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The Internet is teeming with online stores, catalogs and environmental groups that sell green-friendly gifts for the holidays. Pictured here: a child's snail pull-toy from Earthentree, made by artisans in India from sustainable wood that is dyed with natural vegetable dyes and finished with lead free non-toxic organic resin. Photo: Earthentree.

Dear EarthTalk: Dear EarthTalk: Can you recommend some sources for toys and other holiday gifts that are both safe and not harmful to the environment
--Tracy Gately, Marblehead, MA

Given the massive recall of toys contaminated with lead last year, let alone all the other bad news about chemicals seeping out of just about every other conceivable type of consumer item, it’s no wonder that people are nervous about what might be inside the wrapping paper this next holiday season. Luckily, growing environmental concerns—-and consumer demand—-means that plenty of safe and green-friendly items are available for those willing to do a little more than just walk around the closest shopping mall.

For kids’ items, Oompa Toys is hard to beat. The Wisconsin-based company offers thousands of child- and Earth-safe items. On Oompa’s easy-to-use website you can buy products ranging from toys, dollhouses and stuffed animals to learning games, musical instruments and art supplies to kitchen play accessories, kids’ furniture and tricycles, many items made with organic or recycled materials.

Another interesting online source for kids’ toys is Washington-based Earthentree, which sells dozens of pull toys, rattles, stackers and other goodies to stimulate young hands and minds. All of their products are handcrafted by “fair trade” (fairly compensated) artisans in India using sustainably harvested wood and natural vegetable-based dyes. And Hazelnut Kids specializes in natural, earth-friendly wooden and organic cotton toys for kids and babies, and even offers gift-wrapping with recycled and recyclable paper.

For grown-up gifts, EcoArtware sells a variety of items made from recycled and natural materials, from bath and kitchen accessories to pet products to jewelry, including many hand-made items. Everybodygreen is another good source for green-friendly jewelry. The company’s No Plastic charm bracelets are made with corn starch-based resin, natural herbal tea dye and recycled brass. For those holiday parties you might be attending, wine aficionados might appreciate a bottle of Boisset Family Estates’ Yellow Jersey pinot noir, which comes from France in a 100 percent recycled (and recyclable) plastic bottle.

Looking for fair trade arts and crafts? Gifts with Humanity sells clothing, home décor, jewelry and more from artists in Asia, Africa and Central and South America. Organic Bug also sells fair trade items and other natural and organic products from clothing to home décor items to travel accessories. Other websites worth visiting for fair trade and/or green-friendly gifts include,,,,, and A simple Google search for “green holiday gifts” will turn up many more.

Another approach to the holidays, of course, for the sake of lessening one’s footprint and tightening the belt in a downturned economy, is to eschew traditional gift-giving in favor of donating to a local or national environmental group in the name of a friend or loved one. This can be accomplished by visiting the websites of your favorite green groups and making your way to their “Donate” page, or by visiting or (by eBay), both which facilitate contributions to worthwhile charities.

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The place I really like to pick up green, safe toys is Landbridge Toys:

In addition to a great selection, they have the best customer service. Its Mom owned and operated, too.


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You may also want to look at TisBest Charity Gift Cards.

The gift giver makes a charitable donation and the gift recipient decides which charity will receive the money. TisBest Philanthropy offers the highest quality charity gift cards, with over 50 different standard designs, or you can upload your own photo, and you can check the status to see when a gift card is spent and on which charity. Cards can be sent by email, printed on your printer or printed on recycled plastic and sent by mail.

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