the seal, with the ongoing smell did you try using Spraynine on the inside, just spray so that it goes in the holes of the inner drum to reach the bottom of the outer shell. As the water may be caught around the drain. When I had mine apart there was some scum built up. and once in awhile when the kids would close the door tight I would get that odor, so I would give a good spray and leave it soak for a while (about half an hour) then run it through the shortest cylce it has. I love the front load washer but will never buy anything at sears again! I am now off to buy another front load this week. been searching and thinking of an LG. dispite the bearing replacement other things kept happening with the kenmore so NO more.

Guest's picture

[quote=rolf moeckel]Purchased an LG front load washer from Home Depot in April 06 I WILL NEVER PURCHASE ANOTHER ONE.
We have had a bad problem with our laundry smelling like mold.
Contacted the service company and was told that mold issues are not covered as they are classifeid it as corrosion.
I dont know where they found the definition of corrosion, but they were miss-informed.

Look on Consumer affairs website there are many complaints. [/quote]

Guest's picture

I have a front loader and I love it. You MUST use HE detergent only and limit your quantity of fabric softner. I put distilled vinegar in the bleach dispenser and never have a problem with mildew. You can also run a load with bleach about once a month, but we are on a septic tank, so I don't. I hope this helps.

Make sure your washer was installed perfectly level. If it isn't, even though it works fine now, it will ruin the bearings in time and you'll buy a new washer, rather than pay $850 to fix it. Oh, you'll also be purchasing a new dryer too, because the new washer won't match your old dryer.

allen's picture

i am thinking of buying a staber washing machine but i want to know if you could put wool sweaters in there and let them soak and then spin them out. i wasnt sure if you could submerge the sweaters and let them soak and then just tell the machine to spin them out. the machine sounds great but what do you do about wool sweaters. do you wash them in bathtub or what. im talking about 100% merino wool or cashmere sweaters. seems that there might not be enough water to soak them and may not be able to go directly to spin. hope this makes sense. please let me know



Janet's picture

Just bought new GE frontloader w/d set. Salesman gave me a trick to avoid smells and mildrew from washer. Take a washcloth, cloth diaper or cotton t-shirt thats cut on half longways. Take regular cooking oil-I used canola oil-and dampen the rag about 80%. Place the cloth inside the seal that is directly inside the door. It'd about 18 inches so cut to fit. This seal gathers water and lint during washing and both get stuck in there with no way to get out HENCE THE MILDREW!!! When the rag is in the door seal mildew can't grow. Change or rince and repeat once a month or if you don't like this idea just clean/wipe out door seal after each wash! Try to lease the washer door open at least a hour or 2 after washing to help water to dry.

DonnaLee's picture

I am considering buying a Staber and read your reply. Do you still have it? Any problems with it? Does it really wash a lot of clothes and get them clean? Any information would help. It's hard to find someone you know who owns one? Thanks!

Guest's picture

You do not have to use afresh tablets to clean your frontoad washer. You can actually use 1/4 cup of power dishwasher soap and you will find it cleans the same way. Also remember to wipe you tub gasket with a solution of bleach and water every month and you will find it will not smell and reduce mildew build up.

Guest's picture

Working at Home Depot somehow gives you expertise in something? You'd be the first!

Front loaders are less likely to have imbalnced load problems than top loaders and genrally experience less serious vibration. They aren't heavier than top loaders and aren't any more or less likely to fall through a floor. That's rediculous to suggest that they do. If your floor joists can't hold a washing machine, front loader or otherwise, you have serious structural problems that should be mitigated.

Guest's picture

My sister had that problem and had a new gasket installed with NO RIDGES! That seemed to solve the problem. It was after market, but Sears covered it under her warranty because she told them she was returning them if they didnt' fix it. I just bought a set today myself and look forward to using them. I hope this helps.

Guest's picture

My sister just had the same issue. Sears replaced the gasket with one with NO RIDGES. The problem is water gets trapped in the ridges. She hasn't had a problem since. It was an after market gasket but Sears honored her warranty as she was ready to return it. She's really happy now, and no problems. Give that a try.

Jay's picture

We have had an LG front load washing machine for 3 years. Takes super large loads, comforters, blankets, no problem. Cut our electric and water bill way down. Great on cleaning all types, including hand wash. Ours has a bleach/detergent/ fabric softener/prewash dispenser on top.Clothes come out much drier then in our old top loader. Not only would we buy another one, we are looking at buying a front loader for our summer house. THEY ARE GREAT

Guest's picture

I agree with you! I had to get the larger capacity washer for my large white sofa slipcover. They have been a nightmare. First, I had the calypso. Junk. Then I got the Whirlpool Duets, it's less than a year old and I have had many eletrical problems. They take more maintenance work then your typical standard washing machine, and if you don't, you're clothes will smell. I would not recommend a front loader unless you absolutely must have one. If you can, Stick with a good old washer with manual controls!

Sparrow's picture

Yep, we have Pergo-type flooring in our laundry room, too, and the machine does tend to vibrate a lot and walk a little (we have a Kenmore HE3T). Somewhere I found some foamy circular pads to go under the feet, and they've helped a lot, especially with the walking. Wish I could remember where I found those--I think it was somewhere online, probably one of those household gadget catalogs. Anyway, the vibration and shaking can be a problem, but these have been a good solution for us.

Guest's picture

Wow....what a waste of money the LG set is...we have had our boot replaced twice...all of the pipes and tubing replaced once.hethere is mold growing on teh back of the detergent dispenser and our towels are crunchy and smelly when they get wet after a shower...but we are having our washer replaced...I dont know where you are but perhaps if you contact me we can see what we can do for you too!!

Kelly Zoldak's picture

We have an LG front loader and I love it.
We just started to have an issue with moldy smells in our towels after 2 years.
I found a website, and they sell a product that cleans out the fungus and mold that accumulates due to too much soap and liquid fabric softener.
Easy to use and fixes the problem/
I would not trade my washer for anything!!

Pat's picture

What happened to our washer was that apparently has to do with the rear bearing shell failing and something internal that rusted and corroded. It started to sound like a jet plane during the spin cyle --that should been our clue --duh... Somehow the oil is getting in during the wash/spin cycle through the holes in the drum. Our washer was made by Fridgidare ( I think) and now the newer washers are made by Whirpool. (If I understood the information I was told correctly). The fact that yours has a sanitary cycle tells me that it is a newer and more high end model that what we have. When we bought ours, the front loaders were so new to the market (in the US that is)and there was not much to chose from. I absolutely loved it until it ruined tons of clothes. (Initially we thought it was a hot water- water heater problem at first because there is similar black sediment build -up in them as well if they are not drained regularly.) BTW --we just bought another front loader last night --not a Kenmore though. This time we wanted a service plan and Sears' plan was just too expensive! I can't wait until it arrives as I am ready to do laundry! ;-)

Illinois User's picture

We have a set of LG and have a soft vinyl flooring. We bought our units at Best Buy and the sales lady recommended vibration pads and we took her advice and are more than happy with the results! They cost about $30.00 for both units and are barely visible.

Jan T's picture

I have owned a Kenmore Elite HE5t front loading washing machine for just about a year, and I LOVE IT!

My clothes come out cleaner than they did with my old Maytag, and because I have a water softener, I only need to use 1 TABLESPOON of HE detergent for a LARGE load.

The only complaint I had was that some of the clothes, especially jeans, came out twisted. I resolved that problem by drying the clothes at a little lower setting than I normally would. It only takes a little longer for the clothes to dry, nothing significant.

The problem you are having with the mildew can be eliminated by leaving the door ajar when the washer is not in use to allow for greater air flow, thus eliminating an environment for mildew to grow. Those instructions were actually in my owners' manual.

Would I buy another Kenmore front loading washing machine? IN A NEW YORK MINUTE!!!!!!!!!

Jocibear's picture

I have just purchased a LG Tromm steamer WM2487H front load washer. I absolutely LOVE IT... We have the laminate flooring in my laundry room and this machine is very stable on it. There is no shaking or walking. I have left folded clothes on top of the washer and none of them have fallen off. The difference in this machine and the Neptune and He3t and others like it is that it is a direct drive system not belt drive. So it leads me to wonder if that adds the stability needed for the laminate type floor. The machine itself seems to be heavier duty not so tinny. Just an observation. This machine has all the bells and whistles, cleans super and is very quiet. Definetly work looking into, if your in the market. We purchased at Bestbuy because they have the 30 day no questions asked return policy on all items. So it worked for us.

JJ's picture

ok, folks, this is a commercial site, and we generally don't allow commercial solicitations, but I read through this site, and this person has some very, very useful information. I recommend reading over the information there.

leslie d's picture

I am having the same problem with a mildew smell. Very disappointing. I have a Samsung front loader that I got from Best Buy... Ok so it uses less water and it does spin fast and your clothes need less dryer time, BUT THE SMELL IS ATROCIOUS. I'm calling the service people today to have it looked at.. thanks for the other feedback regarding smelly washers.

Shellie's picture

My whites have been coming out of the Dryer (I thought washer originally but the hang dry stuff never dried in dryer is ok. turns out there is a black coating/film in my 15 year old Norge Dryer. My neighbor helped me check it out and said his parents had the same problem and it was that the bearing are bad and oil is getting into dryer and cooking on inside of it and into my clothes. There was a cooked on film on the inside door, back part inside and a bit on other parts of the drum. I am looking for a new set and it is confusing with so many issues with so many of the machines, frontload, topload, etc. and mildew, leaks, early breaking, augh! Hope that helps with anyone's streaks or discolored stuff. Some things on internet talk about the hard water, or cold water, or deteregent and I addressed, investigated and finally discovered it was the dryer bearings and oil, and too much to fix. Best of Luck to all looking for new machines.

Guest's picture

I have a front loading machine in our second home and the mold smell you are describing is most likely because you are on a septic tank. The venting procedure for septic tanks is different than for sewers and you can eliminate that smell by having your plumber properly vent your machine for your situation. Another possible cause is the seal around the door needs to be wiped with vinegar on a regular basis to prevent mold or mildew from building up around it. If you seal the door continuously and do not allow air drying of the seal this will be a problem. Leave the door open after finishing laundry and wipe down with white vinegar. Allow to air dry, if this doesn't solve the problem look into hiring a plumber to check your venting (the drain pipe that your hose from your washer goes into behind it). Good luck.

Bob the Fixer's picture

2 comments about last comment ...

1 Home depot makes an effort to hire experienced folks.
Many were injured on the job and couldn't continue or needed some other benefit. One of my boys worked for HD and got pay raises as he increased his knowledge and took the HD training courses.

2. I never moved a front loader that wasn't much heavier than the toploading Kenmores and GE products on which I usually worked.

3. When you have a Lowes and Home Depot close together,
20 minutes going back and forth can often knock 20% off a selling price. Each promises to beat the other's price. I also price items online before going to local stores. That saved me $75 on a canon camera from Staples .. which more than paid the sales tax and the extended warranty ... which I did use and got a free newer camera and $20 back as it was $20 less at Best buy ... on sale that week. ALas It did cost me another $50 for a new warranty on the newer model (S5 replaced S3) camera, but I start fresh all over again. I wish I had gotten a warranty on my camcorder as both got caught in the same rainstorm.

4. I have heard that you can not extend the warranty or get a maintenance contract on the Kenmore front loaders after the 5th year. That appears to be just shy of their lifetime in typical family usage. I have rented out many 20 year old top loaders.

Guest's picture

On all front load washers you must wipe off the seal when you are finished using the unit. You must also leave the door open when you are done. any moisture left inside the washer with the air tight door closed will stagnate. try using a product called Refresh. Lastly Sam sung fyi drove Maytag into bankruptcy when Samsung was building washers for them.

Steve Pearson's picture

We too have a LG front load washer that we purchased in 05. Have had the same problem with it, we have had the service people out more than once and allways get the same answer, that there is notheing wrong with the washer and that we should use less soap. We use a teaspoon on most loads how much less can we use. We have every thing the service people have said to do, with no change in our smelly cloths. I also got the same response from Best Buy that eventhough I have an extended warranty they don't cover that and now here I am with a $1,200 boat anchor. Did you ever get LG or the store to help you?

Unbelievable's picture

I can't believe you are satisfied with your machine. Mine gives off a horrible moldy smell - mold gets trapped in the rubber ring around the outside of the tub, water stagnates in the drum and if I don't leave the door open - well you can guess what happens the next time I open the door - the mildew smell will almost cause you to pass out. There was a special report on yesterday on Detroit News (TV) that talked about a class action suit in the states against Whirlpool, Maytag and LG for the same problem. I sure would like to find someone in Canada that has the money to see an attorney about a class action suit in Canada. I paid so much money for this machine and it looks pretty but it stinks up my clothes and my laundry room. I am so mad - the only solution Sears provided is to run thu a weekly cycle of bleach on an empty load. I bought this machine to save water - go figure.

Guest's picture

I'm a home builder. There is no difference in how the plumbing system for a home is vented if it is on a sewer or on a septic system. Venting requirements are the same. The traps and vents are identical.

Any smell coming from your washing machine has nothing to do with being connected to a septic system.

Sparrow's picture

Yeah, we get some black sediment from our pipes, too, sometimes--the local water lab says it's probably magnesium (if I remember rightly). I'll know what to suspect if we start to see stains like that! So far we've had no problems with our Kenmore HE3T and we love it. We did get the service plan with it and it includes a yearly maintenance appointment. The lady that came out recommended we switch to the HE detergent--she said they'd been seeing more problems with the washers not draining right with regular detergent (which we had been using). I guess it's like buying a sports car and having to buy the better gas. ;)

Anyway, thanks for the info! Good to know what to watch out for. Enjoy your new washer! :)

Karenmac's picture

We bought our Kenmore front loader in 2003 and it has always sounded like a jet plane during the spin cycle, it walks a lot even with the foam pads on the feet and the detergent drawer rattles durign the spin cycle. Are you sure that part going bad caused the sound? I have service coming next week.

Guest's picture

[quote=Guest]On all front load washers you must wipe off the seal when you are finished using the unit. You must also leave the door open when you are done. any moisture left inside the washer with the air tight door closed will stagnate. try using a product called Refresh. Lastly Sam sung fyi drove Maytag into bankruptcy when Samsung was building washers for them.[/quote]

This is exactly right. I just keep a rag near the washer and do a quick swipe after I'm done. No smell and I haven't needed any special products. I do use a splash of white vinegar in the "fabric softener" spot, which has eliminated my need for dryer sheets too. I can recommend the Frigidaire machine. It was reasonably priced and does a good job.

studebaker's picture

[quote=Guest]Working at Home Depot somehow gives you expertise in something? You'd be the first!

