Household energy consumption is a topic of increasing interest among homeowners. This is for two reasons: rising energy costs and global warming.

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Save Energy Save Money

Where the last review of a Reader's Digest home repair book, 1001 Do-It-Yourself Hints and Tips, fell short, this one comes through in spades. The last book was excellent bathroom fodder, and this book makes more reading room or kitchen table reading.

Which is odd, given that *this* book has a specific focus, and a stated goal of providing "201 Do-It-Yourself Projects, Tips, and Ideas" that are supposed to save the homeowner money.

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One of the best new things I tried in my class was Tai Chi. I had never really thought much about tai chi -- I have done yoga, dance, all kinds of things, but tai chi just wasn't one of them. When we did it in class, however, it really connected with me as a way to move and meditate at the same time -- so much easier than sitting meditation!

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