Organizing and Cleaning for a Move

My family and I are preparing for a move. Now last time we moved we did not have time to prepare. A desperate situation made it a grab and go affair. We moved from a large house into a far smaller one and we still have boxes we have yet to unpack.

That was almost eight years ago.

Thankfully this time around we have a little more warning to prepare. In fact, we have yet to find the house we are moving to, but we want to move soon and are looking. This time, we’re taking a proactive approach to our packing needs. Unlike the previous move, we have no wish to take every knickknack and scrap electronic we had. I could swear we even packed up the trash!

To cut down on the clutter in our new home, this time we’re cleaning and discarding stuff before the move. Here are ten ways we’re getting ready to move without a lot of mess coming with us.

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