Front loaders are less likely to have imbalnced load problems than top loaders and genrally experience less serious vibration. They aren't heavier than top loaders and aren't any more or less likely to fall through a floor. That's rediculous to suggest that they do. If your floor joists can't hold a washing machine, front loader or otherwise, you have serious structural problems that should be mitigated.[/quote]

Your statement is absolutely wrong, the front loaders are much heavier than the top loaders and vibration problems are magnified with front loaders. I just had two service people from two different companies look at mine(whirlpool) in the past three weeks and both said exactly the same thing -- that no front loaders should be put on floors with wood joist, due to extra weight and vibration these machine have and the woods natural ability to "give". I moved my top loader out to put this one in, the top loader was a feather compared to this front loader. The service guys said that top loaders have concrete weights in them and I believe them as this machine was the heaviest by far of any I've moved.

mike.Cunningham's picture

We purchased an LG TROMM front loader in 2005. Started ruining clothes with mold shortly thereafter. Could get no satisfaction from either LG or Best Buy (the retailer). Want my money back so I can buy another top loader. HELP!!!!!
Mike Cunningham

JJ665's picture

You are 100% wromng and know nothing about how homes are built in the US or about how washers work.

Front loaders cause ten times the force and they direct it down.

No one is talking about the machine falling through the floor, but it is 100x more common for a front loader on anything but a basement concrete slab to pop wallboard nails through thorough the entire house, cause cracks throughout the entire structure.

Moreover the problem gets worse over time, the more the front loader vibrates the more it will loosen the subfloors attachment to the joists the more the sub floor will resonate and the worse the vibration will get.

Stick to something you know about. this is the big reason why top loaders are returned and it s a HUGE cause of structural damage.

Guest's picture

keep the door and washer tray open always. close it only during the washing cycle. this will allow enough air through, to keep the washer dry. Normally the front loader need their drainage pipe elevated a couple of feet above the ground in order to function properly.Placing them down after use, will be good, in order to drain the excess water in the hose pipe after the cycle. these procedures will help in preventing the growth of moulds and prevent to a great extent formation of moist odors in the machine.let me know if this works or doesnt.hope this info helps.

regards :)

margaret linkowski's picture

Since purchasing my machine 2 years ago I noticed a mildew smell in only certain clothes especially my sons T shirts that have Logos on them. It is a HUGE puzzle to me why only certain things have a mildew smell. Maybe you can explain that to me. Other than that I haven't had trouble, although I don't think I would purchase a Sears product again.

Mary Beth's picture

I had the same problem with my LG Front Load washing machine - it shook the whole house. I had pictures upstairs (the LG sits on 1st level with a basement underneath) that moved on the wall! The biggest test was a plant in my kitchen...its leaves would vibrate when the LG was on high spin.

I searched the web for a solution and found a video that did a test of vibration pads - I purchased the pads and they were a life safer. I have read other people who bought smaller square ones that did not work..but these are BIG rubber feet and they did the job. The washer still vibrates like crazy...but I don't feel it in the house. I hope this helps others out there who have this problem...

Mary Beth

Guest's picture

My parents bought the new LG front load washer and dryer for several grand...they are absolutely beautiful. It hasn't even been a week, and they haven't even had a chance to mail in the registry for warranty coverage.
Today I got a barrage of phone calls because during the night last night, a hose split and flooded the ENTIRE HOUSE... so much that it got into all the rooms, and was pouring out the front door. Everything is ruined! They just had new carpet put in two of the bedrooms, and had their laminate "wood" floor ripped up and put back down for another unrelated leak last summer. Now they're having EVERY BIT OF FLOORING ripped out and hauled to a truck, and all their belongings piled into the middle of a room or discarded due to damage.
All the neighbors called, because they saw the water pouring out and a giant moving truck. They knew it was more than just a "little leak".

I am in shock at the moment. I hope LG or the store can pony up some sort of responsibility. Insurance might not cover it since they had another huge water-related claim less than a calender year ago. They don't even know if the LG machines work anymore. That was a LOT of water that gushed out in a short amount of time.

Can they at least get a free hose that won't split in a day or two?

BABYLEMP1's picture


Pen's picture

We do too, almost as if someone stood back and flung light colored mud at out cloths at the end of the rinse cycle.

RITA's picture

I find the front loads use less water, detergent and bleach. Wash clothes better than top load but noisy spinning and I have the quiet package. But it takes less time to dry clothes.

Deziray  Click's picture

I have a GE front loader and I am having lots of problems Just like the post "Front loading washing machine outrage". I do not recommend front loaders, or at least not GE!

Jo's picture

The first problem I had with my new GE front loader was with the bleach dispenser. It does not always empty completely, and instead dribbles bleach into the next load of wash when you shut the dispenser drawer. Called GE service since it was still under warrantee. The service man first read my owners manual, then called his contact back at GE for help. First question the helper asked him was "Is the machine level". Service man looked at the machine and said "yes". I don't know how he was able to figure that out since he did not use a level or the method described in the owners manual to test for level. He ran through a series of tests, as instructed step by step by the helper. Then he said he didn't know why the dispenser didn't work properly but he would arrange for a new dispenser drawer to be Fed X'd to me. After he left I put in a load of laundry and realized he had left it in test mode. Fortunately he was still in his truck in front of my house, from the conversation I heard, making a social call. He came back in and got it back in the regular mode. A few days later I received the new drawer -- in pieces, needing assembly, and with several parts missing. I did not follow up. More than a year later I have the following problems: Towels are very difficult, but this occurs with lighter loads as well. Big loads, small loads, medium loads all cause the machine to become unbalanced. By the time the cycle ends, the towels are still very wet because the machine could not get the load to balance and therefore did not spin to maximum speed. Fortunately there is a drain and spin cycle, which I use after manually redistributing the load as best as I can. When the spinning stops, there are a lot of suds along the rubber rim of the drum. And this is the second problem -- the clothes do not rinse completely. There are always suds left over. So then I use the short cycle, omitting detergent and using cold water only. This does not always rinse out all of the suds, so sometimes I have to repeat it. By the way, I have hard water and use no more than a teaspoon or two of HE detergent per load. No suds are apparent during the wash cycle but after the final spin, they are all over the rubber rim and inside the rubber rim. I would never get another front loader. Not only was the machine very expensive ($1000) but because I have to run a given load through so many cycles to get all of the soap out, I am using a lot of electricity and water and my clothes are wearing out much more quickly than when I had a top loader. It takes me all day to do 2 loads. Never again will I buy a front loader.

Guest's picture

just to let everyone know, I bought a GE frontloader and didn't buy the extended service plan. The rear ballbearings went. I call GE to find out if the rear ballbearings are covered under their warrenty. No one can answer that except for the repair tech, which will cost me 89. to have come to the house. How rediculus is that!!!! GE does not have a good customer service available. Keep that in mind when buying. I will never buy another GE product as long as I live

mickeyd214's picture

what can i say ..i love my Whirpool duet sport . its 3:49 am and im washing cloths . im all was looking for stuff to wash . i even put pillows in it . the only thing i worry about is overloading it ? can that be done ?? iv put my queen size comforters in it and it didnt have any problems ? so far . but is that really to much ?

Guest's picture

What was the name brand of this washer & Dryer? I want to make sure I dont buy one of them!!!!!!! Thanks!!!

Guest's picture

I have a Splendid Front washer/dryer ventles combo I love it!!! But you have to use HIGH EFFICIENCY Laundry soap & HIGH EFFICIENCY FABRIC SOFTERNER. WHICH is okay since you can buy any where you buy regular Laundry soap. AND it's the SAME price as regular laundry soap. you'll see a cirlce with the letters (he) on the label or a sticker on the fab softner. I use 1 tbs for reg laundry and 2 tbs for heavy soiled clothing. my set is for our 5th wheel trailer, larger washers use 2-4 tbs per load. I dont have to use clorox any more or oxy clean. my husband had red clay dirt stands on his white work shirts I had run out of clorox just before we bought the splendid. any ways after the shirts came out they were very white. I was going to use the shirts for rags, but my husband is still wearing them. I soaked them several times in clorox water and the clorox/ oxy clean never removed the stain. I'M SOLD ON FRONT LOAD ENERGY E. WASHERS/DRYERS. As I said mine is a ventless dryer & I LOVE THAT PART ALSO. no hose, no lent trap. it washes it all down the drain. It was worth the price.

Lori Putnam 's picture

I have been having the same problem. Sears said they have never seen anything like it. They are going to replace the seal and see if that fixes the problem.

ian's picture

what was repair labor going to be on the Kenmore that you had/have? I called sears and the part is now 210$.
i might buy a frigidaire that's made by Electrolux in mexico. I was set on a nice Samsung, but the leaking problems of that and of many models would be a disaster at my house in the Pac NW>

dellyhopper's picture

I just bought a duet steam washer, what us HE detergent???????????????
does that mean high energy?????????????????????

Guest's picture

The jet sound you are hearing, will KILL your washer if you don't get it fixed.
I had the same noise, it is the bearings that are going out .It costs about $600 to $700.
(depending on where you live),

shell-bell's picture

Do you still have your washer? and any repairs? I'm looking now to buy. want a good machine....thanks, Michelle

ellen dorfman1's picture

my maytag neptune stackable washer/dryer is broken
i heard they suck
costco sells whirlpool duet 9400 series
but what is HE detergent? i use the environmentally friendly detergent you get at the health food store, is that ok? often i buy the liquid kind?
thanks tons
i need a new washer tomorrow. i just moved back in my home that burned and i have tons of wash

Walton's picture

All front load washers have a gasket that seals against the door. The gasket has a cavity that fills up with a brown or black paste which is dirty water that has been evaporated leaving this paste. the industry now makes tablets of percarbonate to disolve this muck but first you have to use a paper towel and push it into the gasket and wipe all around. You will probably get out about one cup of brown muck which smells horrible. Put one of these tablets in the washer once per month and leave the door open for at least one hour after washing to dry out the washer.

Another note, I have a 2009 GE Profile washer with the glass top. I noticed that it actually does a terrible job of washing. Only the clothes on the bottom get washed. the clothes on top are actually above the water line and don't get washed, just wet. I had to take them out and put them in my front load washer to get them clean.

DEEt's picture


Guest's picture

[quote] Furthermore, I was told that this is new technology and since it is so new, no one really knew these kinds of problems were going to manifest themselves and I just need to try to work with these problems because it is not the manufacturers fault but the GOVERNMENT’S fault![/quote]

Anyone who tells you that front loading washer technology is "new", is full of beans. In fact, front loaders are over 65 years old! Bendix was making front loading automatic washers as early as 1940! I have copies of Bendix magazine ads dated 1941 and 1947.

My parents bought a new front loading washer after they moved into their new home in 1947. My mother hated it. It leaked, didn't get the clothes clean, and gave her backaches from all the bending down. She bought a top loading agitator model in the early 1950's which solved all her complaints. All the ads for washers at that time touted the superiority of agitators for cleaning efficiency, and top loading for ease of access to avoid back pain. Now we're to believe that all that was a lie, and we should instead believe what they're saying now? I don't think so.

natesmomma76's picture

I have a Kenmore front loading washer and dryer that are supersized. We have them stacked which is great because I am able to have them in my master bedroom walk-in closet and not in the basement. I love my Kenmore front loaders because my clothes are much softer, and cleaner. I can get king sized bedding washing with out any problem. My electic bill has went way down since the washer and dryer are energy effient.
My old set were GE and junk. The dryer was 12 years old and my husband had to fix it numerous times. Also my top loading washing machine had major problems that it had to be replace with a another washing machine after 2 years. Then after a couple years I had issues with that washing machine, too. The new model did not flood my house like the prior model. It would not work at all because the lid had a switch that would make the washing machine quit working when the lid was raised. My husband fixed that and then it worked for a while and the hot water setting quit working.

Alvin's picture

I'll take it off your hands... I had one... loved it, but sold it with the house... building a new house and need a washer and dryer... don't care what colour... they're in the laundry room... not the living room???

mommy of 4's picture

I just started using a front load washer and don't really like them very much. I suggest going to a laundromat that has them to test one out (best way to see if you like it without too much expense). I like to use a detergent booster (Borax) with the kids clothes and can't figure out how to use it in a front load machine...anyone know how??? My girls pillow cases are starting to look yucky and it's driving me nuts!!!

Guest's picture

Sorry about all those front load problem! I have been a service tech for over 38 years, and front load now are mostly crap. along with some topload washer, there are some topload that are worthy such as whirlpool easy to fix and cheap and fast.
I don't get the fad of front load washer most people have, it takes longer to wash and need a special soap sometime if you would compare the washer front load take longer and most have an average life without a major reair of about 5 to 6 year. So why on earth would anyone buy front load I rpaired those 30 years ago, they were better than the new washers today there were Bendix, Filcoford, Westinghouse, and more, some of those had to be bolted down to the cemment in basement so they would stay put when in the spinning cycle. I would recomend to stick to top load washer or wait till they ( the front load washer gets better) and cheaper to repair. Good luck to all those front load hipes.

Guest's picture

I found that the Front Loader leaves my clothes in a messy, wrinkled, tangle, that even the dryer can't undo.

Guest's picture

:( My Ge is the worst purchase i have ever made,, it smells musty, all of my towels have to be burned, because i have done every trick in the book to remove the smell from the washer and the towels, it rarely stays balanced.. and 1 out of every 4 loads has to be spun and drained a second time, because they are soakin wet..

anyone else have these problems. please let me know...

Fran's picture

I am trying to gather information about the bearing problems and mold problems in front-end loading washing machines. We have only had ours for 2-3 years and it's already shot and the mold and smell are terrible. I was interested in your comments at this "New Homemaker" web site. Since your comments were about two years ago and I am writing this on 2-6-10, I was wondering how you made out getting a response on your problem. I am planning to contact the company (Whirlpool) and the Dept of Consumer Protection in my state (PA) to try to get some satisfaction. I had a repairman tell me that a simple dual-agitation top-loader (either Whirlpool or Roper) is the best way to go and that these front-loaders are lucky to last more than two years.

Guest's picture

I'm sorry to be so negative but I hate my HE washer!! The clothes are not getting wet & my towels have residue all over them. The machine spins constantly ..... I just don't understand the technology. I'm going out & getting myself a nice old-fashioned Speed Queen!

WDuetowner's picture


Thank you for your preference. I have a set of WP Duet washer & dryer. The set is a little over 2 year old. I found a lot of grayish powdery (wet) inside the gray seal - between the seal and the metal part. What are they? Where did they come from? I purchased extended warranty from 'GE'. Should I call for service?

Thank you in advance for any suggestion/advice you can provide.


Guest's picture

:( Purchased my washer in 09/2008 & had a repair man on 10/08 & as of 07/2010 they are still trying to find out why my washer is off balance & clothes come out wet .

Guest's picture

[quote=Guest]OK, now I am mad.

I am furious and it is over something as stupid as a washing machine! Yes, you heard me, a WASHING MACHINE!!!!

New government regulations for new water efficiency washing machines has my family’s clothing smelling like a stinking, rancid, moldy basement! This is absolutely absurd! I have been told to change laundry detergent, run hot bleach water through my washer and, get this; my washing machine is 1 year old and my clothes smell filthy!!! The mold and mildew from these nasty machines have wreaked havoc through skin rashes and allergies in my children!

