TNH Withdrawl

I'm a patient soul BUT...I'm having serious TNH withdrawl right now. I keep checking in throughout the day to see if everything is up and running yet. It's not, and there is never anyone chatting when I check(insert sad, weepy face).

My tech challenged mind boggles when I try and consider the task of moving a web site. I hope Lynn knows how much we all appreciate her hard work( insert hand clapping animated yelllow guy)(and boquets).

It's been nasty cold at night here, the leaves are falling at a real clip and everything has taken hard frost now. I spent my morning out pulling my deck pots clean, clipping hedges and cleaning up flowerbeds. We expect a nice turn in the weather heading into the weekend with daytime highs from 17 to 20C until Sunday. DH has planned a golfing marathon for us. I keep trying to remind him about the yardwork and the eavestroughs that need clearing, but all he can think about is how much golf he can squeeze into any remaining good weather. I'd much rather be golfing myself, but I also hate getting caught by snow when I don't have the yard ready. Oh happens every year....why should this one be any different.

And now it's nap time, my favorite daytime activity by far(insert big grin).

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I too Hope am wandering around...where is everyone?

I love fall but I am not ready for it being too cold yet. The ole blood takes awhile now :lol:
I still have to get my dead plants cleaned up. Probley this weekend,,,I love a cool sunny day to work in the yard.

My DH has a train set that keeps him very occupied [your golf]

maybe more will come chat now

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Not only is the TNH world broken but all my clients' worlds are broken too (including their email--eeeek!). So I was up far too late last night and made myself ill, and I have a lot more work to do before I can sleep. I'm about ready to chuck the old site and just start pouring stuff in here and be done with it. The old one was such a mishmash of stuff anyway!

Lynn Siprelle, Editor

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There, I said it.

Looks like it's just you and me here Hope, no one in the chatroom now either.

I had a busy, busy day today. Spent two hours on a guided tour of local ruins and church, then went shopping with my brother - who spent £115 on two pairs of jeans. EEK! :jawdrop: We could eat for three weeks for that. They were very nice jeans though, and he works hard and long hours for his money, so he deserves to have nice things :) Went in several designer shops (which I am not used to frequenting!) My brother is rather well dressed fashion wise, and I'm.....well..... I was wearing black trousers with a small hole in the seat, but the hole was hidden by my Dad's (too big for me) fleece jacket. My ensemble was topped off with a black tshirt with 'Rock' on it in diamantes, and a pair of DS12's outgrown suede slip on shoes. You know sometimes when you're out you see a really mismatched couple? Walking round these designer shops I kept thinking people would mistake us for a couple and be thinking 'WHAT is he doing with HER?'..... :(
Anyway, I fell in love with a great tshirt. It had a T Rex (the band) design in sparkly bits and it was........ £120!! I picked myself up off the floor and went home......

I had little over an hour indoors before I had to go to Weightwatchers. Now normally I never have my dinner before I go, but this week I ate (chips and sausage, naughty me) and then went......and I'd put on a pound!! :( I'm hoping it was just the dinner! Resolved to do better next week.

Well, it's 9.30 and I've just got home. I have a big pile of ironing to do, then I'm off to bed with a book. We are out in the afternoon and evening tomorrow too, and Friday. I JUST WANT A DAY AT HOME!!! I need one of Jul's Mayberry days.

Goodnight Hope (and anyone else who's around!)

Honey xx

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It's the forums I miss the most I think Lynn. I can't get any housework done without my de-junking group. HA HA!!! I have no motivation to do anything but nap :) .

But please don't make yourself sick over this. It's just not worth it. Take your time and get the site the way you'd like it to be. We'll still be around.

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Don't worry Lynn we are all big girls and guys now,,we can cope :(
like they said ,,,get it right not fast :D

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Hi Killy and Lynn - you posted while I was pecking away.

Lynn, don't make yourself ill for goodness' sake! We'd rather wait a bit longer for things to be sorted out, than have you make yourself ill. Look after yourself :)

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That's very roughly $240 American, guys. yow! You'd have to be a huge T-Rex fan to spend that kinda money...

Lynn Siprelle, Editor

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