What's Missing in Your Home Decor?

By Kathy Wilson
The Budget Decorator

Most of us have that one room that just seems to be missing something in the decorating department, and we can’t quite seem to put our finger on it. Usually, it’s a simple matter of recognizing three basic things each room needs in order to feel “right”. Luckily, they can all be achieved without a lot of cash, and in a short amount of time!

First, make sure your room has a focal point. This is easier in rooms that have a natural focal point such as a fireplace, or a dramatic window view. Not so easy in other rooms. One easy way to create a focal point is to paint a focal wall. Tape off the center third of the wall first seen as you enter the room. Paint the center section a darker or richer version of the color on the rest of the walls. Now create a wall arrangement within that center third. The color of the wall will set it off and immediately give importance to the wall arrangement, whether it be a pretty landscape painting, or a collection of your favorite antique plates. Easy, and makes a huge difference in a short amount of time.

Second, make sure you pay attention to balance and scale, over the whole room, and also within small vignettes. Balance means visually, you don’t want the room to seem off kilter. If all your tall or dark colored furniture is on one side of the room, the room will seem like its too heavy on one side. You want pattern and color in the room evenly distributed, and you don’t want teeny tiny furniture trying to fill a family room the size of a football field! Likewise with smaller vignettes, such as wall arrangements or tabletops. One of the most common decorating mistakes I see is when someone places a tiny framed photo all alone on a big wall. The piece should fit the space, or should be grouped with objects that, as a whole, fit the space. So look for balance and scale in the room, and making small changes can go a long way toward making the room feel more comfortable.

Finally, make sure your room displays accessories that speak of who you and your family are. Remember, accessories are better displayed in groups of three or five, and have some contrast in height and shape for interest. Include framed photos of your loved ones, your Grandmother’s candlesticks, or that shell collection in a pretty jar your kids collected on your last family vacation. A room that has no loved ones is not a loved room! It is these accessories that transform a room from just a room, to your special space, so don’t underestimate their importance.

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The focal point of our living room is the wall. We framed photos and collectibles of assorted shapes and sizes. I also suggest using mirrors as a focal point. Mirrors can be used in the background to add space and light to the room.


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So this is all that we need to do to build an elegant room? It's quite interesting, I am not an interior designer and this is the first time I hear about a focal point, you gave me a lot to think about.

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Everyone wants their home should look clean and tidy. Decorations items must be in such a way so that it will catch everyone eyes. We can use paintings , wall hangings, glass items and some pebbles for home decoration. The walls must have nice colour so that it will look nice if we add paintings to it. Its interior design makes the room attractive and have a good look.

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Every homeowner is looking for different types of opportunities to improve their home decors. It is really tough to arrange things accordingly, so it is quite better to take the help of a professional interior designer to decor our home. Here also we can get something is missing from the living room decor and learn something regarding how to decor our living room without any mistakes. Thanks for this wonderful ideas.

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