I paid $1,000.000 for this da*ned washing machine and THIS is what is being sold to the public under the disguise of efficiency!!?? I have been on the phone with GE about this problem. I have, over the past 3 months, with a technician on the phone, been instructed to do the following:

#Make sure I use high efficiency detergent and fabric softener. THAT will fix my problem.
*Cleaned the lint trap (..that is stupidly behind a metal access plate that you have to use a screwdriver to remove screws to get to it EVERY TIME) and THAT will fix my problem.
*Cleaned the water hoses; THAT will fix my problem.
*Cleaned the gasket around the door. THAT will fix my problem
*Cleaned the tub with bleach water. THAT will fix my problem.
*REMOVED the hoses and cleaned the pump. THAT will fix my problem.
*Take the pump out entirely and clean all inlet, outlets and hoses. THAT will fix my problem.

NONE of this fixed my problem of filthy, wet, stinking, rancid clothing that has endangered my family's health! I even washed my children's clothing out by hand in the bathtub and put them in the washer just to rinse and spin and they STILL smelled horrific.

Finally, at the end of my rope, I returned to the appliance store from which I purchased this machine and they have told me that they cannot accept a return. They will not accept a return and I have to deal directly with GE. I HAVE dealt with GE up until the final straw when I they told me I needed a new pump, but so sorry, your warranty JUST expired 3 days ago!!!

Furthermore, my pump was fine. I did NOT need a new pump and have now been told that I cannot return the new, unused pump that cost me another $183.00. I have now been told that this is a problem with ALL front loading washing machines and I should do the following:

*First, run a full complete wash cycle on hottest setting containing Bleach – * Note: wash cycle takes 1 hour and 20 minutes
*Next, run a full wash cycle on hottest setting using high efficiency laundry detergent for another 1 hour and 20 minutes
*Next, run a full wash cycle on hottest setting using Cascade automatic dish washing detergent for an ADDITIONAL 1 hour and 20 minutes
*Next, using Bleach water, wipe down entire interior of washing machine
*Next, using clean white cloth, wipe entire interior of washing machine dry including gasket
*Next, leave door ajar to air out machine

*Finally, I have now been informed that I cannot use fabric softener in the machine even though there is a fabric softener dispenser right in the machine because the new front loading machines cannot handle fabric softener!!

Furthermore, I was told that this is new technology and since it is so new, no one really knew these kinds of problems were going to manifest themselves and I just need to try to work with these problems because it is not the manufacturers fault but the GOVERNMENT’S fault! Sorry.

Are you kidding me??

Now I have a $1000.00 piece of junk that the appliance companies are pawning off on unsuspecting consumers and hiding their horrible designs by blaming the government.

So, now this is what I want!

I want the legislature to force manufacturers to properly inform the public of these problems and those who did NOT inform consumers of these issues, COMPENSATE their customers for the $$$$$ it has cost us and the misery and frustration caused by THEIR neglect by NOT informing the consumers of these issues. I want this to be retroactive BACK to at least the year 2005. Furthermore, I want compensated for the cost of buying a top loading washing machine in an effort to keep our families away from the mold and mildew and filthy mess this has caused! Finally, I want manufacturers to own up to the fact that they disregarded the health and safety of consumers in their efforts to profit as much as possible while touting efficiency.

This is outrageous and we need to speak out and make sure our voices are heard![/quote]

Rosemary Lintner's picture

Could you please email me and let me know what brand front load washer you bought and model #? Thanks. alot.


Guest's picture

I too have the LG front loader. Have not had the splitting hose problem. However, I truly do not see a savings in my water bill. The only disappointment I do have with this machine is the mildew! in the dispenser tray. Do you have this? I leave the dispenser tray open and the door to avoid any more mold/mildew. I think it is disgusting and don't feel this is sanitary. Have only had washer about a year and hate to go buy new, but I have no idea how to keep the mildew out! and I have to clean it weekly!

Also, do you notice less bubbles with your HE detergent in the wash? I do and wasn't sure if it was me or the machine.

Guest's picture

I have had a GE front loader for 10 years and been very pleased with it until recently. I think a clutch or the transmission has died. But I am curious about the mold/mildew problem everyone is talking about. Could it be a locality issue? do you live in a high humidity climate? Do you put in a load of clothes to wash and then forget about them? I always leave the door open on the washer after doing a load. I even did this when we had a top loader. Oh, and we got our first front loader 40 years ago. I will do it again. My repairman doesn't like the front loader. Says it is too hard to work on. But I like it because it is efficent, easy on the clothes and keeps my water bill down.

gin's picture

I too have the neptune front loader. What a piece of garbage!! Smells like mold because of the seal, I have a toddler that spills milk on the sheets, trying to wash wet milk out of the sheets you might as well just put them in the dryer you get the same stains. Also sounds like a jet in the spin cycle. I will NEVER buy another maytag.
I am in the market for a new washer, I just don't know what ones to trust.'s picture

I just purchased a Maytag frontloader Epic washer. I really like it, but it 'walks'. Moves a foot or more. The company checked to make sure it was level and then gave me a brand new one. However, this one is doing the same thing. Has this been a problem? I'm thinking of purchasing a different brand.

Hey Linda, (from Larry in Nashville, Tn.) The largest contributor to the washer "walking" problem is that the surface, the washer legs are sitting on, does not cause enough resistance or roughness to keep it from walking out of the closet! I have a Bosch washer and dryer. Had the same problem with my washer. I went to Lowe's appliance department inside the store, and purchased a package containing 4 individual rubber vibration reduction pads. The stopped mine from walking out of closet. I recommend them to anyone with this problem. I used a steel pry bar, placed it under one corner at a time, installed pad under the adjustment screw, then lowered back down. (Note: Be sure the level legs are screwed all way up. If floor is unlevel, some legs may be adjusted differently from others. If there are "nuts" on the bolt itself, be sure the nut is tightned all way up against the washer frame.) This will help with stability issue too.) This procedure stopped the walking problem, also vibration and noise has lessened. Appx. $20.00. I hope this helps with the problem.

Good Luck, Larry

Guest's picture

I had the same problem. They said it was because it was unlevel. Then I kept calling and found that they had little grippies for their feet. It walks very little if any now. Usually when my husband overloads it...haha. I have an LG though. good luck!!!

guest's picture

:( I had my GE Adora washer and dryer for five years. I had alot of problems with the washer. You have to be careful with bleach because I ruined alot of clothes when the bleach stays on the gasket. They don't tell you that the gasket gets black and the machine starts to smell so you need to buy products to clean it. I wish I did more research before I bought this top loader. It had to be replaced twice before I finally got one that worked. It goes off balance alot and you have to take the front panel off and check to make sure there is no socks or change stuck in the front compartment now the compartment that holds the fabric softener does not dispense. I have cleaned and cleaned the compartments with no luck. Anyone have any solutions?

Pen's picture

Hi I could relate to your frustrations at getting your whites white. Even when I was using a top load washer I was able to get my whites a lot cleaner with AMAZE. I dont know if you can get this product where you live, but it is a powder made by Sunlight. I even use it in with my colored clothing and they come up brighter. I also cut back on the soap.

Guest's picture

I've had my LG for 2 years and can't stand it. Mostly because it seriously does not use enough water. The clothes are not rinsed clean enough (no matter how little detergent I use, or what I use).

My solution for now (since I've already shelled out the big bucks to buy the dang machine) is to just use the rinse cycle. On my LG the rinse cycle actually uses a decent amount of water, and runs in 20 minutes. So I run it once to rinse my clothes, once with a tbsp or two of HE detergent, and once to rinse them again. Takes about an hour, but that is quicker than the full cycles (almost two hours) on the machine and the clothes come out clean.

I'd never buy one again. The inability to soak clothes or adjust the water level is ridiculous. I hear nicer models have a water level adjustment feature, but of course mine does not.

Steer clear!!

Guest's picture

Sounds like Operator error to me, you have to leave the door ajar when it's not in use otherwise the constant humidity will cause mold which will transfer the odor to your clothing (I know, I know, imagine constant humidity cause mold and mildew to grow? who would have thought that! )

Guest's picture

[quote]I cannot imagine clothes that smell "rancid" being the fault of the washer.[/quote]

I can imagine that. The front loader that I have has a gasket with a deep groove in it. Water collects there. Even if you wipe it down and leave the door open, there are lots of little spaces for water to hide. The result is mildew inside the rubber gasket's grooves. Mildew = rancid smell on the clothes, because every time the washer runs, the water finds those mildewed crevices and washes the mildew particles onto the clothes. The result is clothes that don't smell nice and that are still dirty, since there isn't enough water to wash away any nasty stuff.

imisscleansmellingclothes's picture

I recently visited my parents, who are still using a top loader. My mom's clothes smell so fresh. I miss that; my stuff all stinks. I leave my front loader door open all the time when not in use. I run bleach through the machine often. I use HE detergent like I'm supposed to do. Yet, all our clothes and towels smell sour. I miss our top loader. Our water bill went down $10 a month when we switched over to a front loader, so it does save money. But what are you saving when you stink? I like to get out of the shower, grab a clean towel and feel clean. But when the towels smell like mildew....well....ewww. Another drawback to the frontloader is when a load is unbalanced, it doesn't spin out all the water. On a toploader, you can redistribute the garments/towels so that it will spin properly. That isn't the case with a toploader. I've owned mine for 3 years now, and have had to have it serviced at least 4 times. If you do purchase a frontloader, I strongly advise you to splurge on the extended warrantly plan.

Mish's picture


I have LG front load washer. I had not had a problem with my hose. However on the bottom where you clean the filter it fills up with water. When I open it the water flows out. An appliance repairman said this is normal. Does anyone else have this issue. I find it annoying.

Guest's picture

You need to do two things,

First run a heavy hot/hot cycle after adding 1 quart of white vinegar right in the wash drum.

Run a quick rinse/spin cycle

Next add 1-1/2 cups of Arm and Hammer Washing Soda to the wash drum, it comes in large boxes and found in the laundry section of your supermarket. Run another heavy hot/hot with the one and a half cups sodium carbonate (the scientific, chemical name for washing soda :-) this will thoroughly disinfect, deodorize, scour and help flush the crap and hair that accumulates around the waste water pump and hose assembly.

Run one last rinse/spin/drain and you're ready for odor-free, efficient, disinfected wash cycles. If you've done your maintenance and add also a few scoops of washing soda in with each load it will kill any microbial life (bacteria, viri, fungal, amoebic, mold/mildew etc.) You should be able to "forget" to immediately get them into the dryer for a day or two with no mold/mildew or foul odors! This saves you from having to re-wash a damp and dank load AGAIN!

I also recommend adding a scoop of BORAX powder, also found right next to the washing soda in the detergent section of your supermarket it's cheap and you will notice the difference in your laundry. Whiter whites, cleaner fresher smelling clothes and it helps keep your washer clean and free of microbial life. If your washer smells bad you are not killing the microscopic critters on your clothes so that accumulates on your lime-scaled soap-scummed machine and you can smell it throughout the house. If the odor is that bad it is definitely an operator error and not to pass blame on the fact it's a front-load machine. I never have odor issues, but then again I use detergent, bluing, sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate, Borax and an essential-oil based disinfectent. I also twice filter our wash water down to 2 micron preventing limescale, removing rust and dirt, and makes your detergents work better not having to deal with really hard water.

Do your maintenance at least once a month, if it starts to smell that's your indication your "WASHING" machine needs to be washed :-P :O

Hope this is helpful and fixes a very irritating problem


This routine maintenance is as essential as changing the oil in your car

visitor's picture

I purchased a Kenmore frontloader.I had a meile before however I could not afford another one.
I have disliked this machine since I bought it. I called customer service mutiple times as I thought that the clothes were getting ruined also and I don't think that they get as clean.tThey sent someone to my house twice and said that there was not problem with the machine.Sometimes my sleeves are even longer after using a delicate wash and my underware which I had for a long time seem to be
pilling also. I went to the Sears store and the salesmann said that all front loaders are the same except the European ones.I also don't like the dryer as eventhough I dry it on low and gentle I am concerned that my clothes will schrink so after the first cycle the clothes are still damp. I try them again and they are still damp so I hang them on a dryer. I have had some of my nice clothes shrink. Sears said that I could return both however decided that had had no choice if they were all the same.I also dislike the rubber part outside the drum as it is tight and very difficult to clean. I went to Home Depot and found an LG frontloader which seemed to be better made than the Kenmore, which had a high rating in Consumer Reports.I should have shopped around however I needed a washer immediately and didn't shop around

LFLETCH's picture

[quote=Hope]It helps me alot to hear from women who have actually used one. I'm going to have a good look at them again.[/quote]

I LOVE mine. I have a Frigidaire that is 14 years old.
Never had a problem until this week. Rumbling sound on final spin but I can still use it.
I hate the thought of a new one because they're so darn BIG.

I never had bleach problem, mold problem or any problem.
And, if you must add more clothes after it's started, just run it through spin, throw clothes in, and start it again.
No biggie.

Leaning down is a bit of a problem for me due to a bad back......but I guess I won't have to deal with that after I get one of the new big and tall ones. Good grief, why do they have to be so darn big. They look like small warehouses.

studebaker's picture

One very big issue consumers is lateral shaking during the spin cycle. Because of the extra weight these machines have over the top loading types, the spinning tubs tend to "throw" the machine back and forth, thus the shocks. This is a major issue for wood floored homes that have wood beams for support instead of a concrete floor. Wood acts as a suspension which will give some during the spin cycle, causing vibration in the floor, sometime so sever it can loosen tiles and crack ceilings if the washer is on an upper floor. I've had major issues with our almost new whirlpool front loader due to our home being a wood framed house. Two service people that have come out, both said front loaders should never be installed on anything other than a concrete floor due to the extra weight and spin direction of these washers and it has been a major headache to them.
I'm moving ours back out and re-installing the old top loaders as I don't have the funds to remove the wood sub floor and poor a concrete one. (and our floors were "over built" to start with.
Consumer beware! They don't tell you this when selling you the machine.

Guest's picture

Mine died after only 4 years. After looking into this issue, it's apparent that they have a defective part(spider bracket) that is sensitive to water ph levels and soap suds. Go figure!!! It corrodes and eventually breaks. The part and labor cost as much as the machine. Alot of people are having this problem but Sears/kenmore won't fess up or reimburse you
SO.....1) DON'T BUY SEARS PRODUCTS: kenmore,whirlpool,frigadiar

David F's picture

Would you mind telling me from whom, or where, did you first find out that the pH of the water may be the problem?

Guest's picture

I was wondering if anyone has used the Electolux front loading washeing machine and dryer? I need to purchase a new set and would like to hear someones opinion on this brand before I shop.

