From House to Home, First Week of February

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This week's tips: Stay warm!

  • Go room-by-room at night to make sure you have enough illumination, because it gets dark in the winter earlier. You should have a variety of lights for mood as well as reading and working.
  • Set aside a place in your home to write letters - not e-mails but the old-fashioned hand-written, send via postal mail type.
  • No matter how much you love your home, traveling is always fun, educational and broadening. Keep your favorite travel magazines for future trips, along with pamphlets about places, in a convenient spot for research and planning.
  • Place a phone pad and pen or pencil by each phone in the house so all messages are recorded. Consider putting a phone in your living room in a discreet place.
  • Flags can be cheerful additions to your yard. Some companies will make special flags with your family name or address. If you have a big enough yard, consider putting in a flagpole, so you can fly your flag in good weather and on special holidays.
  • Plan a family meal that requires everyone to pitch in. Young children can prepare a salad or the fixings for ice-cream sundaes.
  • For those who live in the colder half of the country, start a craft project that you can do in the evenings while listening to music. Or, open a new puzzle with 1,000 pieces or more.

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