From House to Home for the Third Week of May

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sparktography on flickr
Right at Home Daily

This week's tips:

  • If you love working on your computer, or need to for business, buy a laptop that can be used outdoors.
  • Organize an area in a laundry room or the garage where you place hats for the outdoors, cushions, sports gear and any other seasonal "stuff."
  • The next time you entertain, set up a croquet course, volleyball or badmitten net. Having games for family members makes being outdoors more fun for all ages.
  • Check your air conditioner and attic fan before you use them, for safety. If you don't have AC, consider installing a central system or room units. You'll tolerate the heat much better, especially if you're older and live in a warm climate.
  • Are you using your outdoor space to its maximum advantage? Consider adding a screened-in porch or installing an awning over a terrace you can nature more comfortably.

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