Donna Carol's picture

I bought a set a week ago. Got this brand because it was one of only two brands that make the largest capacity(4.7cu.ft) front loader machines. I absolutely hate mine! Not nearly enough water to wash clothes. Booklet says that it uses 56% less water. I'm sure that's correct.
The new washer and dryers are suppose to be "energy efficient" because they save on water. Apparently they aren't figuring in the cost of electricity for these appliances to run much longer than the "regular machines". Read where some take as long as two hours(and longer), to wash, depending on the wash cycles you choose.
Not a thing wrong with the Maytag set I had. Not even very old. Just wanted something large enough to wash king sized bed covers.

cjsmom44's picture

At first I loved my front loader, it seemed to spin the clothes so dry...but I increasingly became frustrated with the clothes getting twisted all around causing an Ironing nightmare. (Which is not my favorite chore) It also once ate up a sock of mine to shreds...I swear it is possessed. LOL I would NOT buy another front loader.

cjsmom44's picture

In the summer my front loader has the worst mildew smell...yuck...I wish I had my old clunker top loader Kenmore back... :(

Guest's picture

Try cleaning out the dispenser drawers. They may be gunked up.

Guest's picture

I can't get my clothes soft. and they are very tangled when they come out, maybe that's too full.

Mine is an LG. I see the fabric softener go in before the wash cycle starts and don't know if it is supposed to.

I don't know if I am using enough fabric softener, usually use downy.

I quit using it and started using 2 dryer sheets which isn't better and it isn't worse. I do use the HE soap, amount for large loads. liquid.

How do I get my clothes soft? I never had trouble with my top loader and my downy ball.

Guest's picture

I am on my 3rd Kenmore front load washer. The first one lasted 4 years and the tub assembly cracked. The store replaced it and charged me $200 difference. The second on lasted 3 years, 10 months and the tub assembly cracked. We were quoted $500 to repair/replace the tub assembly. I really wanted to switch from Kenmore but the local dealer told me that Frigidaire (the maker of the first two) wasn't the Kenmore manufactuer now. It was Whirlpool. I bought another one. The dealer offered $150 discount and I paid $700 with tax. HOWEVER, when the machine arrived and the service man was hooking it up, he said it was a Frigidaire, not a Whirlpool! I am expecting this one to break down in 4 years also. Sears said they would sell me a maintenance contract for $150 for 2 years. So I would have to buy $300 in the next 4 years to have it fixed. I am really sorry that I went back to Sears but I needed a washer pretty quickly.

I would NOT recommend any Kenmore appliance.

Momadoo's picture

Over the past 15 years I have had three different brands of front loaders. The first I bought was an LG. It was a nightmare, the brand was new at the time and the machine had problems from the start. I tried to get it serviced and couldn't find anyone to service it. After 6 months of the machine in my basement, unable to be repaired, LG refunded my purchase price. The second machine I got was Maytag. After a couple of months, my clothes were smelling of mold and I noticed it wasn't rinsing well. I spent hours trying to rinse the soap out of the clothing, pouring gallons of extra water in the machine, etc and gave up and returned it. Last one I got was a Seimens. Same problem. I can literally put towels in the wash without any soap and still end up with suds at the end of the cycle. Personally, I've had it with front loaders. I keep hoping this thing will finally die so I can get a new top loading machine. Fact is, they don't rinse well. Until they address that problem, stick with a top loader.

Irritated's picture

I hope you will not buy Kenmore and Whirlpool front load washers. On 09/23/07 I bought a Kenmore HE 2Plus. The end of wash cycle beeper is now beeping intermittently up to twenty four hours continuously both when the washer is in use or not in use. It goes off any time day or night. I paid $70.00 for a SEARS repairman to tell me that he can not target the problem and that it could be any one of 4 parts, but other than that the washer is just fine. Therefore to fix the beeping problem, I would have to replace and pay for all 4 parts.

CPU 73 - $358.49
INERFACE 69 - 207.46
KEY PAD 04 - $344.23
Plus labor

I did not buy an extended warranty because my expectations of any brand washer are for a washer to work at a 100% level for no less than 5 years. All previous washers I have owned lasted a minimum of 10 yrs. before any service was required. Therefore, as a consumer I feel that the additional money for extended warranties is a waste of my hard earned money. Kenmore has always had an excellent reputation and I thought that I could not go wrong. WRONG

SEARS is not standing behind this product without an outrageously priced extended warranty. I wrote to Whirlpool, the Kenmore manufacturer, and hope to get an answer from them within 3 days.
A response from Whirlpool would show this consumer that Whirlpool is quality focused and has customer service at the top of its priorities. I hope to see that they will resolve my problem without me having to lay out outrages money for repairs or a replacement washer.

Sparrow's picture

So far this hasn't happened with our HE3T washer, but our old Kenmore dryer had that problem and was driving me batty. The techs had a terrible time localizing it and replaced a couple of things (thank goodness it was under warranty at the time!) and it turned out to be the keypad. The high heat/cottons button was stuck (or intermittently stuck) and the dratted machine thought the button was being pressed all the time. Also explained why sometimes I couldn't dry laundry on anything but high heat! I can't say for sure that's what's going on with your machine, but if you have to replace something, maybe start with the keypad. (Oh dear, I see it's the most expensive. Why on earth does it have to be so expensive?) Good luck!

Irritated's picture

I hope you will not buy Kenmore and Whirlpool front load washers. On 09/23/07 I bought a Kenmore HE 2Plus. The end of wash cycle beeper is now beeping intermittently up to twenty four hours continuously both when the washer is in use or not in use. It goes off any time day or night. I paid $70.00 for a SEARS repairman to tell me that he can not target the problem and that it could be any one of 4 parts, but other than that the washer is just fine. Therefore to fix the beeping problem, I would have to replace and pay for all 4 parts.

CPU 73 - $358.49
INERFACE 69 - 207.46
KEY PAD 04 - $344.23
Plus labor

I did not buy an extended warranty because my expectations of any brand washer are for a washer to work at a 100% level for no less than 5 years. All previous washers I have owned lasted a minimum of 10 yrs. before any service was required. Therefore, as a consumer I feel that the additional money for extended warranties is a waste of my hard earned money. Kenmore has always had an excellent reputation and I thought that I could not go wrong. WRONG

SEARS is not standing behind this product without an outrageously priced extended warranty. I wrote to Whirlpool, the Kenmore manufacturer, and hope to get an answer from them within 3 days.
A response from Whirlpool would show this consumer that Whirlpool is quality focused and has customer service at the top of its priorities. I hope to see that they will resolve my problem without me having to lay out outrages money for repairs or a replacement washer.

Irritated's picture

[quote=Irritated]I hope you will not buy Kenmore and Whirlpool front load washers. On 09/23/07 I bought a Kenmore HE 2Plus. The end of wash cycle beeper is now beeping intermittently up to twenty four hours continuously both when the washer is in use or not in use. It goes off any time day or night. I paid $70.00 for a SEARS repairman to tell me that he can not target the problem and that it could be any one of 4 parts, but other than that the washer is just fine. Therefore to fix the beeping problem, I would have to replace and pay for all 4 parts.

CPU 73 - $358.49
INERFACE 69 - 207.46
KEY PAD 04 - $344.23
Plus labor

I did not buy an extended warranty because my expectations of any brand washer are for a washer to work at a 100% level for no less than 5 years. All previous washers I have owned lasted a minimum of 10 yrs. before any service was required. Therefore, as a consumer I feel that the additional money for extended warranties is a waste of my hard earned money. Kenmore has always had an excellent reputation and I thought that I could not go wrong. WRONG

SEARS is not standing behind this product without an outrageously priced extended warranty. I wrote to Whirlpool, the Kenmore manufacturer, and hope to get an answer from them within 3 days.
A response from Whirlpool would show this consumer that Whirlpool is quality focused and has customer service at the top of its priorities. I hope to see that they will resolve my problem without me having to lay out outrages money for repairs or a replacement washer.[/quote]

Heard from Whirlpool. They said the SEARS has exclusive servicing rights, therefore, they will not address the problem. Guess that means that they also do not stand behind their product. The buck stops with my wallet, but not at SEARS or with Whirlpool.

MomKat's picture

I will be replacing my Kenmore model 417 this week. It is 6 years old, and I had expected a longer life. The cost of in-home repair makes the purchase of new more cost effective. I have used front load washers for 20 years, with a 3 year break between 2 machines. At the time I needed to replace the 1st (Whirlpool) they were being re-tooled nation wide, largely due to many states having water resource issues. I love my front loaders. I have washed thousands, maybe hundred thousand cloth diapers. Went through teens, and young adults. I have never had an issue with moldy smell, deposits of unknown substances on my clothing. They have been true work-horses. I bought the first due to use of much less water per load. I have a well and drain fields in a very rural area. Going to laundromat is a real hassle, but we have gone that route on various occasions, so I am really glad to have a working washer and dryer at home. Mine live in the basement, but I dream of having a set on the first or second floor some day. I have been reading across the net, and I am concerned about issues with the new tilted tubs and tangled clothing. This is a large investment, so I will continue to read and hopefully make an informed decision. I find that I prefer the simple machines, as I do not need all the bells and whistles to get clean laundry. Thanks to all for your input, it has been helpful and thoughtful. MomKat

Guest's picture

I HATE my front loader. There is no way (at least that I can figure out) to be able to soak a load of clothes (in bleach for example) for an extended period of time. Even on the soak setting, it acts as if it's going into the soak mode but when you stop it and open the cover, there's no water in it? It is a pain. When it is done, I will go back to a good, old-fashioned washing machine.

porcelina's picture

I was not paying attention and I put sunlight dishwashing soap into my front load clothing washer, I realized while I was pouring that, that wasnt the right stuff.
I cannot figure out how to clean the cartridge of dish soap.. can anyone help please.

thank you.

Guest's picture

@porcelina - mine has a little lever you depress and that releases the tray.

Guest's picture

My front loading GE is 12 months old and has been steadily getting more smelly. Door is open, tray is clean. If there is a smell there is mildew mold period. Don't kind yourselves folks, if you've got a smell you have mold or mildew. This is seriously bad for your health. If you can fix the problem get rid of it. Use google to look up the result of long term exposure to mildew mold. $1000 is not worth your health.

David F's picture

'Google' Why Kenmore front load washers fail' and watch the video!!
We have two front load 'Kenmores' built by Frigidaire. I recently pulled the oldest one (8yrs old) apart because of bearing failure. I did not do any research on the Internet prior to starting this enterprise. My wife had also been complaining for some time of a 'moldy mildewy smell'. What did I find when I stripped it down, except the spider in mine would have been reuseable if it were not for Sears/Frigidaire's RIp-Off policy that requires you to buy the whole drum and spider assembly because the brass sleeve on which the seal runs is scored, almost the same as the video.
I have seen posts on other sites where people have actually sripped the machines down to get rid of the 'mold' they have found and they describe exactly what I found, a whitish damp substance that looks a bit like powdered detergent that has got damp and 'clumped', around the spider. It took a pressure washer to get rid of mine, I first thought it to be galvanic corrosion. Frigidaire incidentally have confirmed that the spider is aluminium and the replacement I purchased has the raised letters Al + Fe on it so I guess it is Aluminium.
I then search 'Aluminium Corrosion' and discovered that aluminium is suseptible to corrosion in liquids with a pH below about 4.0 and above about 8.0, (7 is neutral, 0 totally acid and 14 totally alkaline). Bleach is alkaline and vinegar (which my wife uses) is acid, so I tried a drop of each on separate, undamaged areas of the arms of my old spider and left them overnight. The following morning, nothing left of the vinegar and no sign of damage to the spider, but where the bleach had been, a nice lttle pile of white powder which adhered to the arm qhite well, I had to scratch it quite hard to remove it. The active ingredient in ordinary household bleach is sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) looking up that material's data sheets on the internet I find that most just say it is corrosive to metals but some actually say it is corrosive to aluminium. Now I know I used the bleach in a more concentrated form that is recommended but it does not take a rocket scientist to realise that this chemical, being soluble in water, will, as the water it is in evaporates, increase its concentration, likely never drying out completely. Add this to the fact that the washer will always be wet after use. Draw your own conclusions, I've drawn mine.
Incidentally our 'old' machine is now back up running again, a lot quieter, I admit, and with no more smell of mold, according to my wife.

David F's picture

Check to see if there are any aluminium components in any of the wash water spaces.
Aluminium (Al) is corroded by sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl)otherwise known as 'bleach'.

Halo's picture

Wow... I didn't know there was a big gap between liking the front loader and hating them. I guess I'll just wait it out a bit for them to fix all the problems.

Bo's picture

I think there should be no other washer on the market ! they save water ,energy and clothes aswell. i do see a need to soak clothes i want a manufactures to offer a custom soak cycle that you choose the time aloud to soak !! Other than that I see no other disadvantage !! i have had the LG tromm ,Kenmore Elite He5t,bosch,and the Electrolux with wave touch controls, I love them Love them . All my other one's worked really well i just could not make up my mind on what model i really wanted !! When you buy you will love it omg !! And the rebates from your local utilities department will offset the cost and you don't need to buy the top of the line to get a good model . there are quite a few great models with a budget price in mind !! thank you so much for looking over what i had to say !! hope it helps you with your decision !!

glitteryhomemaker's picture

and she loves it. I think they're just fine--- guessing you have already found your answer though :)

Guest's picture

After 1 year, the door on my front loader is sagging. Meaning that I have to lift up on the door in order to close it, as it no longer will swing shut.

Ironically, I had asked the saleman about the hinges on round doors, as they seemed less stable than 2 hinges on square doors. I was told that he had never heard of any door hinge problems. Well, the facts in in...the round doors are much more prone to sagging than square doors.

Guest's picture

I'll keep the front loader for delicates. But it can't handle dirty towels or kids clothes or very dirty clothes. I'm tired of washing towels twice. And I'm tired of finding stains left in clothes, because not enough water was swished through the stain.

Guest's picture

We had a whirlpool front loader for all of 2 weeks.
Returned it and went back to our clunky ol' GE top loader.
The front loader NEVER could rinse the soap out of the clothes!
And the dirt wouldn't come out either...the whites looked gray after two washing in the front loader.
My kids had rashes from their pajamas not being rinsed out.
We worked with the 800 # support people to increase the rinse water level a little, and add an extra rinse cycle, but that didn't help at all. We took clothes out of the front loader after it was "done" washing and spinning and put the clothes in a sink of water and the amount of soap still left in the clothes was amazing!!!
WE HATED IT!!!! (we tried a LOT of different soap for front loaders - I guess my kids just have too sensitive skin...)
Will NEVER buy a front loader again!!!!!

Guest's picture

I don't understand how a front loader is gentler on clothes?? A top loader fills up and slowly stirs the clothes around like a gentle bath. A front loader flips the wet clothes around and drops them to the bottom. How is that supposed to be more gentle?

salesgirl11's picture

DO NOT buy an LG front end loader under any circumstances and DO NOT buy it from Sears. This washer has made my laundry life miserable - done EVERYTHING and can't get rid of the moldy smell. LG is the worst customer service, will not replace the washer even though it has been less than a year. They insist that it is a maintenance issue which IT IS NOT. I can not tell you how strongly i feel that LG is a terrible company to deal with and I wish I had never bought this washer.

