Home RX: Regular Maintenance

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Home RX: Regular Maintenance
Ilyce Glink for Right At Home Daily

Ongoing maintenance to your home can be relatively inexpensive. A few dollars for caulk or the occasional can of paint will go a long way to maintain your home's look and function.

A problem occurs when routine maintenance chores are ignored and eventually become a big job. For example, if you check your roof each spring for cracks or missing shingles, you're less likely to have a roof leak that could require ripping out and replacing walls, tile, insulation and more.

If you regularly caulk around your windows and seal joints between the window and the sill, you're less likely to have water coming in. Trapped moisture may rot a wood framing system, seep into your home and ruin your floors and carpet, not to mention help mold grow in places you'll never see it. All of these problems can be very expensive to fix.

Maintain your home regularly. Your wallet will thank you.

Ilyce Glink is the bestselling author of 100 Questions Every First Time Home Buyer Should Ask, and is the Managing Editor of Right at Home Daily.

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