It's a magical world

>:"It a magical world Hobbes ol' buddy......Lets go exploring!"

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Essential Spider-Man Vol. 1

I never thought girls COULD like comics. I always thought it was a "boy thing". Then my parents had ordered Spider-man comics in the mail. I did not think I liked Spider-man, till they stopped coming. My mom looked it up to see what was up.

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Spider-Man VOL. 2

I. Love. Spider-Man. Ever since my parents orderd old comics in the mail, ( I always said that "Thats boy stuff;" to Lou, when she bout a Fantastic Four, tooth-brush, )but they stoped right in the middle, right when the Human Brain, and Spidy, with them being stuck to each other, were bing throne down the stairs, and he had just anuff time to use his webing and--

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The Cats in Krasinski Square

A powerful book about the triumph of human spirit and ingenuity during one of the most desperate times humans have ever faced.

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I didn't have a chance to see this in the theater, but knew I would want to own this because I love Neil Gaiman.

Boy, was I right.

This is one of the best films I've ever seen. We've owned it a week and I've already watched it twice.

A lovesick boy goes on a quest to fetch a fallen star and thus win a girl's heart. But he stumbles into a fairy kingdom, and the star turns out to be a beautiful girl. Add in three witches who want to eat the star's heart and seven brothers vying to become king and you've got a fairy tale that could have been written 300 years ago. It is magical, lyrical and beautiful.

Buy it. You won't regret it.

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The Last Unicorn

A classic book turned into a classic movie. I love the Rankin Bass animated movies, especially this one. The story is good for young and older kids, the supsenseful scenes are not too scary and hardly have any real violence, and the soundtrack is by America.

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Dibs on the nichel, Jane had said that day. She had found in the crack in the side-walk, as she, Mark, Kathrine, and Martha, where

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gaia girls way of water

Her parents dead, Miho, a japanise-american girl, gos to
japan, to live with her Ojisan. She feels like a gaijin, in the midel of japan. Then she meets Gaia.....

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Lali and the Storyteller Episode Three: The Story

Hmmm. A balloon story... Let me think." Storyteller placed a finger along her warm brown cheek and tapped it several times, pensively. Then, all of a sudden, there was an amazing racket! Tremendously loud noises came pouring out from the trees behind Lali's house!


Deetle Dog howled and ran under the porch to hide. Lali felt scared. "Storyteller, _what_ is that horrible noise? Is it a dragon? It _sounds_ like a dragon."


Lali and the Storyteller Episode Three: The Poem

And I know just the one for you," said the Storyteller. But suddenly Lali's yellow cat Tomasi came out from under the porch and scurried over to bat at the loop on the end of the dangling balloon string. Dab! Pounce! Tomasi leaped and danced after the string. Lali laughed and she danced too, around and around the yard. Finally Dadi came out with three glasses of juice, and a bite of tuna for Tomasi.


Lali and the Storyteller Episode Three

by Peg Fisher
Paper dolls by Lynn Siprelle

So the week went along and turned around to the third day again.


Flower Fables, Part Four page three

Gentle Lily-BellHe came one day, while wandering through the garden, to the little rose he had once harmed so sadly. Many buds now bloomed beside her, and her soft face glowed with motherly pride, as she bent fondly over them. But when Thistle came, he saw with sorrow how she bade them close their green curtains, and conceal themselves beneath the leaves, for there was danger near; and, drooping still more closely over them, she seemed to wait with trembling fear the cruel Fairy's coming.

But no rude hand tore her little ones away, no unkind words were spoken; but a soft shower of dew fell lightly on them, and Thistle, bending tenderly above them, said,--

"Dear flower, forgive the sorrow I once brought you, and trust me now for Lily-Bell's sake. Her gentleness has changed my cruelty to kindness, and I would gladly repay all for the harm I have done; but none will love and trust me now."

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Flower Fables, Part Four page two

Proud ThistledownWhen the flowers told their sorrow to kind-hearted Lily-Bell, she wept bitterly at the pain her friend had given, and with loving words strove to comfort those whom he had grieved; with gentle care she healed the wounded birds, and watched above the flowers he had harmed, bringing each day dew and sunlight to refresh and strengthen, till all were well again; and though sorrowing for their dead friends, still they forgave Thistle for the sake of her who had done so much for them. Thus, erelong, buds fairer than that she had lost lay on the rose mother's breast, and for all she had suffered she was well repaid by the love of Lily-Bell and her sister flowers.