Tracy C's picture

Just bought a Brada pair made by Samsung for the Brick. I live in B.C. Canada. It spins the water out really well and does not go off balance and is not loud at all. I have been using 1/3 of my powder for washing since it is not HE. I also used 1/2 of my liquid just to use it up and no problems. I did a large load of Queen sheets and pillow cases along with a few tshirts just cause there was room. I also put a small folded towel in there that the cat had slept on. Well the towel came out of the load still folded! I am assuming that was just cause of the large sheets, it must have gotten stuck inside or something, or at least I hope that was what happened. So far I love the machines. At the price I paid as a boxing day half price sale I am happy, so far.

Randy's picture

One other thing... the mold smell...

We noticed that also until we started pulled the front door seal back on the bottom of the door opening. And noticed lint and water standing there between the double seals. Simply scoop out the lint after each wash and no more mold smell problems...


Deb44's picture

About 8 years ago, I bought a Neptune all-in-one front loader thinking it would be the last unit I'd buy. Wrong! I'm afraid the mold issue is now hopeless. I place some of the blame on Maytag, but now that I've done a lot of research, I could have been a much better user. I'm in the market for a new unit and, while it won't be a Maytag, I still want a front loader because I like the roominess and gentleness of the wash cycle. What I will do this next time is simply wipe down the gasket after the last load, check the dispensers for any standing water and leave the door open until everything dries out. Oh, and I'll definitely be more careful about the amount of detergent I use and run a hot load with a cleaner once a month or so. That may seem like a lot of extra work, but in reality it's not a big deal. Front loaders have been around for a long time and there's no reason to avoid their efficiencies. You just need to be informed and realize that, like with any appliance (or your car), they require a little maintenance.

L.Ward's picture

I noticed mold smell on our older top loader some years ago and noted that accumlation of white powdery residue around the top side outerside of wash basket and adjacent areas. I thought it must be accumlated washing detergent. Spent time cleaning it away to the extent reachable by popping and raising the whole top. I now beleive it was from years of chlorine bleach reactions. The wife has for some time now used white vinegar in the wash and/or rinse plus hydrogen peroxide when needed. Very much less use of chlorine bleach, only when special needs occur. Mold smell is gone.

This "read" of pros and cons of FLs has set me back a bit and believe I will have her continue with our old Kenmore (Whirlpool)until it gives up. Really was wanting to cut gas and electric costs but will postpone that for now.

White vinegar is useful for many cleanup chores, plus. Buy it at Costco or wherever for best price and one or two gallons at a time. "Search" white vinegar uses on web.

Guest's picture

HI, just found this site. We purchased a red GE profile front load washer/dryer last year (Oct. '08). 2 months later the rubber part that holds the water in had a small tear in the lip. Fixed for free since we had the warranty. Through out the months the washer would develop odors but I used the bleach clean cycle and left the door open which solved the problem. But now all of the sudden the tub shakes violently causing the rubber lip thing to bend and creates a horrible banging noise. Apparently this is not unusual for front loaders. I have to say my mom has had a top loader for over 15 years now without a single issue!!! She also raised a good point, how is it possible for a machine that uses so little water rinse out clothes properly? Anyway, I doubt any of these new machines will hold up like the older ones. Seems manufacturers are focused on selling gadgets than on a great quality product. So I will have to call a technician tomorrow and will probably have to shell out a couple hundred to fix this! If it's over $300+ I'm buying a top loader!

Guest's picture

We have owned a Neptune for 9 years. I have ten children and it has gotten extremely heavy use. Since we are on a septic system we appreciate the dramatically less water it uses compared to top loaders. It also removes more water from the clothes in the spin cycle so your clothes dry faster. The spin is very quiet and smooth and very fast. I don't see why a front loading machine would cause problems with floor joists. They are heavy machines but the weight isn't exceptional. Yes we have had bearing and seal problems. We are now on our third set of bearings. Believe me, the only thing which has kept this machine going this long is I have been able to replace the bearings and seals myself. It isn't worth it if you have to pay a repairman.

DLW's picture

Couldn't wait to get one....I hate it. Nice that it saves water and gets the clothes clean. I wanted it because I can put my comforter in it - no going to laundromat for that. But the downsides are: It takes all day long to do 4 loads of laundry. If you don't leave the door wide open and pull the dispenser tray out, too, the mildew smell will knock you down. I bought mine in Oct. 2007 and now it is possessed. Thank goodness I bought the extended warranty program from Lowes. It flashes code "nF" during rinse cycle and sits there and beeps until you press Start button to resume it. Manual says this means it tried to fill w/water and could not...then why only on rinse? Leaves the bleach dispenser full of water when done. After sitting a few hours, there is water collecting in the tub...what joy. Heavy duty cycle of hubby's work clothes used to take 1.5 hrs. (ridiculous in itself) but now takes over 3 hrs. So, I call the exorcist who comes out and says it is faulty fill valve a "problem we're not unfamiliar with" and claims this will fix all those problems. He ordered the part. Time will tell. I'll never buy another Samsung; nor another front loader, period.

Lori M's picture

I have to admit.. my nightmare started 2 years ago with the Kenmore front loader. At first it washed nicely - clothes were clean I was happy with it. Then the motherboard went out and locked my clothes in the washer. Took Sears 2 weeks to get my wet moldy clothes out. After that everything stunk of mold and the motherboard had to be replaced 3 more times.

So I switched to the Samsung.... that machine uses 2 gallons of water per load. Just enough water to spread any smell through all my clothes. My kids were going to the doctor with skin rashes every other week. Samsung told me to wash half loads on sanitize to avoid this problem. You have got to be kidding right? Wash everything I own on Sanitize (extreemly hot water and almost a 3 hour cycle) and the clothes still don't smell clean when they come out.

The service people have been out countless times since I bought these machines... Now I've done my first wash with the latest greatest replacement the Electrolux. My towels are hard and scratchy and don't smell clean at all.

I have spent more time at the laundry mat since I bought this front loader. Thank God I bought the service contract! It has cost me more than $5000.00 between the machines and the pedistals and the replacement pedistals.. AND still I have to go to the laundry mat!

I was given 1500.00 to replace the Samsung (nightmare machine #2) I'm going to eat my loss and go back to a top loading machine. I can't stand another year of stinky smelly clothes! I have 4 kids and this machine is a total nightmare! It does not make my life easier I am never caught up with my laundry anymore! I just can't stay on top of it! The cycles take forever and washing half loads in the biggest machine is ridiculous!

Don't buy a front loader with the new Government water restrictions they use just enough water to spread the stink through your entire load and not enough to rinse it out. This was the biggest waste of money ever!

Front loader's picture

My mom bought Electrolux front loader almost 20 years ago. That's our first washing machine at home. I totally loved it. Clothes came out clean and almost dry. I did whatever I had to and then off to watch tv or whatever, it's so easy.

Then I left home and moved in with my then boyfriend, now husband. He got a conventional top loader and I absolutely hated it. My clothes were never cleaned properly. It took too short time to wash, yet took so much water and I had to remember to keep running to the machine to pour the fabric softener at the last rinse cycle. It was so bloody noisy and it walked, and banged the wall when the load was uneven. And even the delicate cycle still managed to ruin my clothes and the clothes also came out less clean. My clothes usually got tangled up with each other, shirt sleeves to the trousers, or bed sheet got twisted badly. I had to throw away a top because one sleeve got longer than the other after it was dry.

I just got Miele front loader yesterday and I did some washing today. My husband just came asking if I did some washing as I said I would because he didn't hear a thing. Enough said. I'm a true front loader fan - always. Life is much easier.

Front loader's picture

I'm just here again to confirm how much I love my front loader. My husband is a chef and I always used bleach every time I washed his chef jackets because the stain wouldn't come off using top loader, even with hot water. Oh.. and his chef jackets still came out smell like fresh from commercial kitchen.

I wanted to use bleach but feared it may not be suitable with front loader so I didn't. I just selected intensive wash program with higher temperature. Didn't even select soak or pre-wash. After an hour and a half his chef jackets came out almost dry and WHITE without the help of bleach, and with a smell of fabric softener.

Front loader only, I say.

Guest's picture

Noisy spin cycle
Everything I have read about this problem concludes that you need a new rear bearing. On the Sears parts list, it is about $30. When the Sears repair man comes out for the $139, not including parts, he tells you that the entire drum assembly needs to be replaced for $522 in parts. This is in addition to the $139. The front loaders appear to be cost prohibitive to repair. I would bet they average breaking down at the 5 year mark. You are better off buying a top loader that will last 20 years and be cheaper/easier to repair than the savings incurred by going front loader.

Guest's picture

After some major problems with the Sears diagnostic guy telling us the wrong part needed to be replaced, and charging for a 2-hour service call for less than one hour here (not including any repair, which we opted to do ourselves), and having an awful customer service experience when I tried to get a refund on the service call, I wrote a review on (I think that's'll find it). They offer an option to have your letter forwarded to the company, which I did. The site above was the only one (of 4) I was angry enough to rant on about Sears that offered the "send to company" feature.

After several days, I received an email from Sears, and emailed back with the info to contact me by phone, and received a call back several days later, which I've related below.

I was running out of patience today and literally had my finger poised on again to complain that Sears didn't follow up, when the call came in! However, after waiting longer than I thought it should take for them to follow up, I recommend that in your response to Sear's email to you, you request contact ASAP, or stress that in some way.

I just got off the call with an excellent customer care rep from their new-ish customer satisfaction group, started in part to search out and deal with consumer complaints from the internet. My guy said Sears is very committed to improving their customer service image. He LISTENED, answered every question, talked about other washer options I asked about, and I felt he was very much on "my side."

This was an excellent experience, and he went way above what I expected in terms of resolving the situation, in terms of reimbursement on the service call and a good parts allowance, or a 25% discount on a new washer, even if I got a better price from another store on a machine Sears sells (so that wouldn't include Kenmores, but does include Whirlpool, LG, and some other usually highly recommended brands). They would match the price and still give the extra 25% off. And he offered a few other perks.

In addition, he said he would be my customer service point of contact from now on for ANY issues of any kind with Sears/Sears products and service, and gave me direct contact info, and sent me a confirmation email regarding what he offered, etc. He said he is now "assigned" to serve as my connection to the highest level of management.

I always say "nothing ventured, nothing gained" if you don't report problems, but ESPECIALLY to someone who can actually do something about it, rather than just ranting (as I did!) to friends and/or on the internet to other frustrated consumers. I am one of those who keeps asking questions to get to the highest level I can, and resorted to the internet only after being rudely shut down by the original CS person who said she WAS the highest level. Turns out she wasn't.

One other new "personal CS guy" kind of let me know that the price quoted by the service/diagnostic guy to fix the machine was not right (too high). Please do NOT quote me on that!

Hope this helps other frustrated consumers, especially the person whose comment regarding Kenmore appears above mine. :)

Guest's picture

:( Ignore everything I said in my previous post about the new pathway to Sears Customer Service. It is NOT awesome, or even good.

After twice confirming all the details of his offer to us with the agent who said he would assist us with our current washer problem, as well as on all future issues, today, when we were ready to buy the new appliance and take him up on the promises, I've been told that I "misunderstood." Now I understand why he wouldn't confirm all the promises he made via phone in the email I requested.

This is all after going to two different Sears stores because at the first one, the salesperson wasn't very knowledgeable about the appliances, and had to keep asking someone else. Lots of time wasted. At the second store, the appliance salesperson didn't show up when he was supposed to, so we went through a manager (who actually was awesome), and got all the details hammered out.

Today, I called my "point-of-contact customer service guy" to tell him which machine we had chosen, check the costs, and to confirm the details of his offer, it just turns out that I "misunderstood." So, I'm done, fried, and more pissed than before.

Guest's picture

OK, I have to reverse my position regarding Sears' customer service one more time. My point-of-contact guy and I "kissed and made up," so to speak, and my husband and I are now the proud owners of a Kenmore front-loader! The deal ended with just a few minor differences between what I thought we were promised and what he thought he promised, and all-in-all, he took good care of us.

The report so far:
1) We love it...maybe it's just the novelty, but it DOES almost make it fun to do the laundry!
2) We spent about 1/2 hour the first day doing the classic "watching the clothes spin 'round" thing (peering through the "porthole" with a flashlight!) trying to figure out where all the water was, and how it could possibly be getting the job done with almost none visible.
3) It gets the job done quite nicely, and SO much water is spun out of the clothes by the end of the cycle that drying takes very little time, thus making up for the longer wash cycle with front-loaders. And trust me, well-wrung-out towels, rugs, blankets, etc., are MUCH easier to move to the dryer, a boon when one has a torn rotator cuff and/or cannot lift anything heavy.
4) NO mildew-odor problems so far. We do leave the door open when the machine is not in use. I sometimes pour a tiny bit of white vinegar in the bottom of the door opening, JUST as a precaution. Running a load of laundry with a cup or so of white vinegar every so often couldn't hurt either. I've always used that method to get odors out of clothes when I've been dumb enough not to get them out of the old top-loader for a few days.
5) I would recommend that anyone buying a front-loader ASK the salesperson to throw in a FREE package of the tablets (called "Refresh" or something like that, or the Tide brand...all the stores we shopped had them for sale, although no one mentioned them) that are designed to prevent mildew odors. You'll probably NEVER need them, if you follow the recommendations to keep the door open after using the washer, and/or wiping the gasket area dry occasionally, but I am one who believes in asking for perks, and it's a good-will customer service idea for them.
6) You shouldn't ever need to actually purchase any of those tablets, as the vinegar will do the same thing. White vinegar is cheap, and great for removing most odors...from fabrics, a smelly sink drain, as a bathroom/kitchen cleaner, etc. When added with the wash, it never leaves a vinegar odor.
7) Much as we hated paying the ridiculously high price for the "pedestal" (basically a metal box with a drawer), I highly recommend getting it, as it is MUCH easier on the back if you don't have to stoop down to get the clothes out. I'm a firm believer in "nothing ventured, nothing gained," so I asked for a discount on the base to sweeten the deal, and got one.
7) Try it (a top-loader)...(I think) you'll like it! :)

Guest's picture

Has anyone had a problem with their fabic softener dispenser clogging and not releasing the softener into the load? I've cleaned out the "chamber" where the softener goes, but it's still clogged. Thank you in advance for any advice.

Guest's picture

I had the problem not long ago. I simply pulled out the whole dispenser drawer and took it apart and cleaned everything. It is back up and running with no problems.

Steph @'s picture

After reading through the negatives and warnings, I am truly taken aback! Our LG Steam Washer has been a true blessing (knock on wood!) and I'm jealous that the folks "across the pond" have had such luxury for years prior to it becoming all the rage here in America. :p We've had it for almost three years now and have been thoroughly impressed. I have, on occasion, noticed a moldy, mildewy smell...but since discovering that it's commonly due to use of too much detergent, it hasn't happened at all. Tonight, I used ONE tablespoon of detergent with steam to wash some napkins with oil spots and I'm eager to see how they turn out. Speak of the devil...the timer just rang (LG appliances have such a friendly finish alarm - our LG dishwasher sings us a cheery little song when it's finished, too! LOL).

