Organizing Children's Rooms

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It can be done

Kids' rooms are notorious for being disaster areas. While this is a typical symptom of childhood, it generally comes from not having things organized in an easy to access manner. Kids are just not good at putting things away, so you need to make it fun and interesting, and above all, easy! This article will give you some ideas on how to go about incorporating a little organization into your kids' rooms.

Kids' rooms can be a true nightmare to organize, simply because of the sheer volume of toys, books and assorted other things that they have collected over time. So, the first step is to go through everything and get rid of at least half of it! Toss anything that is broken and useless, give away anything that nobody plays with anymore and hasn't in years, and start organizing the rest!

-Clear plastic containers with colored lids are a great way to keep kids' rooms clutter free. Toys like blocks and small fast food chain characters can be stored in these boxes, along with games and other materials. While you can label the boxes, the best way to go is to color code them. You can put all shared toys in boxes with red tops, all your daughter's toys in pink topped boxes and your son's toys in blue topped ones. This is an easy way to keep everything separated, especially in shared kids' rooms.

-Ziploc bags are perfect for holding small bits and trinkets that just can't be thrown away. Beads and marbles are good candidates for the Ziploc treatment.

-For very small items like seed beads, pins and other assorted miniature items, you can keep them in individual baby food jars. Kids' rooms tend to collect these sorts of things, so you might as well find a place for them! Building sets benefit greatly from a few baby food jars to hold screws and nails.

-Hanging a funky plastic shoe organizer on the back of the door is a great way to give kids' rooms a little extra storage space without spending anything on furniture. The clear pouches are just the right size to hold stuffed animals, dolls and their clothing, and any number of assorted medium sized toys.

-Under bed space is usually used in kids' rooms, but only to hide messes! Turn that space into something useful by purchasing rolling containers designed to fit under a bed. Not only will you have fewer dust bunnies to clear out, but you have the perfect place to store giant puzzles and floor mats, or out of season clothing and bedding for kids' rooms.

-Colorful hooks on the wall are another great addition to kids' rooms. Instead of being forced to put away jackets and bags, they can simply hang them from a hook and you will be thrilled that the place looks neater. If you get a hook unit that comes with a shelf or basket attached, you have extra storage space for smaller items as well.

Kids' rooms are never going to be spotless for long, but at least you can make a dent in the disorder! All of the ideas above are perfect for any kids' room and work equally well for boys and girls.


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I'm just thinking about the organisation of DD3's room in our new flat and it's always good to have fresh ideas.

My main problem is DD's extraordinary memory and her devoted attachment to things she hasn't played with for months. I can think I've done a subtle removal of outgrown toys, only to be challenged three months later with 'Mummy where is my . . .' :lol:

I read another good tip a while ago, which suggested having children's books in top opening storage (unlidded) rather than front opening shelves. They are still accessible all the time, but you reach in to get the books rather than being able to sweep them off! It also makes it easier to put away. Haven't done this yet myself, but I may do.


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