I am a news junkie. Perhaps it comes of my former career as a journalist, but it's probably the other way round. I've always had an interest in news. I like to know what's going on, especially in politics and science.

But I also have anxiety. Anxiety and news do not always get along well.

I'm riveted to the coverage on the attempted Egyptian revolution. I'm remembering one of the reasons we got rid of cable; when these kinds of things happen I am riveted to MSNBC or CNN for HOURS, until JJ has to pull me away protesting.

Now I'm watching it all unfold on Twitter and Al Jazeera's excellent online coverage. I'm dumbfounded. It's right up there with the fall of the Berlin Wall to me.

What worries me is what's going to happen tomorrow--tonight our time. Will it be Tienanmen or Romania? What do you think? Are you watching?

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