I love the Steam Fresh feature and use it quite a bit since I have a lot of silk, cashmere, and other delicates. It's wonderful for steaming and freshening curtains and I've even put my ultra delicate, vintage pieces in to steam with wonderful success (I would DIE if something happened to them!). It's phenomenal for freshening up without washing or dry cleaning. If mine broke down today after only three years, I would still purchase a new one/set.

Let's hope that doesn't happen just because I wrote this, though. LOL!!!

Lydia Theys's picture

We bought a Whirlpool Duet Washer (not drier--kept the old one) about two years ago and have been very pleased. We leave the door open most of the time and have no mold problem, and we live in a very moldy area. Things in the house mold all the time because we live right on the edge of wetlands and in the woods.

It is quiet, uses less water, and is easy on the clothes because they do not get twisted back and forth. We're on well water with septic, BTW.

Harrier's picture

Using the earth day rebates in California, I purchased a Kenmore front loader that is top rated by consumer reports. With the rebates, the total outlay is $ 372 with everything included (delivery and installation). Let me help address some repeating issues that do not seem to be answered above. 1) to address the smell issues, you need to get a shammy or towel and make sure water in the rubber/bladder is gone. If you smell something that is not clean, it can only be mold. You must do that after every load and it take just a few seconds. 2) The next issue is maintenance: Once a month you need to clean the lint out and the area where you put the detergent. There should also be recommended cleaner fluid you can use. I clean the lint out and the soap try after each load. 3) You in no way need to buy a front loading drier to match the washer. I have an old fashion front loading drier and that burns the same energy. 4) The reason why HE detergent is recommended is because the normal detergents used for top loading machines will clogs the internals of front loaders and front loaders should therefore not require all those suds. 5) Cost saving come from less electricity, water and less detergent. 6) Because the washers use less water, clothes come out drier and an additional benefit is less drying time. Less drying time means additional cost savings in gas/electricity than cannot be measured because there are currently no standards in measuring drying. 7) Because there is no agitator, a front loader is gentler on clothing and tends have less fading. 8) They require less time to wash-not unusual to have to complete wash and drying in 30 minutes. 9) Once the washing process starts, you cannot skip any cycles 10) There are water soluble He detergents that are organic. They in many cases cost the same and do as many loads and as well as standard brands using their chemical soap formulas

Guest's picture

I just switched from a '92 Kenmore top load to a WF350 Samsung front loader. I hate it.
1. The cycle takes 3times longer that the old style. Even though the timer reads 58min for a normal cycle, they always take 30 minutes more.
2. I think they are harsher on clothes because they spin so fast, I can tell my tshirts are getting those little fuzz balls on them which they never had before.
3. All my clothes feel like they have scum film on them now, wheres they did not prior. Like they are not getting clean.

I will say the efficiency is tremendous however

Guest's picture

I will never buy a front loader again. The clothes never got truly clean. Unless I ran them throught the cycle that took 1 hour and 25 minutes. It took a LOT longer to run a short cycle. (it said 38 minutes, but usually took 45-60 min. You could never add something you missed because once you shut the door that was it. Also our seal broke. Why? Because there was a pen left in my kids jeans. To replace the broken seal it would cost $275. This cost is not covered under ANY warranty. Our repairman told us that this happens all the time to people who work in the trades. A paperclip could break the seal. If our seal had broken on day one it would not be covered. Thankfully it took over one year for this to happen. Everyone I've talked to hates their front loader. I met most of these people at the laundry mat where we ended up doing our laundry until we purchased a new washer. I never saw any savings either during my year. I had to spend more for detergent and I spent a lot more time doing laundry. Front loader cost appros $1k. Top loader $300-$500. I learned an expensive lesson.

Janice Falconer's picture

:) I had the whirlpool front loader and loved it. I know that there was a class action lawsuit because of the standing water/mold/mildew. i had the standing water in the bottom. I guess I just washed clothes so much per week that it didn't get a chance to get mildew. I could fit a queen size comforter in and it would come clean. I used to break all my top loader washers because I would overload (hate doing laundry), but not this one. I'm looking into buying another front loader, since mine melted in a house fire,but I don't want the standing water in the bottom.

tracy cr's picture

You can add water via the detergent drawer, that is what I do with my Samsung. I just cannot see any water between the clothes when they stop between spins so I now add water till I see some and I feel better that my clothes are cleaner! my laundry tub tap has a short hose on it and its just long enough to reach the drawer so its easy for me to do.

GuestCAROL's picture

I have the Kenmore HE 3 front load washer & dryers. Will never ever buy a front load again for these reasons.

1. Takes so long to do a normal load of laundry. Use to be able to get all my laundry done in a day (with 5 in our family). We are down to 2 (empty nesters) and can't get it done in a day. Normal load is suppose to take 45 minutes. It really takes about 1 hour.

2. A normal load of towels will take about 2 hours to dry on high heat (now that's conserving energy)

3. Wash machine smells if you do not leave door open.

4. I will notice brown burn stains on white shirts (they are not dried on high heat) so I have no idea how that happens. These stains will not come out...even with a little bleach applied to these stains????

5. Wash machine becomes unbalanced quickly. It sounds like it
is going to come through the wall.

These are just a few of the reasons I would never by another front load machine...but, it is really hard to find a top load nowdays

PatchWyrk's picture

I had these same machines. I did a lot of research and after 6 or so months of reading reviews and pricing finally settled on them. The time it takes is rediculous. You could choose between 1 hour, which was meant for, as the installer put it, 1 item like a pair of jeans or 2, 3 or 4 hour settings per load of normal amount) No washing machine no matter how fancy it is should take 4 hours for one load.
And when they were done were they even clean?? NOPE. There was stuff all over the clothes that the 1 cup ;) of water it uses to wash wasnt able to rinse out.
I returned these machines and bought an older top loader set off craigslist for 70$ for both. They work great and I saved 1100$.
I dont recommend these at all.

ddbrowning's picture

I must have a defective LG frontload washer! I absolutley hate mine my white towels never look white and my son's football pants never come clean.... I would love to have my old top loader back. We have the extended warranty but the repairman told it is our soft water! So why didn't the soft water matter with my Maytag top loader?????DO

DD's picture

I wash my husband's filthy work clothes that are covered in iron soot. His clothing leaves black soot all over the top-loading washing machine. So far, I have used my old washer/dryer set-up for his clothes and washed all of our other laundry in my newer laundry room. I'll be moving soon and will only have one laundry area. I need to purchase a new washer for it.

Can I wash REALLY dirty clothes in the front loader? Will the next load of laundry be covered in iron soot? Or will the machine be clean? Do I need to sanitize the washer after the really dirty stuff?

Does anybody have any experience with this?

tracy cr's picture

We do work on vehicles and have oily rags and coverals all the time. I use the heavy duty cycle with the extra wash and extra rinse buttons on as well. At the end of the cycle even though it did not look dirty I used some Fantastic spray cleaner on the inside of machine and just left it there and had no trouble with the next load. I am the one who posted about adding water just above your post so I always add water to just below the window so maybe this would help you too. Make sure you get a stainless steel drum inside or else you will deal with staining it.

T Andrews's picture

If I use unscented detergent the clothes don't smell clean. DH swears his clothes are still dirty. Has needed service 3 times and is less than 2 years old. I plan to buy a used top loader!

pj's picture

:jawdrop: As a certified appliance technician sitting here reading these posts, there are two conclusions I have come up with. One, there are so many "bad" technicians in our field and two, the information needed for front loading machines is just not out there. The manufacture isn't going to tell you this, the salesman aren't going to tell you this and the soap makers aren't going to tell you this.... In my estimation, 95% of problems can be solved with one thing; CUT DOWN ON YOUR SOAP USAGE! HE soap was designed because it is a super concentrated, low sudsing detergent. The theory behind the front loading washer is to take the clothes up and "drop" them down. The "crashing" action breaks down the dirt in the fabric and rinsed out as the unit goes into its rinse mode.

When you have too much detergent it creates a "soft" blow to the "crashing" action, not allowing the unit to do its job, the way it is designed to work. Also, when you use too much HE detergent since it is super concentrated, there just isn't enough water in the machine to rinse out the soap. So what tends to happen is the old soap starts to build up in the outer tub, compounding with each load! That is where the smell factor comes in. Also, interesting enough, too much suds will cause mechanical problems down the road. The machine spins anywhere from 1000 - 1200 rpm and the computer reads pressure as well as counter balance to spin. When there are too much suds present it will cause a "false" pressure and the weight of the clothes will not match the pressure in the tub that the sensor is reading. The machine will have a hard time spinning and will often kick down speed and try again over and over or I have seen some so bad it will rock and bang around till it kicks down speed and tries again. When this happens you do not get optimal spin speed so when it goes into the dryer, your dry times are longer because the added moisture in the clothes.

The general rule of thumb for any front loader is:

Use HE soap only!

2TBS powder
1TBS liquid

If it is the 2x ultra, cut that in half..

1TBS powder
2TSP liquid

It is best to clean the machine every month to two months, depending on how much laundry you do, with white vinegar. Use your highest, hottest setting, or tub clean if your unit has it. There are other products out there like Affresh, or Glissen, but white vinegar is a natural cleaner and will break down the soap just fine.

Also, as a side note... fabric softener is fine, just dilute it, and use about 2TBS, also.

Try a good clean, cut down on the detergent and within two weeks you will be loving your unit!

Guest's picture

:O Hi there! Thanks so much for giving the technical information. I've had an LG for almost a year now (bought the dryer too, which I love, and the pedestals). They are beautiful machines and I'm so proud of the way my laundry room "looks" but was getting really frustrated with my clothing not seeming clean, especially my 50 or so all white towels, face cloths etc. and all my white sheets. If I'd known in advance I would have started out life without this obsession with all my linens, tablecloths, napkins etc having to be white. Anyway, the smelliness of the towels was really the issue but now that I have your advice I will follow it - I kept adding more and more and more soap thinking, more soap, cleaner smell, right? Wrong, I guess. Not sure though how this will help the dingyness of the white towels, which I always assumed was because there is not enough room for using lots of bleach. One or two tablespoons in a load of 20 or so towels in this huge tub? Oh well, I'll try anything at this point because my next move was to take my laundry to my mom's on the QT so I wouldn't have to tell DH that those expensive machines I begged for really are the junk he thought they'd be.

pj's picture

Even though it is a big cavity and the salesman said it will hold 20 towels, you have to allow room for the clothes to tumble. You should be able to place your clothes in the tub, without shoving them, and close the door, and the level of the clothes is at 3/4 of the glass. The dingyness could be a soap build up problem (try the vinegar clean) or it could be your water quality. Its really hard to get something white again after it has turned.

Guest's picture

I have two front loader washer and dryers. An LG I have had for 8 years that I have had fabulous luck with. I have had zero maintenance issues and my clothes, including my miner husband's, are clean and fresh.

I purchased a GE for my second home last year. Hate it! Clothes are musty and dingy. Towels are just not clean by anyone's standards. I use 1/2 the recommended amount HE detergent in both machines (I will take your advice and reduce the amount to 2 tbs.)

Here is my question: My lg uses well water and my ge is on city water, do you think this could be the factor in proformance of the machines?

Guest's picture

Thank you so much for those good advise. I was beginning to worry when I read all those negative comment and wondering if I made the right choice by getting a new set of LG front loader.
I will write my comments once I get them in a few weeks.
I will definitely follow your advise and hope for the best. ;)

Guest's picture

I know about using less soap and started out by using two tablespoons. I found that I do need more, maybe because my water is so hard. BTW my drain pump broke in May and when the repairman left my home the lock mechanism didn't work. I bought the extended warranty so every time the repair person comes he submits and estimate to the insurance company who then decides whether or not they will cover it. It is now the end of June and my machine still isn't working properly and the locking mechanism is still broken. I really regret buying this machine! :sick:

pj's picture

I hate to hear that you are having issues with your machine. If the repair company isn't doing it's job and completing your job order you can always call your extended warranty company and request another servicer. Extended warranty companies are difficult to work with and as a servicer you have to "stay on top of them" to get the order approved and the repair completed in a professional and timely manner. What state are you in?

Guest's picture

I feel your pain. My dryer's filter broke 2 months after purchase. I was told to call LG who informed me that the filters are a "wear and tear" item and need to be replaced around every 6 months usually. I've been using dryers for most of my 53 years and have never once, ever had to replace a dryer filter. I don't remember my mother ever having to do so either and none of my friends say they have had to replace one. I guess this is the new built in obsolescence of today's machinery.

pj's picture

Regarding the dryer lint filter... I have yet to see a filter "break" under at least 5 years. They usually last for years and years. I would try calling LG again and if you get the same answer ask to speak to someone higher up. State that you felt you were buying a quality product and they should stand behind it under the one year warranty. If I was called out on a service call where the filter was torn, I would order a new one for them under warranty. It is very important that it is function-able so that the dryer wouldn't get clogged and trip a high limit switch or worse, catch fire. Just my two cents...

Guest's picture

I've read several of these comments - some people have written their brand of washer/dryers. Other have not - Often the ones with all the problems which i would then want to avoid the brand if I only knew WHAT BRAND/MAKE it was. What I want to know is what brand and make is the best front load machine? I am concerned about the mold and the smell. I live in a humid climate and it would be easy for moldy anything to thrive here so maybe a front loader is not a good choice ? don't know. I have a top loader now but am renovating so am thinking of switching. I have not had a moldy smell from my current one ever but it does use alot of water and I live on an island soooo would be good to save on water usage...what to do???

thanks :)

Guest's picture

Bosch are very good machines also - I live in Ireland and both here and the UK use front loaders - not even sure it would be possible to buy a top loader even if you wanted to. From a space point of you, they are also useful because they allow you to have counter space on top of it or if space is tight you can stack a dryer on top of the washer.

Guest's picture

After 4 years with a Whirlpool Duet, I'm now relieved to go back to a top loader. The machine never malfunctioned, and I always left the door open between loads. However, my clothes got pilled so quickly; towels that were used to dry off my dog would come out with dog hair all balled up in the fibers. Forget ever getting cat hair off your clothes; and be sure to allow an hour to do a simple load of wash (that's BEFORE it gets to the dryer). I never overloaded the machine, but I had more than one occasion where clothes never got unfolded during the wash cycle. I also always used the "extra rinse" option. Tonight, my first night back with a top loader, I lifted the lid to see how much water was being used for the medium load (more than I needed), but I saw that the water was very dirty....from clothes that were not in heavy-duty use. I think it's just that, finally, there's enough water to get the dirt out that a front loader just doesn't! I will never voluntarily buy a front loader again; but watch out, we may lose our ability to buy top loaders!

Guest's picture

To the previous comment, in all my research (and believe me, spending nearly $1000 on a washer offends my sense of reason, so I've been researching quite a bit) I have not found many reviews at all out there that indicate that front load washers don't clean clothes just as well as top loaders do. In fact, most people list the overall performance as one of the best features of their new front loaders, and I have to assume that performance includes actually, you know, getting the clothes clean. I found this front load washer review that has some nice, easy to get through information on it.

