I've never liked my upper arms. I've always tried to camoflage them, and sleeves were a must. This year, I'm changing it up, and here's why.

The Secret to Sex After 40

M"y wife and I recently celebrated the 40th anniversary of our first date. We have a solid marriage, but like everyone, we've struggled with the changes that aging brings -- including those that affect our love life. The good news: With simple adjustments, sex after 40, 50, 60 and beyond can be as satisfying as ever, strengthening your relationship rather than becoming a source of conflict and stress.

The trouble is that many people believe that intercourse is sex -- and when intercourse becomes problematic, they think sex must be over. That's a shame. Retiring from being lovers makes a relationship less intimate and ignores the deep human need to experience gentle touch.

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I am fifty today. Usually on my birthday I write "Cinco de Mayo means Lynn's Birthday in Spanish." Which it does. But today I am too somber I suppose for pinatas.

I don't mean to be. I'd rather be fifty than dead, most days. It's just sobering to realize that more of your life is over than not. It doesn't help that I have a mammogram scheduled for today and medical stuff makes me nervous any more.

But! I have chocolates, gifties, and some birthday money to console me; I intend to get a pedicure after the mammogram as a reward for finally getting it done. :)

Pinata photo courtesy gusdrinks on flickr

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