From House to Home Memorial Day Weekend

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Alex Rio Brazil
Right at Home Daily

  • June is an ideal time to reseal or resurface your asphalt driveway. Sealing preserves the asphalt and is a relatively inexpensive to give your driveway a facelift. You can patch and reseal, do a more expensive overlay, or start from scratch and re-asphalt
  • Mini, macro, wood, vinyl, vertical or horizontal blinds are an effective way to achieve privacy and control the flow of strong sunlight and air. You can even laminate the fabric on the slats of vertical blinds for a streamlined, custom look.
  • Tackle unpleasant chores like re-caulking the showers and commodes in your new home on a rainy day. Most water problems result from bathrooms where the caulk has worn away or otherwise failed. A new seal of caulk is an inexpensive and easy way to avoid water damage.
  • Outdoor furniture allows you to enjoy your environment. Even if you don't like to eat outdoors, consider buying or building a big round table with space for an umbrella for working outdoors or playing games such as Scrabble. Matching chair cushions will pull the look together.
  • Buy a wheelbarrow, a new pair of rubber "Wellington" boots, a knee pad, and some new gardening hand tools. Create a space in the garage to hang your new gardening accessories.
  • Visit your local botanical garden for fresh ideas about what to plant and how to arrange your garden. An area of roses or day lilies can be spectacular. If you don't have a nice botanical garden, go to a nursery and look for ideas.

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