Guest's picture

I'm the one who recently switched back to a top-loader after 4 years. Recently at a social gathering, I innocently brought up the change. I was shocked at the hatred other people have for their front-loaders! One woman has tried 2 different brands, thinking maybe the first one was just not as good. Her husband was not happy....and he's still not happy because they cannot get their clothes clean, and it takes FOREVER to get a load done. Another friend was helping her sister (who was very ill) handle some of the housework. The sister had a front loading machine, and my friend would get so frustrated because it would take all day to get the family's laundry done. Two other women chimed in that they wish they had kept their old top-loaders. I have begun to feel like this whole thing is a scam to increase sales and make us feel more environmentally responsible. Sorry....I never noticed any change in my actual water usage after I switched to the front-loader, but sure did notice the lack of performance.

I did LOTS of research before I bought my machine, but I relied mainly on official reviews. AFTER purchasing the machine and wondering if I had made a mistake, I found numerous forums with very unhappy people.

loratora's picture

I purchased a Maytag Neptune which was subject to the recall. Had to have the motor replaced. Although this was paid for by Maytag, I had to pay for the service call. No mechanical problems with it after that. HOWEVER - I, like an earlier poster, would never buy another Maytag and am leery about purchasing another front loader despite their environmental assets. The machine does not clean clothes as well as my old top loader. This is especially true of towels which don't get rinsed well. Clothes never smell clean and fresh no matter what detergent is used - and believe me, I've tried them all. There may have been significant strides in correcting these problems since my purchase but I've not heard of them.

Guest's picture

I have used a wedgy worm on my front loading washer for a year now and have never had a bad smell from my washer.

Turtle7's picture

I Have the GE Neptune and I have always raved over it. Had it for years... I got mine before all the new extras came out on them. well you cannot beat the high efficiency on them (any Front load). I love using less water and my clothes...WOW are they so clean! very little problem in the "smell" area. and I know that comes from not using right detergents.
When using a coffee or tea pot do you not clean it every so often?? well clean the washer too. Run Oxy-clean load once or run a vinegar solution thru it to help loose the smell or residue build up. I us HE detergents. I switch up once every so often too. I did this with top loaders too.
I have sold several family members on the front end loader idea. It is a bigger barrel because the agitater is not there. the tumble Idea is the best. you can adjust the load weight/heaviness etc more accurately.
I just cannot praise the front loader enough!!!! I will never willingly go back to top loader! :sick:

biguuggy's picture

When using ‘Oxi clean’ and ‘Affresh’ it is advisable to remember that the main ingredients of both are Sodium Carbonate (washing soda) and Sodium Percarbonate.
When water is added to sodium percarbonate it reacts to form oxygen, the cleaner and sodium carbonate.
Sodium carbonate in water, and it is hygroscopic so in air it will always be at least damp, is corrosive to aluminium and its alloys. The spiders of these machines are manufactured from aluminium alloys therefore they can be corroded, by the sodium carbonate solution provided the required concentration can be reached. The products of this corrosion can harbour water which if left can turn foul smelling.
In my opinion the recesses in the hubs of the spiders in these machines are ideal places for water to be left behind, after even the fastest spin, and thus provide a starting place for corrosion and mold.

David F's picture

Just look at the picture to the left. Drum and spider removed from a 4.5 year old frigidaire built Kenmore due to stink and failing bearings. :O

Yael's picture

My expensive GE has given me nothing but trouble since I got it less than 3 years ago. As of this moment, it is broken (happened today). Will get a service person on Monday. Probably going to cost a fortune. If I were buying a new one I would not be buying a front loader again. I can't even begin to tell you how many things I hate about it.

Brenda149's picture

I've had a Kenmore for about 4 years. I have hated it with a passion since day 1. They tell you it holds 20 pairs of jeans or's a lie. I have to wash very small loads to get anything clean. And I have diluted my bleach and tried everything, but it still burns holes in my towels and leaves bleached out spots. There is just not enough water in there to disperse it. I've had the levels checked and that's just how it is. Sometimes I pour extra water in the machine through the detergent dispenser. My husband's work clothes have to be washed twice and they still don't smell fresh. It's a nightmare and there is no fix now...even the new top loaders are too water efficient. And now my bearings are the life of one is about 4 years. I don't know why...the commercial ones at the laundrymat seem to have sufficient water. And I have to pre wash anything with a stain in the sink because this washer will not get it out. HATE HATE HATE it.

Brokk's picture

I own a multi family and bought a new GE front loader for myself and a used Kenmore for a tenant. Kenmore lasted 2 years and just died with the classic bearing problem (jet engine noise, grease on some clothes, etc). The GE is working well. We leave the door open. Other advice about the smell (which started after a few months) was to use powder rather than liquid detergent. The oil in the liquid (which is what makes it liquid) doesn't drain out as well and gives a place for mold to grow and the smell. Wiping, cleaning, bleaching, clearing out the trap under the washer, all did nothing. Leaving the door open and switching to powder did the trick, but took many months for the odor to slowly fade. Now it's fine.

Doing research online I found recommendations to use HE detergent only. Regular detergent uses enzymes which degrade the seal around the bearing. I'm also fascinated by the bleach comments above. We never use bleach, but I'll pass that along to my tenant as well.

We are biting the bullet and buying her a high end Electrolux washer in hopes of getting a lot more years of use out of the machine. Less expensive machines seem to break down in 3-4 years. That's a lot of money to spend on something that fails in that short of a time frame.

In general I find our front load machines do a great job of washing our clothes. I always run them completely full to cut down on loads and I find it balances better for the spin cycle. (though some loads, nothing helps).

My only complaint about the GE, is it sometimes "eats clothes" if they are made of a very thin material. Such as polyester or silk. It's as if the material slides past the rubber seal and gets caught. They come out of the wash with little bite/tear marks. It's happened to 1/2 dozen items over the last 2 years or so.

Guest's picture

For the person who asked about brands, mine is a Frigidaire.

The salesperson assured me that he had never had a service call on a dryer door, when I told him that I thought that the single hinge was a bad design. Well, I stupidly believed him, and after 1 year (when the warranty is out), the hing is loose and the door is misaligned with the door latch, which I expect to break shortly due to the door sagging.

I hate the washer, as it leaves stains on the clothes. If grease splatters on me while cooking, then the washer won't get it out. Using a stain release product on the shirt barely helps, as usually the stain is still present. Towels need to only do a half load (maybe 5 towels at a time) in order to smell clean. My towels all have holes in them, even the newest ones from a different store. T-shirts often get holes in them, where they never did in my top loader. The gasket mildews easily, and it isn't practical to leave the door open on the washer all the time. The cat will crawl in there or the door will get in the way of people moving around in the room. Whichever engineer thought that was a good solution obviously has a bigger laundry room than most of us do. If you do too big of a load, then the clothes also come out smelly. There just isn't enough water to actually get out dirt unless you wash your clothes 2 pieces at a time.

Washing clothes also takes longer. Each load takes 25 minutes more than my old top loader. If I used the sanitizing option, then it takes 1 hour and 25 minutes more. Because I can only do half the load size that I used to (and both washers are 'large capacity'), now my laundry takes almost 4 times longer than it used to. I have to run 3 loads per day, on average, just to keep up with 4 people. One load for jeans, one load for towels, and then I alternate doing shirts and socks/underwear for the 3rd load. What used to be a job where I threw in one load before going to bed and then dried them in the morning has now become a half-day chore.

I thought technology was supposed to make chores easier, not more time consuming.

Hate, hate, hate my front loader. We are getting a top loader just so I can wash clothes without being tied to the washing machine all day long. Plus, even with the water saving top loaders (I wish they still sold the old style!), I at least have the option to soak towels or clothes. Try washing something really dirty, and you get gunk stuck inside the front loader. Not enough water to wash it away from the tub.

Guest's picture

"Saves Water" my foot. It's hardly saving water when I have to do smaller loads because "the laundry needs more room to move around" -- smaller loads just equal more loads which equals more water. Plus, I inevitably end up washing some things twice (or more) because the stupid machine leaves gray streaks on our clothes. Even more water used! I *do* leave the door -- and the soap dispenser tray -- open after use. I *do* check the seal for stuck clothes and pet hair. I *am* completely fed up with this thing.

Woodlot Manager's picture

:) We've operated a Frigidaire Front loader for 10 years basically trouble free or with problems we could solve. We had two problems during the 10 years and a third problem now. One is that too much fabric softener will gum up and plug the filler reservoir, 2. is that using poor quality soap will stink up the drum with the mouldy smell. By simply changing back to the high quality soap that problem disappeared completely. According to the technician, poor quality soaps leave a film on the outer drum and it can not be cleaned manually. This is where the vinegar comes in as stated in earlier posts, although for us by just changing soaps it cleaned itself up. The cheap soap also produced a gummy residue in the folds of the rubber gasket around the door which also stunk.

So recently we starting a having problem #3, loud rattling noise during the high speed spin cycle which is why we had the tech over. It turns out that there is a white metal spider shaped bracket on the back of the drum which has corroded and broke. Cost of repairs is not worth the machine, so we are now on the market for a new one.

This built-in obsolescence has got to change. Here is another appliance unnecessarily destined for the landfill. The old top loader that we had ran for as long as we owned the house - 16 yrs. until we moved and is still running for all I know.

Guest's picture

Basically, without repeating what everyone's already said, I came to the web looking for ideas (or co-misery?). I will add that I have a Samsung, about a year old. I have *ALL* the same problems with moldy smell, bleach spots, ridiculously long wash cycles. I am only at our house on the weekends and leave it open every week ALL week and the smell is still unbearable. I've had to bring all of my laundry back to the city to rewash in our top loader at our apartment - so much for high efficiency!

Seems that the general consenses is that, yeah, you "love it" as long as you buy additional cleaning products, run additional cycles simply to clean the machine, do additional work to actually clean the inside of the machine and plumbing, replace the gaskets, essentially spend a whole lot of extra time and money just to, uh, have the door on the front instead of the top? For that, there is NOTHING TO LOVE about these machines. I only hope that I can still find a new machine that works like the top loading, old reliable, not smelly, clean laundry, champs of days gone by.

This is simply the most obsurd thing I have ever seen or heard of in an expensive "major" purchase for any household. Thanks everyone for speaking out, I really needed to know if it was "just me" or if this is a real problem. And, wow, it is a REAL PROBLEM!

Guest's picture

I just went downstairs to change the laundry in my TOP LOADER and realized that I forgot to mention the additional problem of twisted and tangled laundry to my list of problems with my front loader. I have to take each item out and untangle it before putting it in the dryer. It's horrible and I haven't been happy with anything about it since we bought it a year ago.

BTW, the top loader was done washing in under 45 minutes, on the "super wash" setting, because the clothes are so nasty from the front loader, I had to use the "these clothes are digustingly dirty" setting! The front loader would have taken nearly two hours for that same cycle, and the clothes still come out stinky and unwearable.

beckyalg's picture

I do not live in the US, and i have a whirlpool 7kg A+A front loader and the matching dryer. i am very satisfied with it, i have had it only for a year, and i see the comment about the smell of mold, and i have that, i am running a load with vinegar right now to try and fix that problem, well see if it helps and i almost always leave the front door open to air out, but now that i am reading it might be worth to bring in a tech for 50 dolars to clean it out?

biguggy's picture

To beckyalg,
If I might suggest before you spend any money on having a service technician clean it, and I doubt said technician will strip it down to make sure everything is 'clean'. Why not try a 'wash' without any laundry, detergent or anything else just the water as hot as you can get it, even if you have to turn up the thermostat on your hotwater heater.
I was over in the UK earlier this year and my sister complained about the smell coming from her Siemens machine. We had a little chat about causes and cures and she elected to try 'just the hot wash' and it worked. A couple of points about this her machine is a cold only supply and the highest temperature setting is 90 deg C (192 deg F) and at the end of the 'wash' the water was not the 'cleanest looking' but the smell had gone.
I am not saying it will work for everyone because I know it will not, but what have you got to lose?

Guest's picture

I'm the "guest" who posted the Samsung posts...

I read somewhere on this post a technician suggested washing the machine vinegar on the hot cycle. I did that twice, with vinegar in all three compartments (the soap, bleach, AND softener trays). Then rinsed the machine with a warm/warm cycle. He said to do this every two weeks or once a month, based on usage. He also said to use only *1 tbsp* of liquid HE detergent, and I've been doing that. It seems that the laundry has been coming out fresh smelling and clean. I am doing the hot water vinegar cycles every two or three weeks - I am not waiting for the smell to come back! I still have huge problems with the length of the cycles, the tangled clothing, and the not enough water for the bleach. Otherwise, I think it worked on the smell... time will tell.

I went back to the store where I bought the machine and they were surprised to hear about my dissatisfaction, they not heard any other complaints about front loaders. I don't think they could possibly be telling the truth!

Marius's picture

When I was on holidays in Brazil I rented apartment from an American guy. In the bathroom there was a rather quite modern looking washing machine. I was bit surprised when I approached it - drum was mounted horizontally and machine was very similar in build to the one my grand-grand mother used (her was from post WWII period).- yep the top loader! I had few towels that we used on the beach that needed to be washed. I studied manual printed on the lid, set up the program, temperature to 60°C(140°F), I threw in towels, poured detergent, I turned it on... after maybe 45minutes I went back to the bathroom -the laundry was done. It was set for “very dirty items” cycle so I was little surprised that the laundry was finished so quick, I hung up the towels, but I noticed that they did not smell fresh, well I could smell detergent, but this wasn’t it. I hung towels. Even after they were dry they didn’t smell nice. Next time I was doing the laundry, I run the cycle twice – it helped - but there was no comparison with quality of wash you can achieve in front loader. So for me the main argument behind the superiority of the front loader over top loader is the cleanliness of the laundry and you don’t have to use bleach or other aggressive cleaning agents like bleach to get good results! I am amused by all these voices especially from the U.S. that this "modern" front loader technology is underdeveloped, apparently the front loader is still a novelty in US. My mom got her first top loader in 1976- it was POLAR - as you can see some people are still using them! ( ) 4 years later I was born, another 4 years after-my brother. Mom said during that time it was working every day, obviously I&my brother were producing loads of dirty clothes :) After 15 years Polar was still ok,but my dad got my mom a modern Candy washer-dryer.

Marius's picture

Regarding the mold smell - leave the washing machine door open after each wash, I never had this bad smell problem.

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I've had my front loader LG for about 5 years now. The mold smell began not long after I purchased the machine--I had never had a mold problem with my previous top loaders. I have since tried everything imaginable: running hot cycle with tablets, running 2 empty loads with vinegar, bleaching the drum, wiping the boot religiously and always leaving the door open. Nothing lasts and I've found that I am using more water and $$ to fix the problem than if I were using a regular washer with more water. The worst part for me is that after this much time the mildew smell has permeated my downstairs. After leaving the house for several days for vacation, it is especially noticeable when I return. It is making me sick and I'm now ready to shop for another top loader, unless there is a front loader with a guarantee that this problem will not occur. Can anyone suggest a best model?