And when bird, bee, and blossom were strong and fair again, the gentle Fairy said farewell, and flew away to seek her friend, leaving behind many grateful hearts, who owed their joy and life to her.

Meanwhile, over hill and dale went Thistledown, and for a time was kind and gentle to every living thing. He missed sadly the little friend who had left her happy home to watch over him, but he was too proud to own his fault, and so went on, hoping she would find him.

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Flower Fables, Part Four

Zephyr tells a storyYou shall come next, Zephyr."

And the little Fairy, who lay rocking to and fro upon a fluttering vine-leaf, thus began her story:--

"As I lay resting in the bosom of a cowslip that bent above the brook, a little wind, tired of play, told me this tale of


ONCE upon a time, two little Fairies went out into the world, to seek their fortune. Thistledown was as gay and gallant a little Elf as ever spread a wing. His purple mantle, and doublet of green, were embroidered with the brightest threads, and the plume in his cap came always from the wing of the gayest butterfly.

But he was not loved in Fairy-Land, for, like the flower whose name and colors he wore, though fair to look upon, many were the little thorns of cruelty and selfishness that lay concealed by his gay mantle. Many a gentle flower and harmless bird died by his hand, for he cared for himself alone, and whatever gave him pleasure must be his, though happy hearts were rendered sad, and peaceful homes destroyed.

Such was Thistledown; but far different was his little friend, Lily-Bell. Kind, compassionate, and loving, wherever her gentle face was seen, joy and gratitude were found; no suffering flower or insect, that did not love and bless the kindly Fairy; and thus all Elf-Land looked upon her as a friend.

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Throw a Harry Potter Party

Harry Potter--nothing's hotter. If you're reading these books by J. K. Rowlings aloud to your children, you know about Harry's adventures at the Hogwarts School, World Quidditch matches, and all the magic in the stories. Bring some of the magic into your own home with a Harry Potter party--a perfect way to bring the books to life.

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Flower Fables, Part Three

the mother roseNow, Star-Twinkle, what have you to teach?" asked the Queen.

"Nothing but a little song I heard the hare-bells singing," replied the Fairy, and, taking her harp, sang, in a low, sweet voice:--


THERE grew a fragrant rose-tree where the brook flows,
With two little tender buds, and one full rose;
When the sun went down to his bed in the west,
The little buds leaned on the rose-mother's breast,
While the bright eyed stars their long watch kept,
And the flowers of the valley in their green cradles slept;
Then silently in odors they communed with each other,
The two little buds on the bosom of their mother.
"O sister," said the little one, as she gazed at the sky,
"I wish that the Dew Elves, as they wander lightly by,
Would bring me a star; for they never grow dim,
And the Father does not need them to burn round him.
The shining drops of dew the Elves bring each day
And place in my bosom, so soon pass away;
But a star would glitter brightly through the long summer hours,
And I should be fairer than all my sister flowers. through for the whole story!

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Flower Fables, Part Two: Eva's Visit to Fairy Land, Page One

As Sunny Lock ceased, another little Elf came forward; and this was the tale "Silver Wing" told.


DOWN among the grass and fragrant clover lay little Eva by the brook-side, watching the bright waves, as they went singing by under the drooping flowers that grew on its banks. As she was wondering where the waters went, she heard a faint, low sound, as of far-off music. She thought it was the wind, but not a leaf was stirring, and soon through the rippling water came a strange little boat.

It was a lily of the valley, whose tall stem formed the mast, while the broad leaves that rose from the roots, and drooped again till they reached the water, were filled with gay little Elves, who danced to the music of the silver lily-bells above, that rang a merry peal, and filled the air with their fragrant breath.

On came the fairy boat, till it reached a moss-grown rock; and here it stopped, while the Fairies rested beneath the violet-leaves, and sang with the dancing waves.

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Flower Fables, Part Two: Eva's Visit to Fairy Land, Page Two

Eva wondered within herself what good the tiny Elves could do in this great place; but she soon learned, for the Fairy band went among the poor and friendless, bringing pleasant dreams to the sick and old, sweet, tender thoughts of love and gentleness to the young, strength to the weak, and patient cheerfulness to the poor and lonely.

