Attention Knitpicks customers: you may have been hacked

About three weeks ago, someone tried to use my debit card to buy something at an appliance store--a $500 something. Would have wiped my account out. Luckily, I have a super-vigilant card company; they declined the charge and called me immediately. I racked my brain trying to figure out where they could have gotten the number.

Until today.

Those of you who belong to Ravelry, log in. There you'll see a pages-long thread full of crafters who all got their cards hacked thanks to a data breach at Knitpicks. Guess where I buy most of my yarn? And guess what else? KP claims they notified everyone affected. They lied.

So if you're a Knitpicks customer, watch your card or cancel it and get a new one. Don't know when I'm going to buy from them again, which pisses me off even more. There's a sock yarn sale, darn it!

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