This is Josie. The former 18-month-old. Remember when the site started and she was that little? Yeah, I barely can, either.

When you unschool, you take your educational opportunities where you can find them, and usually they're everywhere. Sometimes they're lessons learned the semi-hard way.

This morning, Louisa (just turned 11) announced she WAS going to have a lemonade stand. We'd discussed this before--you have to get lemons or Koolaid, ice, cups and so on. "I'll ride down to the store, Mom, if you give me the money." So off she went.

She came back with pre-made foo-foo lemonade--$1 per 16 oz bottle--and expensive gluten-free cookies. A nice touch, but at $5/bag for about 40 cookies, not so economical. And she forgot the ice. Luckily we have some in the freezer downstairs. She spent all the money I had in my wallet--$15. *headdesk*

The lesson commenced. How much per serving was this going to cost? After a few demonstrations, we figured out that a serving would cost 25 cents if she were generous with the ice, and that she'd have to charge 50 cents to make a profit. Two small cookies would also be 50 cents retail.

And then, before I could stop or help her, she had the stand set up. Again, no ice, no cooler, no change, no water for herself, and no shade. I decided I'd just be late for my appointment, got a cooler and ice, made her get her parasol and her water bottle. She's out there bravely hawking her wares:

So far I think she's made four bucks, but school's not out and the evening bike commute hasn't commenced. She may fare better after four. Either way, she's learned more about supply, demand, retail/wholesale and measurements than she knew she was in for, and that's priceless.

When I started this site, Josie was 18 months old and Louisa wasn't even an idea yet. Jo turned 14 late last week! She is the same height as me, but she still has the same punkin head. She is funny--really funny--and smart and beautiful and I am still blessed to be her mama.

After her party over the weekend, she said, "Mom! It's the first party where I've worn heels AND eye makeup and it wasn't Halloween!" :)

I'd post a picture but John hasn't sent them to me yet! I will nudge him and try to post one later.

When I started this site twelve years ago, I had one kid--Josie. Those of you who've been with me a while followed my pregnancy and c-section with Louisa. Welp, Louisa turned ten today. :jawdrop:

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I read this article today, and I wanted to share it. I really needed it, and it renewed my conviction to be a better parent. It's definitely something I will re-read when I feel my abilities to parent kindly begin to wane. I realize that not all on this board are Christian, but I think the point of the article is still well made:

When I think of fathers, I think of leadership. I found a gem for fathers in Genesis the other day. Look at these two verses:

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