I'm on a finishing kick! i just wove in the thousands of ends (or so they seemed) of a pair of gloves for Jo. And for me: Just in time to sit in a drafty room for several hours, here is a moebius scarf, knit in mistake rib of my own handspun yarn:

Here's the original yarn. I inherited a friend's stash and there were a lot of little bits and bobs of fiber; I took a bunch of my own bits and bobs and threw it all on the drum carder. Then I spun it into a super bulky yarn, totally not my usual:

The batt contained mohair locks, silk, soy silk, and a while bunch of different wool tail ends of dyed rovings, undyed top, and fleece. There are a dozen different blues,purples, greens, whites, blacks and a little bit of rose.

This was a really fast, fun project. The spinning went lightning quick, the knitting too. It would've been finished a lot sooner if I'd just sat down and grafted the darn thing, but I couldn't figure out how to graft mixed knit and purl. I finally found a good mnemonic: same off, opposite on. You work each stitch twice, the first time in the opposite way the stitch was worked--purlwise for knit, knitwise for purl--and then work knit for knit, purl for purl the second time when you take the stitch off the needle. I'll never forget again!

About three weeks ago, someone tried to use my debit card to buy something at an appliance store--a $500 something. Would have wiped my account out. Luckily, I have a super-vigilant card company; they declined the charge and called me immediately. I racked my brain trying to figure out where they could have gotten the number.

Until today.

Those of you who belong to Ravelry, log in. There you'll see a pages-long thread full of crafters who all got their cards hacked thanks to a data breach at Knitpicks. Guess where I buy most of my yarn? And guess what else? KP claims they notified everyone affected. They lied.

So if you're a Knitpicks customer, watch your card or cancel it and get a new one. Don't know when I'm going to buy from them again, which pisses me off even more. There's a sock yarn sale, darn it!

I've had trouble sleeping lately. So has John. We both like cold bedrooms, and we're plenty warm under our comforter especially in this mild winter. So it surprised me when John's solution turned out to be a nightcap--no, not that kind of nightcap, a literal nightcap. He's taken to wearing a wool watch cap to bed. It worked. "You should try it, honey." Shouldn't we just warm up the bedroom? "No, that's too hot. I'm telling you, try it."

Well, I didn't want to wear a watch cap. So I hit upon the hat to the right. I knit it back before we got Calcifer and we had the heat down so low I could almost see my breath. Here's the free pattern at Ravelry; it makes for a darling, quick-to-knit cap for anywhere, not just bed.

Reader, it worked. I'm sleeping much better wearing the nightcap. I wouldn't have thought so, would you? So if you're having trouble sleeping, grab a watch cap or something like and try it.

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Last picture I showed you was a bunch of yarn I've recently spun. Well, I've taken the soft pastel-like rainbow merino-tencel and I've decided to make very simple garter stitch fingerless mitts for Lou and me, and wrist warmers for Jo--she doesn't like mitts.

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Here's what's come off the bobbin in the last month or so:

From left to right:

Boy, I've been finishing stuff like mad lately! Check it out:

A pair of fingerless mitts, knit in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock almost-solid in Charcoal. These ended up being Josie's; they look overly goth on me and perfect on her.

And then, a project I've been working on since late 2008:

A GIANT afghan/blanket crocheted in Lion Brand Homespun. Each one of those stripes, dear friends, is an ENTIRE HUGE SKEIN of Homespun--11 in all. If you're a Homespun fan, the colors are Shaker and Fiesta. Turned out really pretty, and very, very warm. Also large. I'm SO GLAD to be done with it, not because it wasn't fun to work on--lovely, mindless crochet--but because I've been working on it for 18 months and I was beginning to despair of finishing it.

Now I'm planning out an odd-ball shawl in browns, grays, purples, rusts and oranges. Possibly a blue and a red double-stranded with gray. Think Noro. I started it as a feather-and-fan, but I didn't like the way it was looking, so I unraveled it. I started again with a dishcloth-style shawl, but didn't like that either. I'm unraveling it again and will be planning out something built like the feather-and-fan shawl, but not in feather-and-fan. Stay tuned.

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So glad you asked! I've taken up my crafting again in earnest after a couple of years of lackluster inspiration.

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