This is Josie. The former 18-month-old. Remember when the site started and she was that little? Yeah, I barely can, either.

It had to happen some time. Josie (who's just turned 16 if you can believe it) is in college. She's been accepted into a scholarship program at the local community college that allows kids to earn their high school diplomas (not GEDs) and earn college credits at the same time.

It's a little traumatic for her; she's never been in "real" school a day in her life, and the testing process was completely alien. But the program has a lot of academic coaching, including a class on how to take tests. (Yes, this is why we homeschooled. :P )

So here, finally, is her first day of school photo, age 16, wearing a polar bear hat, as one does. She's the only homeschooler in the group and is already in this first week known as "Josie, that homeschooled kid in the bear hat." Today, the bear is wearing goggles.

Geez, I love that kid.

When I started this site, Josie was 18 months old and Louisa wasn't even an idea yet. Jo turned 14 late last week! She is the same height as me, but she still has the same punkin head. She is funny--really funny--and smart and beautiful and I am still blessed to be her mama.

After her party over the weekend, she said, "Mom! It's the first party where I've worn heels AND eye makeup and it wasn't Halloween!" :)

I'd post a picture but John hasn't sent them to me yet! I will nudge him and try to post one later.

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