Fabric Care 101: How to Depill a Sweater

Why is it that by April, that sweater you unwrapped during the holidays has those pesky pills under the arms and along the sides? Pilling occurs when fibers break down, separate, and then clump together in little balls. Pilling can occur on wool, cotton, cashmere, even polyester garments, usually at a point where two fabrics rub together.

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All About Washing Soda

We're always trying for two things around here: healthier living. and saving money!

It's why we go through so much vinegar and baking soda. We use vinegar to clean our unfinished wood floors and our windows, as well as in the laundry, and we use baking soda in the laundry and elsewhere.

I read about using washing soda as a hand dishwashing agent, and of course, I had to try it. As it happens, we have a HUGE bag of washing soda, aka soda ash, in the basement. I used it for dyeing cotton, and it was a component in the dishwasher powder I make. So we got a jarful out of the basement and conducted some quick dishwashing tests.

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Work with Purex...

Hey everyone... I work with Purex detergent, some of you might familiar with the brand. They just launched the new Purex complete 3in1 laundry sheet now, they have the commercial on TV and I wonder if any of you have tried the laundry sheet... Let me know :)


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