Fred Rogers may be the closest thing our secular society has to a saint. He was awesome, by every report of anyone who had anything to do with him exactly as he appeared on television. Even gorillas loved him, and he loved everybody.

Consequently, I am 100% behind making March 20th, his birthday, a national holiday.

Okay, it's not likely we'll get a real live federal holiday. But we don't need one. No, if we can celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day, by golly, we can celebrate Mr. Rogers Day. We are the Internet. No one tells us what to do, unless we are China, in which case we just use proxy servers.

I intend to celebrate Mr. Rogers Day this March 20th by being extra kind and patient, especially on the Internet, and by putting my shoes and sweaters away when I take them off. No, in all seriousness, I intend to emulate Fred Rogers as much as possible. Maybe it'll rub off enough that I can do it more days of the year than just Mr. Rogers Day.

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