From House to Home 9/12/07

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This week's tips: Moving closer to fall

  • Add elegance to a living room entrance by creating an archway adorned with ornamental plaster moldings. Add columns on either side of the arch to support it in a grand manner.
  • To have a place to sit in a child's tiny bedroom, consider stacking stools with vinyl cushions. Also, instead of a bedspread, buy a duvet cover that can double as a sheet.
  • When issuing invitations to this year's Thanksgiving feast, ask your guests to write down what they most love about their family and friends and what they have to be thankful for this year.
  • When you next paint the dining or living room, design a stucco wall that creates the illusion of movement and is painted in a blocked color scheme.
  • Use a laundry bag for your kitchen linens made from vintage towels that can hang behind a cabinet door.

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