Fry Daddy recipes anyone?

For christmas I got a fry daddy deep fryer (yes I am aware deep fryed foods tend to be unhealthy) but anyhow I was wondering if any of you had good recipes for the deep fryer also any tips tricks and care instructions welcomed...Im particularly intrested in the bloomin onion batter...also maybe homemade corndogs I heard you could make these in the deep fryer.

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my husband makes some very good fried tofu. He serves it with scezhwan (sp?) vegtables over rice. He uses the shrimp batter mix from the asian section and just cuts firm tofu into small squares, batters them and frys them. Its REALLY good, and the mild cripness goes nicely with the spicy vegtables.

I also have a much less spicy vegtable with fried tofu recipe of my own that uses cornmeal for the breading. if anyone is intrested.

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My hubby makes the most awesome friend chicken. First we buy boneless chicken thighs (breasts work too). Then kenny mixes some flour salt and pepper in one dish, and some milk and egg in another (I'm not sure how much egg or milk - but their's more egg than milk, after you mix it, it should still look like eggs.) He puts the chicken in the flour mix, then dips it in the egg mix, and then dips it back in the flower mix. He cooks it for 7 minutes, pulls it out and makes sure it's done, and if it isn't puts it back in for another 2 minutes. Then he slats it. It's best to salt it right after it comes out of the fryer.

I also make my french toast in it. That's the way that my mom always made it, and it's tastier, and richer. You make up your french toast batter like you normally make it, but instead put the bread in your fryer. You only want to cook it for a couple of minutes, or you'll burn it. It's really good that way. My husband (who used to cook for a living, and is an AWESOME cook) says it's the best french toast he's ever had. But that's partly cause of my french toast batter, which I do slightly different.

Also - I figured out how to make my french fries like them make them in the restraunt. I salt them BEFORE I fry them. This makes them darker and crunchier. I don't know why, it just does.


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I am a Brit and last time in the States got a Fry Daddy.
Now folks what can I cook in it?
To help you, if its food I will like it.

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oops, posted on the wrong thread. Sorry!

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I love to make Fried Squash in mine! I use yellow crookneck I get out of my garden early summer and almost til fall. Slice them like you would a cucumber for a salad. Get a bowl of milk and an egg mixture, another bowl (preferably one with a lid, like Tupperware) of a mixture of flour, salt and a little bit of pepper. Dip the slices in the milk/egg mix, then in the flour mix. Put the lid on and shake it up good! Fun for the kids if you have a tight lid. Put the flour coated slices in the hot oil til golden. I like to dip in ranch dressing.

I do the same with onion rings. Oh, and fresh catfish, too! Except you may want to sub flour for cornmeal. I'm sure you can also do mushrooms and zuccini.

And for what it's worth, I eat fried stuff all the time! I know it's unhealthy, but at least I'll die with a smile on my face! :D

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Ironically I'm here looking for some good ideas too, but here's one I tried. Slice a boneless chicken breast into half inch strips. Soak it in your favorite hot sauces. Roll it in a mixture of egg, butter, and shake'n'bake ranch crumbs until coated. Fry it for 6 minutes on 375. Chow down and repeat.

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Thanks those are all things I love to eat save for being allergic to fish.Cant wait to try it out!One thing I hadnt even thought of but want to try is popcorn shrimp but i have never prepared shrimp before.What would one batter shrimp in?I cant really eat them myself but the DH and kids love them.

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OHHHHH! Have fun with your new deep fryer! I don't do mych batter/fried food, but I had a thought about your allergy: if your allergy is severe, you will have to completely drain the oil after frying the fish/seafood for your family. Eating something else cooked in the same oil could cause a reaction, too!

Happy Frying!


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I can sneak a few and only experience mild itching but if i eat a meal sized portion then I swell and feel bad.Ill take a little itch for some shrimp but I was figuring on draining the oil anyhow beccause I plan to do homemade doughnuts.I think what im going to do is over the weekend make up some homemade corn dogs freeze them and perhaps a couple servings of doughnuts for snack this week.Seems I can make the alot cheaper than I can buy them.

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Instead of flour, try dipping the zucchini (both yellow and green) in cornmeal. And okra is even better! I could eat fried zucchini and okra 3 meals a day, 7 days a week.

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Why has noone mentioned Doughnuts or Corndogs or even Twinkies? Heres a quick and easy doughnut recipe my Aunt always made me and my brother when we were little (and I still love it).
1 can biscuits

Cut holes in biscuits with hole cutter about 1/2 inch or better. I use an old cough syrup bottle. Drop in hot deep grease until golden.


1 c. powdered sugar
2 tbsp. milk
1/4 tsp. vanilla

Tip: Use the dough cut out of the centers to make doughnut balls, cook them the same as the doughnuts. For an easier recipe simply sprinkle powdered sugar over your doughnuts as soon as they go to the plate for cooling. The milk and vanilla just make them a little better.

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Can you tell me how you make your batter for the french toast????

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wow..I made this chicken and it was actually really good. Thanks!!

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If you have ever had freshly made Hot Malasadas you will probably like this easy version of them. Take a tube of referigerated buttermilk biscuits, cut each biscuit up into quarters and fry for about a minute or so. Roll them in some granulated sugar and enjoy!!!! Mmmm good!!!

PS: They are really only any good piping hot!!!

Mary : )

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Fried Flounder or Spot-tail

Things You'll Need:
◾1 cup White Lily Self-Rising flour
◾½ cup milk
◾¾ cup water
◾1 egg
◾1 teaspoon salt
◾Fry Daddy cooker

Dip fillets in the milk, water, and egg mixture.

Then shake the fish fillets in a plastic bag in the flour and salt mixture, until coated.

Cook about 5, three ounce pieces of fish at a time. This will keep the oil hot and the fish crispy.

--- Make sure oil is preheated, and cook about 4-5 minutes in Fry Daddy until golden brown.

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good job.

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