Christmas, Channukah, Winter Solstice and Other Holidays

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A Taste of Christmas and Winter Solstice

Ask the Miserly Mom: Keeping Christmas Simple

These two questions both are about Christmas, so I'll answer them together:

Q: This year I am on a very tight budget. Besides cutting down my Christmas gift list, I was thinking of making my own crafts to give out as Christmas gifts.   Any suggestions? I have saved a lot of household throwaway's such as juice lids, paper towel holders, toilet rolls, etc. Maybe I can invent something with these? Thanks!


I like to sew, bake and make any Christmas presents possible. But my husband and I feel pressure by his family to "do it up" present-wise for his family. It is an underlying expectation. We make a budget and stick to it, but feel pressure to buy certain gifts that exceed our desire for spending. What can we do?


A:  When it's time for a special occasion, we tend to throw the budget out the window. We think things like, "Oh, it's their birthday," or "But it's Christmas!" And we march into further debt.

So, how do I keep the gift and party madness from putting me in debt for months?