Secret Indulgences

Secret Indulgences

Parents confide their guilty pleasures
by Pamela Stock
for Real Families, Real Fun

Parenting magazines are fond of encouraging tired moms and dads to relax, and schedule some "me time" into their busy lives to, say, spend a day at a spa, or a weekly night out with friends. Great advice, but not that realistic for most real families, considering money and time constraints. "A day at the spa would require three weeks of juggling schedules for everyone else in the family," one mom said.

More often than not, "free time" arrives arrives unexpectedly and in short bursts. But that doesn't mean you can't use what little slices time you do get away from kids, work, pets and household chores to treat yourself and relax, or even indulge. An indulgence can be anything from an hour spent googling old classmates, going for that mint mochachino or the old classic taking a bubble bath. And before you start to feel guilty, remember that returning to your family refreshed can make you a better parent. Here, a few
ways some folks unwind when no one is looking. Read onto be inspired... or even distracted, for few minutes.

  • Snack-'N-Watch

    "My indulgence is taking a box of sugared cereal, sitting in front of the TV and finally watching a non-animated program in peace without anyone bothering me." --Liza

  • Mad for Mags

    "On the rare occasions I can get out of the office and don't need to be home, yet, I go to a big book store, buy a large cup of coffee and skim the latest technology magazines. I know, doesn't sound like much, but I feel like I'm getting away with something." --Kevin

  • Treating the Toes

    "Pedicures are great when you have just an hour -- you feel pampered, they're cheap, and you can read trashy magazines at the same time!"

  • Finishing a Put-off Project

    "Yesterday I got about 40 minutes by myself and used it to unpack a box of stuff that was still in the garage from when we moved last July. It felt great!" --Carla

  • Wish List

    "Mostly, I try to make a last-minute coffee date with a neighbor, but not nearly enough! I admire the women who go get facials and massages, though. If I really planned grown-up time I would throw everyone out of the house and get reacquainted with my violin or the darkroom... two things I loved to do before I had kids." --Anne

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