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1001 Do-It-Yourself Hints and Tips

I luuurv me some home improvement books! No, seriously. They are fun to peruse through while eating gluten free fish and chips on the couch. They are the perfect reading while in the bathroom--reading about repairing a toilet while...yeah, it makes sense, actually.

The problem I have with this book is that it is very very very brief.

Oh, sure, the tips are valid, but they are also kinda dumb for the better than average home-owner, and far UNDER-detailed for the less than average homeowner.

Example #1: if your tub is dripping, you might as well go outside, drink a cup of coffee and wait for the repairman you called just a few minutes ago. Why would you sit outside with a big cuppa joe after getting all dressed up in your fancy dancy short-wasted plumbers pants? Cuz it's not in the book.

Need to replace an outlet? This is your book. Need to replace your attic vents? Read the book, then call a repairman...the instructions here are so light that they are in danger of wafting off with the loose bits of insulation you are sure to cut out of your roof.

Overall, get this book. No, seriously, and then leave it behind the toilet for that light reading. Inspiring it is, but don't plan on anchoring a "This Old House" crew after your morning sojourn.

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