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Flower Fables, Part One: The Frost King, Page Two

On and on she went, over hill and valley, broad rivers and rustling woods, till the warm sunlight passed away, the winds grew cold, and the air thick with falling snow. Then far below she saw the Frost-King's home. Pillars of hard, gray ice supported the high, arched roof, hung with crystal icicles. Dreary gardens lay around, filled with withered flowers and bare, drooping trees; while heavy clouds hung low in the dark sky, and a cold wind murmured sadly through the wintry air.

With a beating heart Violet folded her fading wreath more closely to her breast, and with weary wings flew onward to the dreary palace.

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Flower Fables, Part One: The Frost King, Page One

The summer moon shone brightly down upon the sleeping earth, while far away from mortal eyes danced the Fairy folk. Fire-flies hung in bright clusters on the dewy leaves, that waved in the cool night-wind; and the flowers stood gazing, in very wonder, at the little Elves, who lay among the fern-leaves, swung in the vine-boughs, sailed on the lake in lily cups, or danced on the mossy ground, to the music of the hare-bells, who rung out their merriest peal in honor of the night.

Under the shade of a wild rose sat the Queen and her little Maids of Honor, beside the silvery mushroom where the feast was spread.

"Now, my friends," said she, "to while away the time till the bright moon goes down, let us each tell a tale, or relate what we have done or learned this day. I will begin with you, Sunny Lock," added she, turning to a lovely little Elf, who lay among the fragrant leaves of a primrose.

With a gay smile, "Sunny Lock" began her story.

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gaia girls enter the earth

This story centers on Elizabeth, a girl a little like me. She definitely was surprised when Gaia, a spirit shaped like an otter, entered her life. At first Elizabeth asked, "What do you want with me?" And Gaia said, "I need you to enter my body--enter the Earth." It's emotional and very realistic, even though it has a talking otter! I never knew what factory farms were until I read this book.

There are games at the end of the book and secret codes in every picture. The codes are tricky!

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the secret of the old clock

Thriling! exciting! the Topham*s get ALL the money, but not in the end! Nancy Drew trise to find the missing will of Josiah Crowley.

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Spirited Away

Almost heart-stopping in its beauty, "Spirited Away" is a film you can watch over and over. It's so intricately layered, so full of detail, and so full of heart that it never wears.

Chihiro is an average modern child. She's slightly spoiled, a little petulant, and sad/angry/frightened that she's having to move to a new town and leave her friends behind. Her impetuous father leads them by accident into the spirit world, where her parents' bad choices turn them into pigs and Chihiro into the servant of an evil witch who steals her name. Chihiro must find a way to regain her name, save her parents and return to the human world--all on her own. Is she strong enough and brave enough to do it?

Like all Miyazaki films featuring young heroines, Chihiro is a completely believable girl. The bad guys are never completely bad, and the good guys are never completely good. The world is a mysterious place to Miyazaki-san, and aren't we lucky to have him guide us through the spirit worlds!

Highly, highly recommended.

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The Wooden Dragon

Josie found this at the library a few months ago, and it utterly charmed us. The storyteller Window is unsure she can take care of herself without her sailor brother Handle when he returns to the sea he loves. After all, she is lame in one leg. But a little wooden dragon that Handle leaves behind turns out to be the key to Window learning to trust herself and her own strength. The pictures drew me into the world of Window so thoroughly I began to eye trees for ones that might make good houses. Very recommended.

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William and the Magic Ring

One look at the price of this book and you might think, what children's book could possibly be worth that?! This one is worth it. "William and the Magic Ring" is a shadow book; the pages are laser-cut and meant to be projected (via flashlight) on the wall. The first time I made the shadow picture on the wall the girls were riveted. "Enchanting" is an over-used word when it comes to children's books, but this one really is.

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Very Funny Elizabeth

Betsy or Elizabeth this girl plays tricks, on Annabelle, her sister, and
someone much more important.

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Nellie's Promise

When Nellie sees her Uncle Mike, things go wrong!

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hello, mrs.piggle-wiggle

This is one of the funniest books I have ever read! I loved mrs.piggle-wiggle from the start. But this is not as funny as I thought.

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