I made three batches of pickled cukes this summer. Two of them did not survive the week they were packed into the fridge; LouLou the pickle fiend made short work of them. The last batch? I still have some left. I think Lou ate her fill of pickles and then some.

Above is the last batch, in the crock. I don't put dill in mine; I prefer garlicky to dilly. Below, this is how I weight them--plastic ziplocks filled with brine:

It's been so long since I've been able to do much preserving that I forgot to put a plate underneath the bags, but it worked anyway.

I'm not done pickling, but with the advent of the rainy season I won't have access to pickling cukes. I'll look to pickle other stuff, notably cabbage. Lou and I are the pickle fiends, but three of the four of us--Jo is the hold out--love sauerkraut.

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