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To me this seems to be a slime / limescale problem... I have never experienced bad smell problem except one time, when my new flat mate was closing the washing machine lid each time after wash and on top of everything forgot to remove the laundry from the washing machine for 2 days :) [wow]

Bad smell can be caused by few other reasons.. things that can have influence on this issue that come to my mind are:

1. Formulations of detergents - Detergents with enzymes work better. Some of the enzymes added to detergents can denature microbes structural proteins, preventing mildew growth inside washing machine. Very often you can find in detergents formulae phenoxyethanol, and methylisothiazolinone which are a bactericides and benzisothiazolinone which acts as well as a fungicide. The problem of smelly washing machines was unknown before 1980's since when the eco friendly detergents came on market.

2. Low temperature wash- Low temperatures combined with mild detergents can cause slime buildup inside your washing machine. Almost everyone suffering the worst cases of this slimy grease uses 40 degrees washes almost exclusively. Some washing manufacturers advise to do maintenance wash at high temperatures once a month, which helps to dissolve that slimy residue.

2. Use fabric conditioner - most of fabric conditioners should contain anti mildew ingredients, like mentioned earlier benzisothiazolinone. Make sure yours is one of them.
If you want to go natural - dissolve some tea tree oil in 20 ml of alcohol (always use bit of alcohol, which will act as a medium between oil and water, tea tree oil will not dissolve on it's own in water, and can cause greasy stains) - add it to final rinse. Tea tree oil has antibacterial anti fungal properties.

3. Overloading the washing machine, this can cause problems extracting dirty water from your clothes during the rinse - not only your laundry will not be clean, but there will be a small residue of dirty water in the drum, that can cause a bad smell.

4. Frequency of doing the laundry. If you do the laundry frequently enough, i.e.: every second, third day, and using a good detergent, mildew should not have any chances.

6. Check your filter - it may be clogged.

7. Hard water - This can cause limescale buildup inside your washing machine. This limescale porous surface is way more comfortable environment for the microbes. To get rid of it, run the long laundry programme at maximum temperature, adding special cleaning anti limescale liquid, powder or tablets. Vinegar is the eco option, works not that well, but approx. 2 litres should do the job.
If you know that you live in hard water area use calgon or at least detergent containing water softeners i.e.: zeolites.

7. One more rather unlikely option - that some how water from the waste pipe is getting back into the drum.

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My door wouldn't close on my front loader, it turned out to be the rubber lining around the door wasn't position correctly, it needed to be put back around the lip also leave the door partially open to prevent rusting of inner parts

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Sure miss my top load washing machine. Haven't had really clean clothes since getting my front load. Can't get my whites clean at all and stains don't come out other clothes.

As far as smell.......Mine occasionally would smell too
but I heard not too long ago that using too much soap can cause washing machines to smell. Apparently, this causes bacteria to grow and that's what smells.
That makes sense for me because I was putting in tons of soap to try and get my clothes clean. And I've tried every kind of soap out there. Using High Effiency soap was the worst! Now I use what ever liquid is on sale and not very much and in cold water.
When I move back to the country and don't have to pay for water anymore I'm going back to a top load.

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Detergents, HE or otherwise will not work in 'cold' water they need at least about 65F to work properly.
This is one of the drawbacks with these so called 'high effciency' machines. With the 'really modern ones' you cannot get 'hot' water it is always mixed with some 'cold' and if you have long pipe runs from your water heater to your washer you will actually only be getting very small, if any, hot water mixed with the 'cold', hence the detergents cannot work properly AND smelly deposits form.

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:D I love my front load washer, however if you get one be prepared for another chore as they have to be cleaned regularly. I would purchase another one but make sure that the rubber seal is different than on the one i currently have. It does clean the clothes greatly though and it uses a lot less water.

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We've had a Bosch front-load washer for a year and our bath towels have an odd, rather musty smell. I've tried several brands of HE detergent. I leave the door open after removing the wet laundry and have never noticed a smell in the washer or seen any evidence of mold or mildew. The smell isn't apparent with clothing and such. Towels are coarse feeling after drying. I haven't tried using a softener or dryer sheets. We do have a water softener system for the house. Anyone else with a similar problem?

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I hate my front loader washing machine. Hate it. Hate it. oh my f#*king god, I hate it. I replaced a 20 year old washing machine that did the spin cycle better than this brand new piece of crap. I'm 45 minutes in trying to get this thing to stay on balance and spin. While empty, spins fine. Put one god damn sock in there and it won't go to the high spin because it's off balance. One sock. I wanted to go to be an hour ago but nooooo. Oh my god I hate this damn thing. On my top 10 list of worst things I ever purchased as a new homeowner.

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[quote=Guest]I hate my front loader washing machine. Hate it. Hate it. oh my f#*king god, I hate it. I replaced a 20 year old washing machine that did the spin cycle better than this brand new piece of crap. I'm 45 minutes in trying to get this thing to stay on balance and spin. While empty, spins fine. Put one god damn sock in there and it won't go to the high spin because it's off balance. One sock. I wanted to go to be an hour ago but nooooo. Oh my god I hate this damn thing. On my top 10 list of worst things I ever purchased as a new homeowner.[/quote]

Reading many complaints makes me not want to get a front loader washer/dryer after our 20+ dryer is failing fast. I laughed so much when I read your comment - it was just the best out of any of them. I loved it.

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I am torn as to if I like my front load washing machine or not.
My cloths are more wrinkled with my front loader than my top loader. I am constantly doing iron. The service technician told me it was because my front loader is spinning much faster to get more of the water out of the clothing. This is causing the clothing to wrinkle and the dryer is not removing the wrinkles. If I didn't have to do more ironing I would love the machine. Does anyone else have this issue?

To the person with the smelly towels, add a cup of vinegar to your wash. I pour my detergent in and then add the vinegar to the detergent dispenser. You'll have fresh smelling towels again.

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To Guest of 9/20/11 - thanks for the vinegar suggestion. Yes, I'm already doing that. The towels are still *musty* smelling and never get *fluffy* even when dried in the dryer. May try less soap... I haven't noticed an increase in wrinkles - I line-dry most things, after about a 5-minute spin in the dryer to fluff.

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I've had my fl washer for many years and recently noticed water standing in the fabric dispenser. Took it all apart and cleaned it and didn't help. Any suggestions?

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does anyone experience loud noise when front load H..E. washer intermitantly adds water during rinse or wash cycles?

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I've had my front-loading LG washer and dryer for almost 2 years and have never had a single problem with them. As a matter of fact, I love them and would never think to go back to a top loader! The thing about fl machines is that they need special care.

First of all, never leave your washer door closed, you WILL get that musty smell and it is difficult to get rid of. Secondly, you must abide by the detergent and softener guidelines. HE machines require significantly less of both. If you, like my MIL, like a strong lingering smell of softener on all your clothes then an fl machine is not for you. The amount of softener required to get that lingering smell will ruin your fl machine. I have a child with allergies to strong perfumes, so I have to use little or no softener. Instead I use vinegar, yes vinegar. It softens my clothing, leaves it smelling fresh without the vinegary scent, and does not give my son the horrible rash that softener does. In addition, I found out the the vinegar cleans out my washer making it less susceptible to problems.

I cannot say enough good things about my fl machines. My laundry is much cleaner than it ever was with my old machines. I use significantly less water, detergent, and softener which has saved me a good deal of money, and my laundry is done in half the time due to its larger capacity. I recommend fl machines to anyone willing to change the way they've always done laundry in the past as well as those of you willing to put in the effort that it takes to care for the machines.

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My husband purchased our front loader seven years ago. I was so excited. My clothes are much cleaner and we save so much water. The dryer
is great, but the washer stinks, I mean it really had a bad odor and only got worse. I started searching and found inside of the detergent draw MOLD! I had to clean it out by hand the best i could . After doing a load I take the detergent draw out until the next wash and wipe the door dry and the rubber inside. The washer also walks all the time. We've spent money on rubber mats, that's after trying to level the machine over and over again . I'still use it . I still love the way it cleans, but it's a lot of work :?

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I posted a complaint about the mold and smell in my lg frontloader about a year or 2 ago. I found some advice on line and tried it--it completely eliminated the mold. Here is what I did: first, I ran a cup of Draino through my washer on hot cycle and rinsed it several times. This was to remove the build up residue in the tubes caused by the petroleum in liquid h.e. detergent. I did not care if the Draino caused a problem with my machine because I was ready to give it away--the mildew problem was that bad.

Next I got rid of all liquid detergent and began using H.E. powdered detergent. I discovered that it is the petroleum base in the liquid that causes mold growth. The powder eliminated this problem. Now, I don't even need to clean the boot out each time I do a load. No more slime, no more mold or mildew smell. My clothes are finally clean!

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I am truly amazed to read all these negative comments and horror stories about smelly clothes, violent spin cycles, and inadequate cleaning with FL washers. I can only conclude that I have a washer fairy hiding in my machines that keeps everything hunky-dory.

About 15 years ago I purchased a Frigidaire made Kenmore FL, and never had a moment's trouble with it. When I divorced in 2004 I left that washer with my ex-wife and for a couple of years I used a top loader someone gave to me, but I was never really happy with its performance, and I noticed that my clothes had a much shorter lifespan during this period. About 5 years ago a bought a new FL Frigidaire/Kenmore (basically an updated version of my old one with a larger access door.) Once again, I have been delighted with the performance of this machine.

I should comment that I have NEVER had a problem with odours, or poor cleaning performance. When I recently started cohabiting again with a member of the fairer sex, her family was amazed at how quiet the machine was compared to their old TL, including the spin cycle, which produces just a gentle whine (the old TL spin cycle would drown out the TV two rooms away, even with the LR door shut.) Other than SOMETIMES leaving the door open, I have never done anything special to prevent mildew or odours. I don't know about the design of other brands, but this machine has a seal and highly concave door glass that seems to avoid the build-up problems many here have reported. Other than occasionally removing coins or shredded paper tissues from the seal fold, I have NEVER cleaned the interior of either machine other than when doing a normal load of laundry, and also have never used a commercial freshener product or run vinegar or washing soda through the machine. When I pull the seal fold open it is perfectly clean inside.

I notice that most people complaining here about smells and performance problems don't specify which cleaning products they are using. For the record I've always used Amway SA8 powdered detergent, which was HE and low-sudsing long before FL washers became fashionable/mandated. SA8 is all cleaners, no fillers, and no scents, so perhaps that is why I've had no trouble when other have experience nothing but grief. I find one tablespoon of SA8 seems about right for me.

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I bought my LG pair in 2007. I did my research and bought what I figured would be the last set I would buy before I went to "the home". I paid a fortune as I also had to get the pedistals (which are brand and model specific and cost an additonal $400)

Hate, hate, hate. I live in Colorado so it is fairly dry. I leave the washer door open, I clean the gasket. I have used every brand I could find. I have tried every cleaning idea I could find. I have used less detergent, more detergent. My clothes are smelly and my whites are dingy. I have crud in my washcloths that necessitate replacement - I am not THAT dirty and take makeup off with a baby wipe. I have to run loads twice if I do not get them in the dryer right away. I use the extra water feature. If you do not set the spin speed down it spins in permanent wrinkles. Nothing gets better. I am fairly handy, but am old and disabled so taking the top off to get to the area around the drum is not going to happen. I won't pay to do it. My old dryer, a 30 year old Kenmore, had a terrific cool down cycle. You could set it to keep tossing the clothes after they were cool. I ironed very little. This peice of junk dryer has a "wrinkle guard", but it is a start and stop thing. The first stop is when the clothes are still hot. Glump! They sit there for a few minutes and then toss and then on and on. When they stop when hot and sit, the wrinkles set in!! I would have start the dryer again and throw in a wet towel on a higher setting and grab the clothes one at a time to hang them up. A real pain. Just where is the water savings when I have to run loads 2 times and restart the dryer over and over if I do not get to it in time. I have greying white and socks that would not come clean without a prewash spray. Took the stuff to the laundromat in the top loader - guess what - they came clean. Oh, and the bleach dispenser only dispenses the liquid bleach if I use liquid detergent and then it is not diluted enough. Left stains and later holes in my clothes. If I want bleach, I have to soak in the sink or a bucket upstairs, wring out and then carry the wet bucket of clothes down to my basment to clean!! I should have returned them. By the time I realized I had made a $2400 mistake, it was too late to have them returned.

I am in my 60s and was raised in the "whiter whites" era so clean white, good smelling wash is important, but the again, maybe I just depend too much on a washer and dryer to do their jobs - especially at the $$ you pay. I have washed clothes since I was 12 and later did it for 4 kids (3 in sports), a mechanic husband who did not have uniform service, and we had 3 dogs (hair) too. My old top load GE was a dream that did a lot of wash!!

I have never had to use so much prewash spray or done as much ironing (at least in the last 30 years) as I do now - and it is just me. I cannot imagine what it would be like with the volume I used to do. Oh, and they take up much more room and the hookups are reversed (the way the doors open) from that in my 35 year old house!! They sit about 2 feet out from the wall (more complex dryer vent that has to cross behind the washer) leaving me to squeeze around the metal post in the basement. Fun and games - never again. I am in real estate and tell everyone don't even think about buying a front load set!

I would get my clothes just as clean swishing them in the tub!

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I bought a maytag 5000 just over a year ago and it crapped out on me the other day. The service tech told me that it is common with these new front loaders, they just came out here 9 or 10 years ago. the drum and something else has to be replaced both parts are $250 respectively plus they want $229 for labor. I am not spending $729 to fix it when I could buy a new one for $800, which I won't. I'll never buy another front loading washing machine. Maybe the ones in Europe are better made but apparently the ones in N. America are crap. I've had top loaders that lasted 10X as long. If I could afford it, I might think about an industrial front loader but I can't. I bought a used top loader from the appliance store for $275. It has a huge drum and looks brand new.

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HELP...We purchased t a whirlpool duet washer that for the most part does a good job. The problem is small items get caught in the rubber drain on the door and once there they don't come out until you take them out. Does anyone know of a guard or shield that can be purchased to prevent this?????

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I helped my dad purchase a Whirlpool Duet front loader washing machine on June 5th and had it delivered on June 6th and I can tell you one thing, I HATE IT!!! The machine had to have a bigger switch installed so it used enough water to get the clothes clean and it still leaves detergent residue on the clothes even with an extra rinse. We hsve sensitive skin amd I'd never recommend a front loader to anyone who has allergies as it doesn't get rid of the dirt and the detergent smells as the washer deains, which is ridiculous. The best brand to buy is Speed Queen as they're totally made here in the USA in Ripon Wisconsin. That's what I want to get when this Whirlpool Duet washer dies. The Lowe's salesman said frontloaders are good if you're doing a lot of laundry but that was nothing but lies as a top loader can fit more stuff in it than a front loader can.

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